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To Knight-Lieutenant Tilliea Dryden,

I'm Tyrone White, Private of the First Regiment, am wanting to join the Stormwind Inquisition. I wish to join because I HATE witches, rabid worgen, cults, demons, and everything that's related to them. I've been thinking about joining plenty of divisions, but this one stood out the most to me because of how much I hate them.

Another reason, is that when looking at other divisions, none of them focus on lighter armor, and I think I'm a lot better in leather armor then mail and plate. It also stands out because you said something like ranged is going to be used more then up close combat. I'm not the best with ranged, and want to learn as much as possible, and I think joining this would be a good opportunity to help me get great with ranged weapons.

My skills are almost only in fighting, but I'm a fantastic cook, especially with bland resources. I'm also a good performer, if spirits are low. But, in combat I'm amazing with reading patterns with the enemy, if that makes sense. I use a halberd and my fists and elbows normally, but I'm willing to try and pick up using a ranged weapon.

Private Tyrone White of the Honor Company, Seventh Battalion, First Regiment
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