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(The handwriting is neat and large, with a slight 75 degree angle.)
April 23rd.

It’s been years since I’ve had a journal and I wonder how useful it will be. The first time I wrote in one, I was but a child, learning how to write. The tutors at the Orchard decided it would be the best way to learn my own penmanship and from there, I would always write. I’m curious if the Orchard still has my old books. There must be a good hundred. From my travels across the Kingdom, to my journey through Pandaria, I used those books to comfort me. Honestly, they were my only friends at times, reliving the good and bad of my life does wonders to someone's mentality. Nonetheless, I must continue towards the future.

The first of the year I left the Orchard and made my new home in Westridge with the First Regiment. It was terrifying, if I’m honest. My husband looked baffled when I told him of my choices, but as a man of the military, he respected my decision. I have left the Orchard in the care of a long time friend of the family. Occasionally I will return home, but as of late I haven’t had the time. The first month or so within the army I was ostracized, but that is apparently normal. They ‘weed out the weak’, or so I’ve been told and apparently I stood my ground as I was promoted to Private about two months later. Nothing terribly exciting happened during those months… Oh, I’m a liar… We fought on Argus, went to Tol Barad, Sithilis and now we are in Stromgarde, helping out the Altaraci’s.

On Argus I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or whomst to heal. But with the guidance from my superiors I walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. When Tol Barad came around, I was a private. By then, I had grasped a bit more understanding of the light and how it works; enough to heal the entire group when things looked grim. Sithilis however, I was given more of a ‘woman’s work’ duty, cleaned my fair share of undies. (Maxen wears polka dots, and Araceia has bright green ones. Funny things, that clearly only you are suppose to see my dear Journal.) Now, in Stromgarde, we are learning the ways of these people. Everyone seems friendly enough, so that’s good. Only time will tell what happens. Oh, I’m a Corporal now, I apparently skipped Private First Class. Since I’m the only one within the First Regiment who was trained in hand to hand combat, I compiled a guide of sorts to help those who wish to fight foes when they are unarmed. It went over well, I would like to imagine.

Now that we are in Stromgarde, I will visit a church on my downtime. I have to make a pilgrimage while I’m here. Learn their ways, learn more of the Light, and feel at ease with myself, so that I can help everyone out more when needed.

As I write this, I’m sitting under a tree outside the keep of our host. The men and women train with such ferocity, it is both amazing and intimidating. I hope Dame Greystone doesn’t get any ideas. (I’m laughing as I wrote that and got funny looks from some maidens passing by.) Eriza Hart, my best friend, and a Private First Class of the First is running laps around the paths. I’m her counter, and she’s at 37 right now. Araciea Lightsmyth and Connor Silverblade are off in the distance, chatting to each other. They are engaged now, and I am very excited for them. Her Excellency, Kimberly Sweete is speaking with some of the Altaraci commanders, speaking things over. I helped set up the meeting for this trip, and I hope it goes well.

I have a few more things to do to prepare for my journey, until next time.

T. I. Dryden
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