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Title: Attack on the Bulwark
Author: Clarissa Greystone
Date: June 24th


Lord Commander Ismond Laldere
Knight-Lieutenant Kimberly Sweete
Knight-Lieutenant Thomas Reignsford
Knight-Lieutenant Theodora De Vries
Knight-Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone
Corporal Amellia Greywood
Corporal Valrik Gallaghan
Private Istins Chandler
Private Vitallion Stansford
Private Redley Acre ((Post-event arrival))
Recruit Vicas Aubron
Recruit Edvir Seaborn


First, some background. His Majesty, King Anduin, has made landfall with the greater part of the entire Army of the Alliance. He sent a message along with a detachment and a siege tank to the Scarlet Monastery, where The First Regiment was currently stationed. His orders were to take the Siege tank and capture the Bulwark and turn it into an Alliance outpost to prevent reinforcements from Quel'thalas from entering the Tirisfal Glades.

Lord Commander Ismond Laldere of The First Regiment lead the attack. While initially outnumbered, the siege tank made up the difference. At one point in the battle the Westridge Cavaliers were cut off from the footsoldiers as there was confusion on the field. Luckily, Lord Laldere's boisterous commands could be heard by the gunners in the siege tank and allowed the Cavaliers to overcome the Forsaken.

By the time the footsoldiers smashed through the Forsaken's defenses, the Forsaken General was attempting to get to and use their Blight. Luckily, after being overcome by the majority of the soldiers the General was defeated and killed by Corporal Amellia Greywood. Thanks to her, The First Regiment has captured a fully operational and unused... machine used to transport and distribute Forsaken Blight. Lord Commander Laldere has seen to it.

Disciplinary Concerns:

The soldiers seemed unfamiliar with some of the formation commands and what is expected when they are called. Possible training while on deployment may be needed. Further inspection of soldiers is required before calling for such.
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