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The Stormwind Army Recruitment Application

Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words. If you are unable to reply with an answer, please give a brief explanation.

What is your full name? What is your race? Jay Orion Orcbane (Birth Surname: Southton). Human.

Where were you born? Northshire Valley.

What is your date of birth? The present year of the Lotharian Calendar is 37 LC. June 23rd, 2 LC.

Where do you currently live? Elwynn Forest.

What is your most recent occupation? Who have you worked for in the past? Mercenary. Stormwind Army Veteran.

What skills do you have to offer? Proficient man-at-arms with numerous decorations. Armorsmith of the Mithril Order. Degree from the Ironforge Academy in geology and archaeology.

Are you physically fit to serve as a soldier? Do you have any ailments, injuries, or curses? Yes. Prone to insomnia as a result of concussions suffered in the field.

Do you have a criminal record? If so, please explain your crimes and any punishments you endured. Misdemeanors for vandalism and petty theft as a minor. No adult offenses.

Who would you name as your next of kin should you perish on the battlefield? What is their relation to you? Where do they live? Angelas Southton. Daughter. Stormwind City.

Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to swear fealty, service, and loyalty to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the House of Wrynn above all other nations and obligations? Yes.

Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to adopt our ethos, conduct, and way of life as a disciplined soldier? Yes.

Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be sent to armed conflict in any part of Azeroth or beyond, with the associated risks and responsibilities involved? Yes.

Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be asked to take lives in the act of protecting the Kingdom of Stormwind’s interests? Yes.

Why do you wish to serve with the Stormwind Army? If you are not originally a subject of the kingdom, why do you wish to enlist to serve Stormwind over your homeland? With Horde aggression threatening Alliance territories I feel re-enlistment is what I need to do.

In which Division do you wish to serve the Stormwind Army? Stormwind Royal Infantry.

The following section is out of character; the rest of the application is meant for you, the player, to answer so that we can get an idea of who you are! Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words.

Character name (must include alt codes if applicable), race, class and level: Jáy. Human. Warrior. 110.

Where did you hear about the <The First Regiment> and why do you wish to join? I've known about TFR since its founding. After a long hiatus from WoW, and considering potential guilds, I would like to re-join to enjoy the Stormwind military atmosphere. TFR has always focused strongly on integrity and realism, and membership within the guild has been one of my highlights as a long-time member of the MG-RP community.

How old are you? 27

Please give a brief summary of your role-playing experience. What, if any, role-playing guilds have you been part of? If you were a member of the regiment before, what were the circumstances of you leaving? I've been RPing on WoW for just over 10 years now, with the vast majority of that being here on MG. I've been a member of several guilds over the years as many come and go, and interests change as personal stories develop. Due to poor memory I cannot recall the precise reason for my leaving TFR before, but I believe it was due to a conflict with an officer. The details escape me, to be honest, and I don't hold any ill-will. I also do not believe the officer I was in conflict with is a current member. Maxen has always treated me fairly and with great respect.

Have you read the guild rules in full? If so, what is the guild’s policy on uniforms? Yes. Uniforms are mandatory for most guild role-playing events; not wearing the proper uniform or equipment at the right time may result in in-character punishment.

Have you read the service record page in full? If so, list five things that positively affect a person’s service record, and five things that negatively affect a person’s service record. Yes. Earning in-character commendations or awards. Completing approved major guild writing projects or guides in full. Hosting guild events every month. Excellent guild event attendance. Long term membership in the guild. Chronic in-character rule violations. Poor guild event attendance. Any violation of in-character rules resulting in flogging or detainment. Chronic or serious violations of out-of-character Guild Rules. Minor in-character rule violations, per violation.

Due to the premise of our guild, we often present ours members with morally ambiguous situations in which morbid or gruesome imagery may be invoked. Your character may be ordered to kill other characters, creatures or animals. We however expressly forbid sexual violence in guild role-play. Do you acknowledge these disclaimers and expectations? Yes.

If there is any information about your character you would like to give us out-of-character that you could not put into the in-character application, please put it here. Are there plotlines that your character is involved in that could involve the guild? No additional information is required I believe.
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Thank you for your consideration of <The First Regiment>. At this time, your application is Denied. We do not believe that you would be a good fit for our guild. We wish you the best in your search.
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