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Report by Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield

April 29th, 38 LC

(Dms were Odel of Saethwyr and Imperator Mathilan Lionblood)

Members of First Company of The First Regiment

Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield (Hugorenfield)
Corporal Tilldea Dryden (Tillea)
PFC Cashen Bailey (Cashenbailey)
PFC Mustadio Ranthal (Mustadio)

Forces of the Stromic Covenant

Odel of Saethwyr (Edeltheid)
Ranger Alieria Silversong (Aliaerine)
Evan Lerenton (Lerenton)
Ellie Congbonk (Helira)
Lady Isabellia Rotheram (Dellelia)
Gladhaeden Phoenixshade (Kenirk)
State Guard Lucius Tarquin (Walsingham)
Lord Galleron Martellus (Galleron)
Imperator Mathilan Lionblood (Mathilan)
Duke Telirius Lionblood (Telirius)
Ava Lightsinger (Aveah)
Garen Lionblood

Mission Report

At 19:00 hours, First Company assisted the leadership of the Stromic Covenant in retaking the citadel of Seaguard. The citadel belonged to the Stromic people but was overtaken by troll forces. Several large ships were sent to descend on that position. The operation was a risky one for Seaguard utilized many natural barriers in its hilly landscape. Regardless, at 19:30 rowboats were sent to land on the beach.

However the boats were met with crude Ballistae fire from the enemy. Fortunately, rowboats were able to make it to the shore. Where the trolls defended their lands at a choke hold by sending wave after wave of troll soldiers. However, the superior arms and formations of the Alliance prevailed, and the Alliance contested the beach.

However, the troll began to use their height to their advantage. From atop the hill where the citadel lay, the fired down upon the Alliance arrows and axes and managed to neutralize many of our forces there. As the onslaught continued, Sergeant Renfield errected a barrier above the army to prevent the ranged weaponry from firing down, and the enemy was engaged from behind the barrier.

After the archers and axe throwers were delth with, the Company continued up the hill where they were met with a recently created dire troll. The troll charged at Sergeant Renfield with the intent to disrupt the barrier, but it was swiftly killed with an arrow to the head by Ranger Alieria Silversong.

Finally, the Castle was breached and Lord Garen Lionblood ordered the rest of the trolls to be slaughtered. When the keep was finally breached, several human bodies were lain out naked and rotting among effigies of the Spider Loa. Sergeant Renfield ordered the effigies to be burned and Lord Lionblood conveyed the same order to his men.

In the middle of the road, lay a massive pyre filled with corpses that were stripped and decapitated. Looming above the flames was a giant effigy of a wooden snake the emanated with dark magic. Recognizing the threat, Sergeant Renfield conjured a blizzard of ice at the effigy and its fire, despite Priestess Ava Lighstinger requesting that prayer be done first. He informed the Stromic people that the wooden snake was an imminent danger and had to be destroyed immediately.

However, suddenly a large groan emanated from the wooden snake as the piles of human bodies became reanimated and started to attack the company. The battle was fierce and many were wounded from it, but it was soon determined by Mathilan Lionblood that the snake was controlling the undead. The archers and mages soon fired volley after volley into the snake until the voodoo effigy was no more.

Finally, the Citadel’s castle was breached and the company chased down a small troll boy into the main governing chambers. Inside several troll women and children were hurdled into a corner, protected by a single armed troll.

As there was no means for First Company to transport the troll civilians, Sergeant Renfield ordered PFC Bailey to kill them, but he quickly retracted that order to allow Lord Mathillan Lionblood to execute his orders. Without waiting for his Lord’s orders, Odel of Saethwyr attacked the troll, but Garen Lionblood stepped in and killed the troll. Garen Lionblood then ordered for the troll execution. Ava Lightsinger opposed this order, and conflicts arose primarily between her pleas of mercy and Odel’s plead for revenge for a past action (It was revealed before this mission that Odel’s village was wiped out by a similar troll incursion). Ava Lightsinger and anyone else who did not want to participate in the prisoner’s execution were ordered to remain outside.

However, these orders were overruled by Mathilan Lionblood. The Duke ordered the trolls to be taken prisoner and sent into iron cages that were set up in the Courtyard. This order made Odel of Saethwyr and Garen Lionblood visibly displeased. When asked how, Mathilan would handle feeding these new prisoners he responded :
“Nonsense. I will not waste precious resources feeding them. You will see what I have in mind. They will have their use to the crown.”
PFC Bailey and Sergeant Renfield helped transport the troops into the cages and were dismissed for the night. The men of First Company were allowed to rest in the newly conquered Citadel.

A total of 50 men died in retaking the Citadel. First Company’s losses are not confirmed, yet. Several men have been heavily injured, including Sergeant Renfield. Everyone else endured minor scratches and bruises

Disciplinary concerns
Several concerns regarding the execution or the imprisonment of the trolls. Sergeant Renfield was the highest ranked member of First Company at the site and ordered the prisoner’s execution. PFC Bailey correctly asked if it was ethical or the only choice available.

However, tensions rose between the different opinions of Odel of Saethwyr and Garen Lioblood versus Ava Lightsinger and Mathilan Lionblood.
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