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September 16 -

So... I see soldiers writing in books a lot, and... Well, I figure I should probably start doing it too. My father likes to say that, long after you're gone, the only thing to remember you bye, is the words you've either told, or written. I'd like to leave both behind? I dunno... Honestly all of this is pretty weird. I think the thing that kind of brought this about was the big battle back home- oh... Er... Writing is kind of hard. Hm...

Ok! So, I'll start here. I joined up with the First as most Hails wind up doing when they come of age at 21 (too much? Not enough?). Fought a few battles, training, all that- nothing new, honestly felt like home (minus the blood elves... Sun Elves? I don't know what they're called anymore).

Something- wait... No I live- my fami- My family has a home-... I hope if I ever become some big hero, that they get a professional to re-write this for me.

So, my family has a hold up in the Mountains of Redridge. (Red Ridge Mountains, get it?)

We're nobility (in some technical form or another).

The Hail family is primarily tasked with keeping Orcs from the burning steps from running amok in the mountains. For generations we've managed this- and every few years they try for a big push. Well I got recalled home to assist as they mounted their biggest push my family has ever seen. So big that they even had to call home my brother, Lambert. He's the one who's kind of like the pride of the family- a full fledged member of the 7th Legion! He fought in wars beside the King himself- or in the kings army- I don't really know the details.

Still, I've never heard of the entire living family being called home.

After we all got back, it quickly became apparent why. I never really got a proper count on how many made the final push but it was well into the hundreds. With our family home and the workers armed we only totaled eighty two. Honestly, without my brother and father there, I'm pretty sure we'd all have died, and Orcs would be running around in the mountains doing as they pleased.

Watching one of them fight alone, and command the rest of us was one thing- but when they were together? I don't think anything could have stopped them.

They saved my life- one point in particular standing out. We'd formed a line after the previous nights raid. They'd broken the front gate to the hold so we couldn't close it. We had regular guard rotations to keep men out front. It was my shift to stand at the ready, along with my other (elder) brother, Vale.

(Vale Hail... Ya it makes me laugh every time I hear the whole thing)

The orcs rallied and made a push for us, sending... Twenty I think? Rushing at the gate. Before they could get there we rallied our numbers and met them evenly (I think, I don't know I wasn't really counting).

We pushed them back so we weren't pinned to the walls of the hold, but I guess I got a little carried away and pushed too far out. When they started showing signs of retreating the horn to pull us back also got blown. I tried getting back but all I really remember is a big explosion and everything going black.

When I came to, I was in my bed and my mother started scolding me. Told me to be more aware of my surroundings, and the battlefield. I may just be small piece on the board, but- something something board game wisdom- that stuff never sticks with me. Too confusing.

So she tells me about how I got hit with a fire bomb one of the orcs had thrown. They think it was to try and take me hostage but the throw wasn't great and almost killed me. Got a big fancy scar on my face now because of it.

My mother goes on, telling me about how thirty Orcs came out of the trees and tried to get me- when my father and brother ride out on horse back, and fight them all off- just the two of them! They both carried me back, while fighting off the rest as apparently once they realized that the head of the Hail family was vulnerable, they threw everything they readily had available at them.

I never got a proper number, but either way, it's still impressive. I hope to be a fine warrior, and leader like them some day. Still, I'd also be content just making sure my friends get home to their families- or... Wait some don't have families- it's complicated with some of them... Be the family for them that they never had? I'm over thinking it. Either way, I'm gonna be of some help- even if it's just a small laugh here or there.

But I'm back now!- Is what i'm trying to say.

-Theurion D Hail
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September 19 -

Ran into a few familiar faces over the last few days. Some having been promoted. Ran into Eriza again too. She gave me this big walk by the water talk about being glad I was back. I'm pretty sure she's gonna try and marry me some day. Kelesande too. She was in a pretty bad place. Just kind of followed her around at night- pretty sure I came off as creepy, but I didn't want to leave her alone. With how she was talking I was just worried she might do something stupid. Glad she didn't though, and from what I hear things didn't go too bad. A good barracks cleaning duty is good for the soul!

Not sure what else to add here... I guess I'll update in a few days.

-Theurion D Hail
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