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To the honorable Duke Maxen Montclair and Lord Commander Ismond Laldere,

My name is Riona Wilhelm Carlyle, Private First Class of the First Regiment. This letter stands as my written, formal request as a chance to server under the House of Montclair as a musketeer within the Ducal Guard.

My early life has very little to note other than the initial interest and expertise in firearms and the remorse for the death of loved ones. I was born in 599 K.C to my mother; Amelia Carlyle, and eventually two other siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. We made up a middle class family behind the walls of Greymane in Gilneas' breadbasket of Duskhaven. My father; Willem Carlyle was a Hunter. When I grew to the age to barely hold a sword; I accompanied him on his hunts and began to learn the profession myself up until my late teenage years before the Northgate Rebellion had sprouted up and eagerly joined the local Militia. Though, having never seen combat, I have received basic military training in that timeframe. In the aftermath of the Rebellion's crushing, I stayed as a Guard and eventually met my lover, Jack. No more than the son of a Butcher after having came to Duskhaven for fresh vegetables.

Every month I would come to visit him beyond the mountain ranges that surrounded Duskhaven and sometimes to his father's butchery in the City. The last time I got to meet him was there in the City on the very day the Worgen attacked. We barely made it to the city as the feral beasts overwhelmed any means of resistance; Jack was clawed by a Worgen in the process and eventually turned Worgen, pinning me to the floor as I was forced to pull the trigger of a musket on him, killing him and being infected in the process.

I do not remember much of my time as a feral beast, it was as if being trapped in a body I could not control. But once I had been cured of the feral nature and given another chance at life, I took it to the fullest after having learned of the death of my Father, dying as a feral worgen and my brother; Garrick died to the invading forsaken. I aided my homeland until having to flee. From there, I began to a live of mere adventuring while my older sister and mother stayed in Stormwind. My older sister, Mariam continued to train in the Arcane Arts within Stormwind, maintaining a living there for their mother.

Adventuring had kept me going for a few years, bringing back what treasure and money I had made back to Stormwind for my mother's sake to stow. However, It was not a solid job and an unpredictable one at most. The dangers of the world were growing all the more severe and monsters unable to be beaten by a single worgen with a gun. Enlistment seemed like the best course of action for her experienced skills and thus joined the First Regiment before being shipped out to Kingsland while the Campaign was in progress. The jungle hell was more than a difficult start in her service but she made through and looked up to the Officer of the Campaign; Edrington Grunwald. She would pursue a career in the Bridgeport Fusiliers because of him and the association they had for Muskets in the Regiment.

Following the harsh conditions of Kingsland; I transitioned to the Fall of Stromgarde; an effort by combined alliance guilds to hold back the Forsaken advances while the civilian population evacuated. Only to be followed up by the eventual return of the Burning Legion; invading all across Stormwind and its allies. The Regiment answered to the threats from Westfall to Dun Morogh. While they were successful in dealing blows to many of these Invasions; some Remnants remained in which they looked to wipe out.

With the Demons pushed back to the Broken Isles; other threats within the Kingdom's borders were sought to; in this case in the Swamp of Sorrows as the local trolls attempted to use the situation to make gains in the territory, The Regiment along with other Stormwind Orders were quick to the defense.

After their extensive time in Swamps, the war in the Broken Isles against the Burning Legion was proving swift as many factions outside the Alliance and Horde pumped resources into repelling these there was a Demon Homeworld above Azeroth; everyone knew where we were going next.

Argus, a world of demonic decay, was the next target for the Alliance and Horde as with the aid of the Draenei's Vindicaar shuttling small squads of troops from Azeroth to the broken world; The Regiment found themselves six feet in demonic hell as they attempted to secure a foothold; facing off against insane demonic creatures including an Imp Mother riding in a Chariot led by Felhounds.

While I did not participate in the Siege of Antorus, I would in the next campaign in the Assault of Tol Barad against the Demons still present on the abandoned Isle along with Pirates and Isolated Horde soldiers. It was a joint effort with Kul'Tiras' Fifth Fleet, The Magus Senate of Dalaran, and Stromic Forces.

I was then shipped out to Silithus to investigate the Azerite surfacing along with Horde Excavation efforts following the stabbing of their world. They found Twilight cultists trying to tap into the blade powers, being able to even muster a sized down replica of it to use against the Alliance and Horde. Their efforts were brutal as the Regiment struggled with supplies as sea monsters continued to decimate ships off the Forbidden Coast, Efforts were then switched north in Feralas as the Azerite popping up everywhere has spiked Horde greed in attempt to secure the area and resources. The joint effort was a failure on the Alliance behalf as Horde secured the Azerite before the Alliance could.

Out of the Jungles and back into the Highlands, the Reinforcement of Lionblood's Stromic Covenant to train for the upcoming Reunification of Stromgarde was quite useful in the costly battles on the fields of blood stained grass. As battles raged on into a standstill as Horde reinforcements had arrived. This was a mere distraction as the Horde pushed into Ashenvale and into Darkshore with little resistance until becoming upon the hellhole of the River rapids outside the Grove of the Ancients. Stormwind's ability to supply reinforcements to the Elves was limited as such a move was not expected, and for it..the Alliance paid a heavy price..

I watched as the fires consumed hopeful I was now that all those years ago..we moved to Stormwind. I could not imagine living if my mother and sister were still there in the very moment the tree was set ablaze..I took a vacation following this traumatic realization to reconnect with family after so many campaigns before returning for the aid of Kul'tiras and establishing a connection with them militarily and purging out corruption and pirates within its island borders.

Though not apart of the most recent campaigns, I am eager for the next, awaiting for the infighting within Westridge itself to cease and war effort in Zandalar to return in hopes of joining on the next campaign. In this time awaiting the next fight of the Regiment and now seek to join the elite of Ducal Guard to serve Westridge and Stormwind all the better.

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Your application to the Ducal Guard of Westridge has been approved. You may begin trials starting on the 20th Day of March, this year of the Lotharian Calendar. Report to the Duke of Westridge or the Lord's Hand of Westridge as soon as possible.
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