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Now that I have time, I am finally going to write on my pilgrimage to the Sanctum of Stromgarde. The boat rocks, but my faith stays strong. Just recalling the emotions I felt during my Pilgrimage is making me emotional, forgive the tear stains on these papers.

The First Regiment journeyed to learn the customs of the Stromics. A simple deployment, one that would affect me more that I originally realized. As we trained under their leaders, learned a few of their techniques for fighting, we also learned of their culture. They spoke of the Sanctum of Stromgarde, where their kings dynasty would learn their rites as it is the only church within the kingdom. As they spoke of such a place, I felt something stir within me. Something, unknown yet exhilarating. At once, I asked if I could travel to the Sanctum, as I already had my field kits for deployment, I was left with little; only the weapon on my back, and the Light in my Heart. I was granted permission, and left almost immediately, traveling through the early morning light to head towards my destination. The light guided me, I was given the location and used it’s blessing to fuel my energy as I traveled down these unknown paths. As night grew, I did not fear, nor cower in my boots. I continued on through the night, resting only to eat food and wash my face.

As I walked under Thoradin’s Wall, I felt something stronger in me. A constant pulse. My hands shook, my eyes began to water, the breath left my chest, only for a moment. I had stepped into the blessed lands. I was getting closer to the Sanctum. The early morning light guided me, and as the sun rose into the sky, it illuminated the decaying walls of the Kingdom. I remember saying a prayer, “Light continue to guide me as I enter these blessed lands. Intwine me in love and compassion as I gain access to such holy walls. Grant me the wisdom to learn and in turn teach. May it be so.”

The mist rose from the ground as I approached the gates. Death was not kind to these lands, but, up to the left I could see greenery growing, that was my destination. I made my way around the buildings and up on the walkway leading towards the Sanctum. Before I stepped foot in its own personal walls, I said one more prayer, thanking the light for allowing me passage.
The guards were hesitant as I stepped foot into the area. Curious as to why someone from Stormwind would make a journey all the way north. After explain my deployment and then own personal pilgrimage, they allowed me entry. The moment I stood in the ruined chapel, I felt the breath leave my chest. Time began to slow down, almost stopping completely.

As if they were alive right in front of me, shrouded in the light, ghostly apparitions appeared in front of me. They did not speak, only stared. A few clapped, nodded their head, or stood there silently. I fell to my knees and prayed out loud.

“Thank you for allowing me entry, granting me the ability to see such things. Strengthening me as I did not fear them, or death. That I will accept it with open arms, embracing the fate you have given me. May it be so.”

At once, a few of them came to me, resting their light-infused hands on my shoulders. ‘Rise, you will not face death today. The light guides you, as it guided us in turn. We died fighting for our kingdom, and when the time comes, you will do the same. Do not fear little one, the light embraces you.’

As quick as they appeared, they were gone. They had accepted me, reassured me that the light will always guide me. Time flowed like normal once again, as I fell to the ground in a crying mess. My shoulders burned from the embrace of ghosts long passed, my tears cooled my face. My mission was a success, and in turn, I will guide those to the compassion of the light, reassuring them that no matter how dark, it will embrace you.
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