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Title: Supply Mission
Author: Tilliea Dryden
Date: July 2nd.


Knight-Captain Ismond Laldere
Knight-Lieutenant Theodora De Vries
Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
Sergeant Tilliea Dryden
Corporal Connor Silverblade
Corporal Cashen Bailey
Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
PFC Eriza Hart
Private Vitallion Stansfield
Recruit Tavith McTash
Recruit Valric Spaunlding


Sergeant Dryden found a what appeared to be possible Horde Supply cache. Taking the risk she lead the men out to the abandoned tower to the west of the Undercity. As they got closer, they were ambushed by a small group of bandits. Once the threat was eliminated, they explored the area and the tower. Already in ruins, they thought they had little luck. Further investigation had them find a Human woman, a small boy and a forsaken child. Elizabeth, Kingston and Joffrey Monroe. After getting ambushed once again they were unable to recover the supplies, they managed to save the Monroe’s.

At the orders of Knight-Captain Laldere, the forsaken child and mother were tied up in seperate cells while the uninjured child was turned over to the Diocesan attache.

Disciplinary Concerns:


Corporal Silverblade was injured during the battle, knocked out and is currently being attended to.
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