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Title: Pilgrimage & Trial of Respect
Author: Vitallion Stansfield, Private
Date: September 30
Participants: Clarissa Greystone, Knight-Lieutenant
OOC: (Sanierette)
Unit: Order of Saint Isaac


I rendezvoused with Knight Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone to begin my pilgrimage and complete the Trial of Respect. We encountered little to no resistance from the Tomb of Uther to Light's Hope Chapel. At Uther's Tomb, I recovered the journal of Gavinrad the Dire. It is in withered condition, but the knowledge that still resides within this tome may be of assistance to the church. During my meditation, The Light showed me three images: One of my Father with a warning. The other of a weapon, a beautiful Hammer radiating with the power of The Light. And the final one, a Death Knight corrupting the weapons head.

After we made it to Alosus Chapel in Stratholme, I was about to begin my meditation for the third vision when I discovered a hidden contraption within the walls of the Chapel. In the stone was a golden hilt. It looked like the same hilt to the hammer in my vision. After putting it in a safe holster, I began my meditation at the altar. Once it was over, I ran to Lieutenant Greystone and told her what I saw. She knew we had to act fast, lest the Hammer be corrupted by darkness.We staged an ambush and called out the Death Knight, Quintus Oppress, to retrieve the other half of the hammer. He set his minions upon us in the streets of Stratholme, but Lieutenant Greystone waswere able to dispatch them with ease before she assisted me in taking down Quintus. as he layed before us, defeated, he said that his master would notice his disappearance and will come for the First Regiment, Until I silenced him under orders of Lieutenant Greystone, by turning his undead body into ash. We then departed from the city, lest a legion of undead surround us from all the noise, along with the broken hammer. Strangely enough, the hammer whispered to me, saying I was worthy to wield it. Hopefully Duchess Montclair can shed some more light on this.

Injuries: None
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