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To the right honorable Lord Marshal Montclair and Lord Commander Laldare,

I am known to both of you, but for the purpose of this letter, I shall introduce myself properly. I am Vicas Luca Aubron, and at the time of this letter, I hold the rank and appointment of Banner Corporal. I pen this letter to you to request the chance to serve the House Montclair as a member of the Ducal Guard.

I have kept my family, origin, and early life a secret from my fellow soldiers of of the Regiment, out of personal shame, for I come from a sordid lot. My Father, Thomas Aubron, was at one time a member of the Mason Guild which helped in the rebuilding of Stormwind. During the troubles that followed, he became a member of the Defias. In the short time I had with him, he showed himself to be a kind and loving father, but only when he was sober. My brothers (Geran and Dilan Aubron) and I both feared and loved the man.

His life ended at the end of a gibbet, some eighteen years ago. He was a sworn traitor and provocateur, as was my mother, Deliha Aubron. After he died, my family lived in the squalor that is now so common within the region of Westfall. At the age of eight, my mother fell ill and I was taken away to live at Northshire Abbey. There, I was educated and taught the proper ways of the Light.

I was never a well behaved child, often getting into fights and arguments with my fellows for the desire to protect what little pride I had left. The Monks, seeing some measure of potential in such a violent youth, sought to curve my violent tendencies through a squireship and induction into the lauded profession of the Paladin. Needless to say, I excelled at the basic martial training they offered me, but my ability to study the scriptures and remember by rote the prayers caused me much hardship during this time.

By the time I was fourteen, I was entrusted into the care of a Brother Venard, a veteran of the Lordaeron campaign. Needless to say, the good Brother found me wanting in my faith, and sought to drive me towards the Light with more than kind words and platitudes. After two years, I left. I stole out from the Abbey, and have never sought nor desired to darken it's halls since. I returned to Westfall, and joined with the People's Militia around the time of the Kingdoms invasion of Northrend. Being too young, I remained within the province, and sought to redeem my families dishonor through service.

I served within the Militia for four years, but attained no rank nor status. I preformed nothing worth merit, as I was never required to do such. Following the death of my superior, at the time, a Sergeant Garrow, I left the Militia and went to Stormwind with a desire to live a peaceful life. But, as you are probably well aware, hands trained for war never forget their craft. I became restless, hawkish in my interactions with my fellows, and poor. Such was the case until I enlisted, and I again found purpose in my life.

I enlisted to survive, to serve the King so long as there was coin with which I might eat. But now, I have found a much higher calling. My service to the Regiment has not been without hardship or trial. I have fought upon the beaches and in the fields of Lordaeron, and stood beneath the burning horror that was Teldrassil. Upon the beaches of Darkshore, my body was broken and I stood at the very gates of death. Upon those very same shores, I fought even as my hand was maimed by an orcish war axe, clad in naught but my gitch and a set of borrowed pauldrons.

In the high hills of Drustvar, I took a sniper's bullet, and the resulting injury has hobbled me, almost to the point where others may seek an honorable retirement and a pension. But I am not one of those men. My honor, duty, and purpose has been found only with service to the Crown and to the Duchy of Westridge. I am wish only to serve the Duke, the King, and the Regiment.

I know the trials that I will endure shall push me to the limits of my endurance and tolerance, but as a smith tempers steel within the forges fire, let my body and soul be tempered.

For your humble consideration

Banner Corporal Vicas Aubron,
Honor Company
Elwynn Brigade
First Regiment.

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