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3/23/39 LC, 2200 Hours
1st Honor Company, Corporal Demritz Sontaur
Rite of Endurance
Guard duty report of the last three days

Day 1: My watch began at 1700. Naturally, I feel fine now, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s quiet. I don’t even hear the sounds of the animals, but I see them from time to time. It’s just the wind blowing like a whisper. Strange. Just like that however, it seems the wave of Honor company strolled by and decided to have a go at me, with Sergeant Potter very much laying into it. That’s good. The others could take note of her tactics. Interestingly, Sergeant Aubron called the group, minus the Sergeants to a formation and left me with Sergeants Locke, Potter, and our new civilian friend Fin who is actually quite helpful here. Makes it even easier to block out Sergeant Potter’s nonsense. Almost musical like. Fin apparently found a spider sac and threatened to bust it open all over me. Surprisingly, Sergeant Potter stopped him. This time anyway. It started to rain into the evening portion of my watch. Though I must say, ever since everyone took off for PT with Sergeant Locke, it’s been rather quiet. I’m thankful for the sound of rain. Naturally, it was too good of a situation to remain that way as Druntley decided it would be a good idea to fire his mortar at Fin. That didn’t end well and, honestly, impressed with myself that the explosion didn’t make me jump.

Day 2: Day two of my watch started bright and early. I didn’t get much sleep the evening prior what with thinking on the whole attempted murder bit thanks to Druntley. A few hours here and there was all I needed though. After a quick meal at about 0400, I began the days watch the same as I did yesterday. No one has been by to haze me save for Captain Reignsford, who, much to my surprise, attempted to remain stealthy while throwing seeds at me only to have entirely failed in regards to “stealth”. No matter. This wasn’t a time for nonsense and I wasn’t going to let an officer see any sort of weakness or faltering. During my midday meal break, I thought about the rest of the Sacraments that lay ahead. I know damn well they’re going to be difficult, but that’s also why I’m here. Meal break completed, I went back to my post and continued my watch. Later in the evening, Banner-Corporal Silverlight and Lord Commander Laldere began a conversation behind me regarding Druntley Stoneshield with Private Olathor Stoneshield soon joining and reminding Banner-Corporal Silverlight that he had been advocating for his arrest for some time now. Before his departure, Stoneshield saw fit to fart in my vicinity.

Day 3: Druntley, our resident prisoner, made quite the commotion last night. This didn’t help me get much more sleep, but it seems that my mind has been on a different level these days, so I’m not feeling the fatigue. Yet, anyway. I was already on the causeway when Sergeant Aubron yelled for folk to rush outside for the early morning run. One by one, in quick succession might I add, they ran by me, forming up on the road. After being gone for what seemed liked a while, I heard the sounds of screams, huffing, and wind moving out of Thaddeus’ way as the group made their way back to the garrison. Recruit Castelia made the classic mistake of drinking too much water too fast and promptly chucked it and other stomach contents all over the grass. Live and learn it would seem. The rest of the evening was quite tame at the garrison. Sergeant Aubron took the troops out on patrol, though I’m not sure to where exactly. They did not return until late. Shortly after their return, I was allotted my usual rest period and that is when my evening ended.

Final Day: The morning was rather uneventful. I awoke at my usual time of pre-dawn and saw Banner-Corporal Silverlight take off on his morning ride. The grass had an interesting amount of dew on it for this time of year. Spring seems to finally be upon us. Most of the day was calm, with the casual morning and afternoon exercises being carried out by some of the troops. Almost as if on cue, Sergeant Potter strolled out of the garrison and began her usual verbal tirade, calling my efforts something along the lines of being a puppet and a dog, so on and so forth. That nuisance aside, I was encouraged by Private Normalson, Banner-Corporal Silverlight, and Sergeant Locke as they either entered or exited the garrison for one reason or another until finally, Private Stoneshield arrived. While I would not be able to see him, I would feel and smell the consequences of his clumsiness as the bowl of stew he had been walking around with flew from his hands and landed on my cloak. To finish off the early evening, Captain Reignsford arrived and gave me quite a speech before my final conversation with Captain Sebale. I find the difference in descriptions of Ducal Guard duties between Potter and the officers to be rather interesting. As Captain Reignsford put it, “Failure means death. Death of you, your fellow soldiers, and/or the Duke. Those who die, becomes daisies.” This along with Captain Sebale’s reinforcement of the fact that this would be the easiest of the Rites thus far only solidified my belief that not only was this an honor, but very much worth my best effort. At this time, Captain Reignsford would leave Captain Sebale and myself alone, and Captain Sebale would then dismiss me of my guard duty, instructing me to submit my report to the First Guard.
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