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To Lord Maxen Montclair, Duchess Kymberly Montclair, and Lord Commander Ismond Laldere,

My name is Tiberius Publius Stansfield. I am humbly submitting this letter of intent to show my desire and my determination of becoming a Ducal Guardsmen, and serve the House of Montclair for as long as I am deemed fit.

Ever since I was a child, my father has taught me all I know in the theater of war. But I will not bore you with my talk of childhood. I can say though ever since my father trained me in the art of the sword at the age of five, war and servitude are all I have ever known. Until the Dark Portal opened once more, I served the Alliance on multiple fronts. Watching my uncle fall at the Wrathgate, and my skirmishes with the Horde in Pandaria to assist in locating our beloved King Anduin. Under the command of his Majesty, Varian Wrynn at the time, Lord Holden Ironhelm formed a new organization within the Alliance that my father and I had joined. The Iron-Wardens. An order of knights whose sole purpose is to serve with honor, integrity, brotherhood, valor and most importantly: for peace. With my father being knighted a warden, and I his squire, we went with our brothers to Draenor, to take the fight to the iron horde. Our group would not take any though, only six hundred joined, all the greatest swordsman in the Alliance and abroad of our nation. Our signature weapon was the Two-handed Longsword. Our purpose on the battlefield: To shield our allies, and the weak from the enemy, take their hits for them while we dished our own back.
Our campaign on the Iron Horde assisted in pushing them back time and time again. I myself have fought in many of these battles, including the invasion of Shadowmoon Valley, where the shadow council began setting their “unholy” atrocities on the local Draenei. The Wardens led the charge, Cutting down any undead monstrosity that came into our way. slaying over hundreds of Iron Horde troops and their undead creations. The apex of our order came during the time of the Legion. We aided the forces besieging Suramar City, by opening the gates to both the upper mid levels of the city, allowing the alliance to overwhelm the walls and ramparts. But for every Warden that fell, he or she would take fifty enemies with them. Soon our campaign led us to Argus, where we assisted the Army of the Light. There, I saw what threat awaited Azeroth should we fail. I and my father took these terms, and looked to our oaths as wardens, Should we fall, it be for the survival of The Alliance, and Azeroth itself. At first, we held our ground, pushing the demons back further, leaving a trail of fel blood and bodies of Legion troops. We were betrayed, however, By a Disgraced Warden, Herbis Crawley, who goes by the name of “The mountain now.” in exchange for freedom from his cell we held him in for insubordination, assaulting a Nightborne civilian and harming one of his fellow wardens, he was sentenced to death by decapitation. However, the Legion assisted him in escaping to Azeroth, and he in return opened the doors to our encampment. Father and I fought hard, but the Legion overwhelmed us. Every thirty demons we killed, one or two of our brothers would fall. I and my father only lived because the Army of the Light came to our rescue. After that massacre, we returned to Stormwind and informed King Anduin of our order’s demise. He gave us our condolences and offered to allow us to retire with honorable discharges, and a pension for our losses. We refused, saying our only life was to serve House Wrynn and the Alliance. The King allowed this and gave us his blessing to search for our traitorous comrade. Sadly, he ambushed us on the main road. I fought off many of the bandits as I could, but they fought without honor. My father was slain, and I would have been dead were it not for you valiant soldiers that came to my rescue.
After my wounds healed and speaking to Captain Roy Sebale, my intentions were clear: To join up and serve.
Lord Maxen, I can’t even describe how indebted I am to you for not only granting my father an honorable burial but for helping me when my hour looked dark. So now, here as I have pledged to my former grandmaster Holden, To I pledge my eternal servitude to you and your family, should you accept me into the ranks of the Guard. I have no further goal than to serve you with honor, until my death or until you release me from your service and the debt of honor I owe you are paid. I am skilled with the Two-handed Longsword, as most of my guards and stances are based on this weapon and any two-handed blades. I do not fear death, and am more than willing to throw myself into the thick of battle, and wait until the last of the wounded or the dead have been cleared from the field.

May the Light bless you and your family, Milord.
With honor,
Tiberius Stansfield.
Former Squire to the Iron-Wardens, Private of the First Regiment.
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Your application to the Ducal Guard of Westridge has been approved. You may begin trials immediately, but will be required to attain the rank of Private First Class and complete all trials to become a member of the order. Report to the Duke of Westridge or the Lord's Hand of Westridge as soon as possible.

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