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Ismond: Gentlemen. Shall I escort the accused to the great hall?

Roy Sebale appears from thin air with a loud popping noise, the Master Mage teleporting into the room. He looks around, getting his bearings straight before saluting. "Lord Marshal, Lord Commander." You stand at attention and salute.

Aralieass: I am prepared, if the rest of us are, do you require assistance?

Reignsford nods as both Aralieass and Roy approach. "Gentleman." He then looks and nods to Ismond. "I believe we are met, sir."

Ismond: peers at Maxen searchingly. “Your Grace. Shall I retrieve the accused?”

Maxen nods at Ismond.

Ismond bowed his head and silently excused himself.

Hugo Renfield salutes Ismond with respect.

Ismond snapped into a salute, perhaps out of habit. As he relaxed, he laid his hand on the bars that separated him from the accused soldier. "Are you prepared to stand trial for the charges of which you have been accused?"

Hugo Renfield: Yes, sir. I reported myself in for that purpose. May the light judge me.

Ismond: Very good. If you resist, or make any attempt to escape, you will be detained with any force necessary. If you make any attempt to harm either myself or Private Hart, you will be met with lethal force. Am I understood?

Hugo Renfield: Yes, sir.
Ismond retrieved an elongated iron key and crammed it into the door of the cell. With an obtusely loud clang, the mechanism was released and the elder knight swung open the door. "Follow me. Private Hart, take the rear. You will be dismissed upon Mister Renfield's arrival in the great hall."

Eriza: Sir.

Ismond: You are dismissed, Private Hart

Eriza: Sir.

Eriza stands at attention and salutes.

Ismond: Your Grace, I present the accused.

Maxen nods at Ismond. “Sir Roy Sebale. Please detail the charges brought against Hugo Renfield.”

Roy Sebale: Hugo Renfield admitted earlier today that while fighting in Feralas he came into contact with a forsaken warlock who attacked him and the soldiers he was with, killing several others. He ordered the other's retreat and engaged alone only to be overpowered by the warlock.

To defeat the warlock he utilized soul magic to rend the souls of the dead to empower himself, using Fel magic in the process as evidenced by his right hand being now Fel corrupted. He also slew a troll who attacked him, though the troll casted some spell which forced him to intake demonic blood using troll blood magic.

I arrested him for the knowing and willing use of soul magic and Fel magic while fighting the Horde.

Aralieass was shocked to hear these charges out loud, he nodded his head sullenly. In the next moment, he would peer toward the accused, and then back to the council gathered.

Maxen nods solemnly. "Very well. And this was admitted freely by Renfield?"

Roy Sebale: Aye Sir. After training this morning he confessed this to me.

Reignsford grimaces and quirks an eyebrow towards Hugo.

Maxen: Hm.

Hugo Renfield looks Reignsford in the eye for a few moments but does not move or stir. This was his choice after all.

Maxen: I now open the floor to questions by the present officers.

Reignsford: If I may, Your Grace?

Ismond: I have questions as well, following Sir Thomas.

Maxen nods at Reignsford.

Aralieass awaited his turn to speak. "I shall pose my concerns after my seniors, M'Lord."

Kymberley glares angrily at Hugo Renfield.

Hugo Renfield looks back in shame.

Ismond reached under the table and produced a fairly small by military standards canvas rucksack. From within it was produced a series of ... textbooks? He opened them to various pages which were littered with annotations. He remained otherwise silent.

Reignsford nods. "Thank you." He turns to Hugo. "Renfield, first of all, don't make eye contact with me. You're in deep shit right now and it's gonna take all the Light's might to dig your ass out. You should be intently staring at the stone walls just beyond the Lord Marshal's head to get familiar with the sight. Secondly, my knowledge of magic is limited so my question is this; Why, by all that is holy in this world and the next, did you send away the very soldiers who could have helped you defeat the enemy without resorting to the accused acts?"

Hugo Renfield: The soldiers who were under me were indeed members of First Company. However, they were inexperienced and already fearful from the battle. The highest ranked member besides myself was a Corporal who engaged the warlock's wrathguard. However, he was slain in battle. I had a battle hunch based on the warlock's confidence when surronded that the souls of the other men may either empower him or be quick pickings if he decided to engage with them. Corporal was slain by the demon. However, my hunch was correct because as I fought with the warlock despite putting him to near death he almost instantly absorbed the souls of the local flora and fauna, creating a dead zone. Had those men stayed, they would have also been killed. And as I was ambushed by a Forsaken platoon after defeating the warlock had they died, they would have become undead for the Horde.

Reignsford sighs.

Reignsford: And yet you were cocky enough to face this warlock head on instead of retreating with those men?

Sanierette comes into the room and hears Renfield talking. She looks to Ismond and gives a bow. "My lord." She looks at Hugo and hears what he says with a furrowed brow.

Hugo Renfield: Yes, sir. I...I have past experience with such magic.

Ismond: Join us at the table, Lieutenant.

Sanierette gives a bow and joins. “These magics. They are heretical in nature are they not?”

Ismond raised his hand, signalling for Clarissa to silence. He leaned to the right and muttered quietly to the Lieutenant.

Sanierette hushes up.

Reignsford rubs his forehead. "Very well. No further questions at this time, Your Grace."
Maxen nods at Reignsford.

Maxen: Lord Ismond. You have the floor.

Ismond nodded, "Your grace." His finger marked his way through one of the textbooks he laid in front of him. Eventually, he paused the digit over a section of legal text. "Mister Renfield. If you don't mind, please explain to me exactly how you utilized souls in the engagement."

