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Title: The Walking Undead
Author: Eriza Hart
Date: July 6th


  • Knight-Lieutenant Kimberly Sweete
  • Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
  • Knight-Lieutenant Theodora De Vries
  • Sergeant Tilliea Dryden
  • Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
  • Corporal Cashen Bailey
  • Corporal Amellia Greywood
  • PFC Eriza Hart
  • Private Edward Ainsworth (Ismond)


While the Regiment was on standby, waves of undead were spotted making their way towards the monastery. Lieutenant De Vries immediately called those out in front of the monastery to fall back to the entrance in an attempt to funnel the attack. Footmen from inside the monastery answered her call to arms and immediately formed a defensive line, bracing for the undead hordes.

The first wave threatened to break the line, but the soldiers persevered and held it strong. As a second wave approached, Corporal Gallaghan suggested to De Vries that a nearby wagon of explosives be used against the incoming wave. Lieutenant Greystone went over to the wagon and set it in motion. The soldiers took cover, and the wagon exploded on contact with the droves. When it subsided, the soldiers took advantage of the momentary lapse in momentum from the undead and thinned their numbers further.

As the soldiers finished wiping out the second wave, yet another wave of undead started approaching the monastery from down the hill. This wave however, also included a giant, undead Tauren. The Tauren charged the soldiers and began rampaging around the area. Gallaghan was nearly overwhelmed by the third swarm of undead but quickly made it back to the defensive front. De Vries ordered all soldiers to focus primarily on bringing down the Tauren. The Tauren attempted to charge Greystone, who (with a little bit of flair) easily dodged to the side. As the giant creature slowed its rampage, Corporal Greywood finished it off, conjuring an icicle spire that shot up from the ground and skewered it all the way through.

In the aftermath, De Vries ordered all the bodies be burned.

Disciplinary Concerns



Minor injuries were sustained, mostly by Corporal Gallaghan as he overextended his battle reach.
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