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Title: Patrol Around the Monastery
Author: Clarissa Greystone
Date: June 26th


Knight-Lieutenant Aralieass Delamond
Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
Corporal Cashen Bailey
Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
PFC Eriza Hart


The first thing we encountered was a spider on the roads not from from the Venomweb Vale. It tackled Eriza, but she and the others made short work of the spiders. Later on down the road we encountered some armored humans with red armor. After talking with them, they turned hostile and attacked the Regiment. After our soldiers killed them, they searched the bodies for any information. On their bodies was a rusty dagger with the initials A.L., a large amount of gold, some Scarlet emblems and a badly damaged letter. The only words legible on the letter is was "Scarlet Monastery" and "Righteous". There was another word that was not legible, however it was short and started with an S. We determined that they were scouts sent to spy on us. The money and dagger may have been intended to bribe any of our soldiers or those of the Scarlet Bulwark who have taken His Majesty's pardon. We simply don't know in that regard.

We decided to double back to look for any more scouts. PFC Hart saw some humans in the Venomweb Vale. After killing some of the wildlife that would be problematic, we approached them. There, Corporal Bailey was able to talk talk to them. With his charisma we were able to identify that they were Scarlets, however they were not hostile. Corporal Bailey was able to convince the majority of the Scarlets to stand down however one did not. PFC Hart prevented damage from coming to Bailey, and Sir Aralieass killed the hostile Scarlet. All of the other Scarlets were arrested, moved into the Scarlet Monastery prisons. There they will be vetted until they are determined not to be a threat.

Disciplinary Concerns:

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