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Report By: Melanie Witherseed
Date: 1/22/621

As per the request of the Master Mage. I arrived in Moonbrook in the afternoon today. After asking a few locals about where the corpses of the “Ritual”. Further south I found a large tree along with the stench of Necromantic Magics.

There are very, very faint blood stains on the ground where the corpses appear to have been found. As well, I will prepared a Scrying Ritual in hopes of seeing what truly happened.

The Scrying Ritual was a partial success. The men were killed by slitting their throats. Necromantic Runes in a circle along with a man-- who I believe to be the Father of the patient. It almost appears like he was trying to become a Lich or a very powerful Necromancer.

-- Notes --

As the Curse depletes the Patients Magic, perhaps it is being siphoned into the Lich or Necromancer? However a Curse that powerful would require an immense amount of power, so much so that it would almost certainly draw the eye of the Kirin Tor or the Mage’s of Stormwind.

-- Private Melanie Witherseed.
Master Sergeant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
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