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Title: Recovering Alliance Deserters
Author: Averelie Talbot
Date: July 4th

Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair
Knight-Lt Theodora De Vries
Knight-Lt Kymberly Sweete
Knight-Lt Clarissa Greystone
Sergeant Tillea Dryden
Corporal Cashen Bailey
Corporal Valrick Gallaghan
Private Edward Ainsworth (Ismond)
Private Eriza Hart
Private Vicas Auron

Orders from on high were to find those who had abandoned ship during the most recent naval engagement off the coast of Lordaeron.

The first group was found and quickly subdued. Though ready for a fight, it became clear that they had no resistance to give. Their leader was quick to submit to royal authority, and he and his men were interred at the monastery until further notice. Multiple wounded men were found in his care.

Further up from the beach, another group was encountered. This group outright attacked the regiment at the first opportunity. After a brief struggle, the sailors were subdued. Their leader was nearly killed in the process, but was brought back alive to face trial. They had firearms, and were better armed than any of the other groups. It may have been that they wished to live on their own, as no wounded were found.

The final group was led by Lieutenant Paul Beevor. He was trying to find help for his men, by traveling towards the front-lines. As he learned, he ran into the enemy, and was beset for what may have been days by the Forsaken. He was o the verge of defeat, before we showed up. He had many wounded men with him, who have since returned to the monastery for treatment. Numbers for how many deserters were found, are still being tallied.

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