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Title: Defending the Bulwark
Author: Clarissa Greystone
Date: June 25th


Knight-Captain Roy Sebale
Knight-Lieutenant Kimberly Sweete
Knight-Lieutenant Theodora De Vries
Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
Corporal Cashen Bailey
Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
Private Istins Chandler
Private Mustadio Ranthal
Private Edward Ainsworth (Ismond)
Private Ralinor Baast
Recruit Vicas Aubron ((Post-event arrival))


After taking over the Bulwark in the name of King Anduin yesterday, the Sin'dorei reinforcements for Sylvanas arrived today as expected. At first, once we refused entry into Tirisfal, the Sin'dorei created a sort of no-mans-land. They sent out a Blight Catapult to attack us. They destroyed one of the two siege tanks with the catapult. When Corporal Bailey tried to charge the catapult, he was almost killed by a volleys of arrows. Luckily, Knight-Captain Sebale saved him. Sebale ordered that the woods be set ablaze to flush them out. After burning numerous trees, and Sin'dorei with those trees, they tried to rush us. Captain Sebale dug the Regiment into the natural defenses of the Bulwark and minimized Regiment losses. The Sin'dorei General, a young, proud, and impatient man was captured by Corporal Bailey and Private Chandler. As soon as the General was caught, the enemy soldiers all broke. Most fled into the unburnt forest. We did capture a score of prisoners.

Disciplinary Concerns:

Corporal Cashen Bailey defied orders to hold back when the Forsaken Catapult attacked. Instead he charged the catapult and almost died, but Captain Sebale saved him in a split second.
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