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Digiligently Hidden Journal is designed to show some of the depth to the characters "frame" that isn't going to be able to be seen often, if at all, in actual interactions with him. It will contain personal thoughts, philosophies (he studies it after all!), dreams and general commentaries.

Unlike many journals, I wholeheartedly welcome OOC commentary from other players. I earnestly love seeing other peoples perspective on my character, as it helps me guide my roleplay and keep true to the character rather than letting my personal life and influences stray my roleplay away from the intention. Please feel free to comment if you wish to do so; just add a quick tag!
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To the crashing of thunder and cannonade
I emerged from my canvas home
There was no enemy in front of me, no enemy behind me
No enemy to my left or to my right

Upon a distant ridge, I saw it
The light had gone, and darkness churned in rage
It was coming
I stood fast against the coming tempest

Its torrent smelled of coal and iron
Its assault tasted of blood
A thousand expressionless faces
Preached to me of their agony

My sword was useless against its formless frame
My shield could not repel its devastating blows
A thousand wounds wept
Yet not a drop spilled from my flesh

To the chirping of birds and tolling bells
I emerge from my woolen home
There is no enemy in front of me, no enemy behind me
No enemy to my left or to my right
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Clay. Granite. Marble. Bronze. Iron. Flesh.

All things must be fashioned from their raw, worthless state in order to form greatness. Clay may be formed by the pressing of hands and wire, granite and marble by chisel and hammer, bronze and iron by hammer and anvil. Such tools are readily available; they may be found by any with the wishes to create something new.

It is flesh that is the must difficult material to hew.

Flesh can only be formed into greatness through the harnessing of will. Such a tool cannot be found by many. By most. Will can only be found in the mind, the breast, and the blood. Will is brought forth in our conscious mind and pumped through the body through its own volition, should one be capable reining it.

Will must be tempered. Those without will are hopeless. Those without will are not worth the salt which preserves their rations. A great will allows one to soar triumphantly beyond your peers into glory, heroism and into the annals of legend. Yet as the wire, chisel and hammer, a misplaced touch will wound the sculpture. Marr it.

A block of clay and stone is more useful than a ruined, readily forgotten sculpture, yet the perfected art is immortal and unending. How many I see that are nothing more than raw materials. Useful to a point, but unworthy of recognition. How many ruined sculptures I see cast to the wayside and forgotten under centuries of earth.

So few masterpieces. What is it which separates those who chisel themselves into nothingness from those who form themselves into colossi of legend? What is the missing key?

Until I know this, I will continue as I always have. I know something is missing. I once heard that if you are the most talented individual in a room that you are in the wrong room. I once resided amongst countless peers and equals. So many of them have fallen. So few remain.

I was once in the company of legends. I must create more.
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  • The Pirate King
  • Marquis Huxley Wright
  • Baroness Charlotte Thorne

Another traitor on the list; another traitor still living. The Horde has become more active, more aggressive, under Sylvanas. The Burning Legion has been stopped before, but always returns stronger.

Our enemies continue to grow, and our allies continue to dwindle. I foresee a day in which Stormwind stands alone among a world dedicated to our destruction.

We will not fall again. We will kill them all.
#14172745 Jul 08, 2019 at 01:41 AM
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Do not mourn for him
And do not regret his loss
Remember him fondly
In songs and in tales
Under star- and candlelight
So he may be immortal in our hearts
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