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Title: Basic Military Training
Author: Sergeant Aubron
Date: July 12th, 39LC

Lord Aetyleus the Elder, Observer
Lord Galmone Aurum, Observer

Master Sergeant Thaddeus Locke, Observer
Sergeant Vicas Aubron, Instructor
Sergeant Valrik Gallaghan, Observer
Sergeant Abigail Potter, Assistant Instructor

Banner Corporal Melanie Witherseed, Participant

Corporal Alison Clement, Participant

Private First Class Eddsel "Big Country" Farcreek, Participant
Private First Class Andraste Tygen, Participant

Private Richaun Brooks, Trainee
Private Salara Everstar, Trainee
Private Halvrin Talford, Trainee

Recruit Caliegh Harrignton, Trainee
Recruit Vivan /Null/, Trainee
Recruit Aric Vint, Trainee
Recruit Oscar Halrikson, Trainee
Recruit Nora Hoffner, Trainee


In this training session, the basic drill movements covered were:

Fall in / Fall Out / Dismissed

Left Face / Right Face / About Face

Dress and Cover / Cover Off (abbreviated command)

In addition, the basic organization of the Platoon Formation was covered.

Disciplinary Actions

Private Talford, Reported to the formation without wearing his cover. Corrective measure of an essay was issued, and was turned in the next day. No further actions required.

Recruit Aric Vint, Disrespected the NCO in charge of the platoon. Corrective measures were applied in the form of forced physical training. Future observation required.

Recruit Caliegh Harrignton, Reported to formation with the incorrect tabard, and then proceeded to remove said tabard after corrective order was issued. No corrective measures required, but should be observed for future failures to adhere to standards of dress and deportment.
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