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To His Grace, Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair, Duke of Westridge; and First Guard Lord Commander Ismond Laldere, Count of Wanduke

I, Thaddeus Edmund Locke, Sergeant of the First Regiment, declare my aspirancy in joining the Ducal Guard. Up until recently the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, and I was intent on returning to civilian life after my time in the army. Fate has had other ideas for me, it would seem; when afforded the opportunity to serve under Lord Commander Laldere as a squire I have reevaluated my goals, and now it is my intent to serve within the ranks of the Ducal Guard to the best of my ability. I desire simply to serve the Kingdom and its people in the greatest capacity afforded to me.

I am both of Stormwindian and foreign descent. My father’s family, the Lockes, have been natives of Westridge for as long as anyone can remember; whereas my mother’s family, the Pascelaars, are migrants from Southshore, Lordaeron. I was born on November 20th, 16 L.C. in the small hamlet of Nine Oaks in Mirwood. My life before enlistment was uninteresting and quiet; as the eldest child in a large peasant family I was given a lot of responsibility from a young age while my parents were working their hardest to keep food on the table. Many of my siblings died from disease and infection in their infancy, some during childbirth, so for a long while it was just my sister Saoirse and I. I had no opportunity for formal schooling but this didn’t seem to matter; I could pretty much read and write from as far back as I remember, and doctors called this astounding and nearly impossible. Because of my fairly insatiable desire for knowledge, I often stole books from wherever I could find them as a child.

My father was something of an amateur bodybuilder and weightlifter in his day, while my mother was a track and field athlete in her own youth. Thus, as a fairly active kid, I grew to be a fine athlete as I aged. I fought, played marmotball, and raced mainly because there was not much else to do with my time; as a young man of the peasant class you find that between work and rest hours there are long stretches of inactivity that must be filled. If anything I believe this baseline set me up for success in this profession, as did my work as a log driver on Mirwood’s waterways which further honed my balance, coordination, and agility. As I stated earlier, there really is not much else to tell of my life before enlisting. I worked as a log driver from the age of fourteen up until a few weeks before I enlisted last August, aged twenty-two.

I like to believe that my enlistment in the Stormwind Army is really what brought some difference and excitement into my life, whether it was initially for the best or worst. When I signed up I was a man completely innocent when it came to war. Though I have always been far more physically developed than the average man --which is down to a combination of genetics and hard work, shown by my dominating displays when facing the troops on the marmotball field-- I was mentally weak during my initial training period and first deployment to Kul Tiras. When we landed in Boralus I was completely out of my element; during our first engagement with Ashvane thugs I earned my first kill and promptly threw up all over my uniform. This set the stage for the rest of the campaign, proving to be a traumatic period for my innocent mind.

Things were not to stay like this forever though; in the interim between our first and second deployments to Kul Tiras I became more and more accustomed to the military lifestyle. By the time we came to Drustvar I had more or less adapted myself to become a functioning cog in the military machine. Though I still took no pleasure in war and still found it incredibly difficult, I found myself performing far more easily in its duress. I developed a “can’t-quit” attitude during this trying time and committed myself to being the best that I can be until my enlistment contract was over. I was promoted to Private First Class and I came to be a knowledgeable soldier, and thereafter I started to exercise my ability and understanding of leadership its dichotomy that laid dormant in me from the days on the sporting field.

Such must have been noticed as a month later I was promoted to the rank of Corporal and began my journey as an NCO and I believe this is really when I came into my own as a soldier. Being in a position of leadership, as limited as it was, was far more gratifying to me than just following orders. I took on the role of training the troops’ physical fitness and in January I led the troops of Honor Company to the Jungle Training School of Excellence in preparation for our upcoming deployment to Zandalar. I like to believe the men began to look up to me at this point, and by the time we deployed to Zandalar I had earned the rank of Banner-Corporal and developed into what I believe is an effective combat leader through our experiences in the Westridge Rebellion. On the battlefields of Zandalar I showed my true colors, commanding mixed units of First Regiment troops and mercenary irregulars with an efficacy that was noted and praised by my superiors, while also displaying a mental and physical toughness off the field by surviving life in a prisoner of war camp without divulging information. These facts in concert earned me my three stripes upon our return to Stormwind.

As I expressed earlier, I never considered myself or the Lockes to come after me to have a chance at earning a higher standing in society. Despite this, I served and continued to serve the Stormwind Army to the best of my ability and I always endeavor to uphold its honor. I believe I showed my leadership and soldiering ability on the battlefield, and my mental fortitude in the prisoner of war camps on Zandalar. I will always have supreme confidence in myself so I can say that without a doubt I have always been physically capable of going as far as anyone in this brutal profession, but only now have the final puzzle pieces been put together that will make me one of the finest soldiers in Honor Company’s history. As such, I wish to put my skill to good use and serve my liege lord in his elite division of Ducal Guardsmen. I am up to any challenge thrown my way, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will pass everything thrown at me with flying colors, if I am given the chance to prove it.

~Below, in a neatly bulleted list, the names of Thaddeus’ immediate relatives were written in well-practiced script~
Atticus Locke, father
Esmé Pascelaar, mother
Saoirse Locke, sister
Galen Locke, brother
Ezra Locke, brother

Sergeant Thaddeus E. Locke
Honor Company
Seventh Battalion
First Regiment
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