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OOC Note:
The purpose of this roster is to keep track of the names of those who serve within the 4th Company, and their status. Additionally, this document will keep track of any heroic deeds performed by its members, for proper accommodation either pre or post morterm. To be added to this list, please PM me (Vicas Aubron) to be added.

Fourth Company, "The Reserve"

Rank   -   Name   -   Profession    -    Status

Corporal - Briarcliffe, Rupert - Physician - Alive
Private First Class - Laldere, Darius - Footman - Alive
Private - O'Dole. Tom - Farmer - KIA: 20/02
Private - O'Gallagher, Ramsey - Stone Mason - Alive
Private-Arkhandori, Generique-Magical Entertainer-Alive
Private - Carter, Jenny - Blacksmith - Alive
Private - Ring, Danny - Adult Entertainer - Alive
Private - Alexandra, Lightthorn - Abjurer - Alive
Private - Jenair Ikschpeerman - Spearman - Alive
Private - Marcos, Mayleen - Farmer - Alive

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4th Company Accommodations and Roll of Honor
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Uniform of the 4th Company

For the Reserve company, the following edits have been made to the uniform, as to properly identify them as reservists and not regular front line troops.

The Quest Chain to complete for the shield
((The shield is you are going for is the Light's Shield, as it best models the WC3 Peasant one.))

For cloth, leather and mail users, the uniform will be the recruits uniform with the Stormwind Tabard.

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