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To the honorable Duke Maxen Montclair and Lord Commander Ismond Laldere,

My name is Demritz Sontaur, Private of the First Regiment. This letter serves as my written, formal request for an opportunity to serve the House of Montclair as a guardsman within the Ducal Guard.

My history and familial origins are nothing of note, though I will endeavor to detail them as well as I can. I was born to a family of poor, common folk. My father, Richmond Sontaur and my mother, Krysten Sontaur, are natives to Duskwood where they had lived for a number of years in a small, no-name village on the outskirts of Darkshire. A stonemason and a seamstress respectively, they were of little import to the world around them and not much would change on the day of my birth. Born Demetrius Clausewitz Sontaur, on December 23rd, 8 L.C, I was a child without much ambition, spending my time out by the river, throwing rocks and agitating wildlife much to my parents chagrin. My childhood would be spent much like this. No schooling or formal education of any sort until the ripe age of thirteen when I stumbled upon the local engineers workshop in Darkshire one day. I was immediately enthralled with the hissing of steam, the heat from the forge and massive cogs and sprockets driving machines of untold industrial might. Sigmund LeCairn, the man who ran the workshop, watched as I meandered about the place. He stopped me just as I got close to the forge and offered me a deal. If I worked for him, he’d let me tinker in his shop whenever and for however long I wished and would educate me in the ways of the world. I brought the news back home to my parents and was met with a freshly made smiths apron from my mother and a proper set of engineer’s tools from my father.

For the next five years, I worked alongside Sigmund, fulfilling local orders and even occasionally assisting in the production of weapons for the Stormwind Army. I took a special interest in the mechanical aspects of our work, making sure to pay close attention to combustion and steam engine technology, firearms, and explosives. On my birthday in the year 21 L.C, Sigmund would tell me that I’m no longer an apprentice, but his equal and that I was to take over the shop while he made a trip to Stormwind to assist with the reconstruction efforts. Ready for the challenge, I took over the day to day activities for the next eight years, when a higher calling presented itself. Some time in 29 L.C, talk of the Lich King and his unholy horde of undead known as the Scourge had made its way onto the lips of everyone visiting and living in Darkshire. Hearing of the horrors and the loss of life, I joined up with the Duskwood 37th Auxiliary Engineers, a civilian detachment to the 7th Legion forces that were to be sent to Northrend. Being in a non-combat role, I was relegated to vehicle maintenance, weapon cleaning, and ammunition hauling. I was more than happy to do my part, because that meant a rifleman would have ammo, a tank pilot would have a reliable vehicle, and a mortar team would be able to fire round after round without worrying about a misfire. This would be the extent of my experience in Northrend as the 37th would be disbanded and returned home.

Homecoming would not be a pleasant one however. I learned of the passing of both of my parents. Defias, I was told. My childhood home was sacked in the middle of the night and put to the torch, my parents still inside. I never spent much time dwelling on their death. I loved them dearly, but my father would have told me to move on by now and I wasn’t going to let grief hold me down. Sigmund’s workshop was apparently torn down in an effort to make room for a much larger, mechanized manufactory that mass produced weapons and on occasion, steam tanks and only by the grace of the Light was I offered a job there. It would seem that my reputation was still a positive one and their chief engineer was looking for a skilled machinist and mechanical engineer. This would be my life for the next 8 years.

One day, as we’re closing down the shop, the chief walks in with a stack of papers with the words ENLISTMENT scrawled across the top. The chief told us that the local recruiting office was handing these out around town brought us some personally as he had heard some of us had prior military experience. I took this opportunity to try a different path in life. I took the first paper off of the top of pile and immediately began to fill in the details requested. The next morning, before going to work, I dropped off the form at the Darkshire recruitment station and awaited a response. The very next day, I found myself kneeling before Duke Montclair, giving my oath to serve in the Royal Army.

While I do not come from nobility or a grand family of warriors, I am an intelligent man with a knack for gadgets and gunpowder and a respect for my brother and sisters in arms. I served during the Whitecliffe and Zandalar campaigns, stood strong when taken prisoner and even assisted in deflecting torture. I don’t leave my comrades behind, be it fire, arrow volley, or overwhelming odds, none will be left behind. I didn’t enlist to be safe, I enlisted to serve and to be a reliable sword or gun on the field while also being able to utilize my mechanical talents to further our military might. It is because of my resolve to defend and protect those around me that I felt the call to Ducal Guard.

This kingdom and its forces have done nothing but provide for me and my family as best it could. It gave me the opportunity to serve in one way or another when my life had no other direction. It saved me from myself and I would gladly die for the kingdom if it meant repaying that debt. Duke Montclair accepted my oath to the Regiment and I wish to take that further by solidifying myself into his and the kingdoms service. I welcome with open arms the trials I am to face. If there’s no sacrifice, no hardship, then the goal is not worth attaining.

Eager and ready to serve,

Private Demritz Sontaur
Honor Company
Elwynn Brigade
First Regiment

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Your application to the Ducal Guard of Westridge has been approved. You may begin trials starting on the 12th Day of March, this year of the Lotharian Calendar. Report to the Duke of Westridge or the Lord's Hand of Westridge as soon as possible.
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