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Title: Attack on Cold Hearth Manor
Author: Clarissa Greystone
Date: July 3rd


Lord Commander Ismond Laldere
Knight-Captain Roy Sebale
Knight-Lieutenant Theodora De Vries
Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
Knight-Lieutenant Aralieass Delamond
Corporal Connor Silverblade
Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
PFC Eriza Hart


His Majesty, King Anduin has given the Regiment orders to attack and secure the Cold Hearth Manor, which will be used to watch for reinforcements from the Silverpine Forest.

We set off with everybody on horseback. We arrived at Cold Hearth Manor and encountered Forsaken. Captain Sebale tried to subdue the lookout with a spell, however it missed and alerted the lookout who alerted the camp. We used our cavalry to our advantage against their foot soldiers and did massive damage. After some enemy soldiers managed to make it to their vehicles, Dame De Vries saw to the destruction of the vehicles. Sir Roy Sebale killed their commander with the help of PFC Hart.

Lord Commander Laldere was almost overridden and taken captive by forsaken foot soldiers after they took to the machines and killed his horse. However, Lord Commander Laldere wouldn't go down with a fight and resisted all attempts to capture him.

In the end, there was one Forsaken soldier left standing. Once he saw all his friends were killed, he broke down crying. Everybody assumed that because he didn't have his hands on his weapons at the time that he was surrendering. He quickly saw an opening and rushed the Lord Commander and Lieutenant De Vries. The Lord Commander saw this and promptly killed the last soldier.

After this, we sent a rider to the King's camp in Brill and he returned with soldiers to set up camp at Cold Hearth.

Disciplinary Concerns:

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