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Title: Attack on the Monastery
Author: Sergeant Leandra Thompson
Date: July 7th


Knight-Lieutenant Rachel Harrison (Deceased)
Sergeant Kenny McKay (Deceased)
Sergeant Leandra Thompson
Sergeant Tilliea Dryden
Corporal Amellia Greywood
Corporal Jerret Stonaben (Deceased) - ((Valrik))
Private First Class Eriza Hart
Recruit Charlotte McKenna (Deceased)


While guarding the prison cells, the Scarlet Brigade approached in force. The leader, a Lord Commander, walked up to Knight-Lieutenant Rachel Harrison and slew her without any provocation. Everybody who was in the prison at the time is now dead, except for Corporal Greywood. Eventually I managed to get control of the soldiers in the Monastery and created a blockade at the entrance to allow our soldiers to escape. The Scarlet Brigade targeted the officer specifically and released all of the human prisoners that we consider a Scarlet or may be a Scarlet. They were all freed. Corporal Greywood herself fought a Scarlet mage. After being weakened by the enemy mage Corporal Greywood resorted to blood magic. She used the enemy mages's blood to empower herself. After that, she used the blood of her fallen comrades to summon an orb to attack the Scarlets. PFC Hart witnessed this as well.

Disciplinary Concerns:


Note: Sergeant Leandra Thompson would succumb to internal injuries the night of writing this report.May she find grace in the Holy Light.
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