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The sound of war echoes through the arid and dreary lands of the Northern Kingdoms. A daunting fog begins to crawl over the bountiful hills, wilting and engulfing the vegetation in its clouded grasp. Haunting sensations vibrate in the ominous air around the encampments of the region, allowing a boisterous cry to thump against the racing hearts - instilling shock into the captivated crowd. In the distance stands a hulking shadow, frail and delicate in appeal, naturally letting its crooked figure remain a mystery. Behind the shaded cowl illuminated a salient,yellow aura - the eyes of the undead dawning down at the livestock. Perhaps, it’s mere admiration for their breathing counter parts or a seething hatred foreboding the brittle bodies.

The infantry's clamered out to the foes, alerting others of the vile wretch. But, that ominous silence would linger no longer as the Forsaken arose to a more prominent stature. A cracking sound mirrored the stillness, the gyration of the sockets wailing out in agony as the exanimated arched back. Its jaw unhinged, letting a high-pitched howl vocalize the tides of war. An assault of the night, as the blackguards gathered in masses, rushing forth with spring in their step. The blood hunters burglarizing the bivouac. The lust for hunger musked the murky air, allowing the enemies carnal temper to outlast the weak.

Strong embers faded as the fire perished from negligence. The roaring element soon dwindling into nothing. When the sun came to rise, the warm rays would peek through the thick of the woods, revealing the hideous display. The parched verdancy now moistened in claret. Along the ground was the vista of death, the undead leaving their waste behind. The innards of the soldiers now decorated the shanty, many mangled bodies tussled about as they were mere remnants of the failure to defend.

The tides of war have begun to push into the southern parts of the Eastern Kingdom, creating a heavy need of protection. The Arathi kingdoms has opened its door to those who wish to help protect the continent from the breech of vile infestations. The First Regiment has expressed interest in assisting the Arathi Kingdom in their conquest to keep the Forsaken out of the Eastern Kingdoms. As invited guests, the Regiment will embark on their journey to travel from their lush lands to aid the North.

Along with this voyage, much is to be learned. The Regiment will be working alongside with the Stromic covenant in their daily routines, habitual natures, and training. With two full days of training, there will be friendly challenges and structural exercises to allow both sets of soldier groups to learn the fundamentals of working with one another. Both sides will be picking up on tactics and unique styles that benefit themselves and their teams.

On the finals days of this adventure, the Regiment and Covenant will head out into the Northern lands and face off with the Forsaken invaders to keep them out. With all war comes punishment, as the soldiers will take all they have learned and put their skills to good use.

Day One: Travel to Arathi Kingdoms.
Day Two: Training with the soldiers of The Stromic Covenant
Day Three: More training with the soldiers of The Stromic Covenant
Day Four: Combat against the Forsaken
Day Five: Victory Feast/Farewells

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