Hugo Renfield: After the warlock underwent a metamorphosis, he began to drain the soul of all the life around him, creating a patch of rotten and decayed land. Furthermore, he had essentially recovered his stamina and most of his wounds were gone. I, however, was quite fatigued and if I did not regain my strength two scenarios would have occured. I would have either died or the warlock would have gotten away with murder.

I could not let this stand, thus I prayed to the light before I began to engage and remembered my oaths to Stormwind. I must defend this land and bring justice to fruition. However, the only method to heal myself without draining my stamina was by absorbing the warlock's metamorphosed soul. I did not however use fel at all. Other uses of soul were soulfire so that my spells would be more effective.

Ismond: Mister Renfield, please only answer the question you were asked. I do not need details about your opponents motive, I am quite capable of determining that on my own. Now You are denying the charge of utilizing Fel magics without a license?

Hugo Renfield: Yes. I did not use fel on the battlefield. My fel arm was a result of a troll's blood magic.

Ismond: I see. Including legal forms of magic, please tell me all different forms which you utilized during your engagement.

Hugo Renfield: My infamous decay spell was used. Arcane pigeon constructs were employed for scouting and to order the other soldiers. I used arcane chains to hold the warlock down before he transformed. Finally, I attempted to capture the warlock before he transformed with a magic dampening collar that all mages are provided. However, the forsaken carried an acid strong enough to melt it. Oh! And a portal was made for my escape.

Ismond: I am not a mage, Mister Renfield. When you say "decay", are you referring to a spell of a decay domain, or a spell which causes decay? If it is the latter, to which school does it belong?

Hugo Renfield: It causes decay. My spellcasting does not incorporate necromancy. Rather, I use evocation to harness the elemental forces of decay. It damages both soul and body, but it has not been made illegal by the Mage Circle of Sarceline.

Ismond: Sir Roy, could you confirm Mister Renfield's statement for me?

Roy Sebale: Aye, the form of magic he's using in that case is Arcane, though it skirts the line as to what could be considered Arcane. There are the elements of decay and spirit alongside the four elements, with spirit and decay being natural forces just as the elements are. Instead of using a fireball or conjuring water, he conjures the elemental force of decay, as he said.

Ismond nodded, "Excellent, thank you. That will conclude my questioning."

Maxen nods at Ismond.

Maxen: Sir Aralieass. You have the floor.

Aralieass nodded to the Lord-Marshal, "Thank you, M'lord." He stated before clearing his throat to address his peers and the accused. “Before I begin, allow me to state for the record, that my knowledge of magics and its schools is very limited. I shall start by posing a question to the accused. Mister Renfield, as a Sergeant in his Majesty's Royal Army, what are your responsibilities?”

Hugo Renfield: To ensure that those underneath me are safe, to uphold the laws of Stormwind, to pursue justice, to protect the Church, and to defend King and Country to my dying breath.

Aralieass nodded with a visage of steel, no emotion being discernible about him. Aralieass would then proceed to pull from the table's edge, an Army Field Manual, he flipped the pages a few times before stopping and scanning for a passage. It states here, "Despite their authoritative position, Sergeants are expected to look out for their troops and resolve disputes whenever possible. They are to bring requests to the officers in order to fulfill the needs of the enlisted." I repeat, ‘Look out for their troops,’ being the key phrase here. Would you say that by turning away the men under your charge, that you were serving in their best interests and that of the officers appointed over you?”

Hugo Renfield: Men cannot fight when dead. I did not wish for them to taste the coldness of the grave. Thus, yes. I believe that by giving them the order to retreat I served their best interest. However, the armsman was engaged too deeply. I was attempting to pull him out, but the wrathguard killed him first. That was my deepest regret, and I will carry it for all days to come.

Aralieass coughed, covering his mouth. After clearing his throat, he nodded. “While the death of your man is regrettable, I ask that you stay on task in answering my questions, the extra details are not my concern. Understood?”

Hugo Renfield: Yes, sir.

Aralieass: I shall pose a follow up question, and I'd ask that Sir Roy confirm your testimony. Did you, or did you not admit to the use of felmagics when turning yourself in to the agents of the crown?

Hugo Renfield: I did not admit to using fel magic. I showed Sir Roy my fel corrupted arm.

Aralieass looks to Sir Roy for confirmation. “Is this the case, Sir Roy?”

Roy Sebale: Soul magic can be categorized under multiple classes of magic dependent on how the soul is drained and how the energy is utilized. It can be turned into Fel directly, though I don't believe that's what he did. It sounds to me he used shadow magic to drain the soul's essence and convert it into mana and life energy. This could also be seen as death magic but again it depends on how exactly he transmuted the energy.

However… He had later admitted to the troll spirit and he having a 'mutually beneficial' interaction due to an altered spell after her death which led to him absorbing demonic blood through blood magic. Thus why Fel magic is brought up, and how his arm was corrupted.
Maxen nods.

Aralieass: I see, so would you say, that in your expert opinion; That Mister Renfield utilized illegal magics in converting soul energy into.. "Mana?"

Roy Sebale: Aye. Such is why I placed him under arrest and why we are here now.

Maxen reads through a book of the laws of Stormwind as the officers speak.

Aralieass: Very well, let us take record of that fact, Mister Renfield knowingly committed a heinous crime. I have one last question to pose. Mister Renfield, please explain in a concise manner, the nature of your interaction with the troll heretic.

Hugo Renfield: We had an interaction which resulted in her death. Her attempt to smite me from the grave backfired, and we entered a temporary truce. I intended to take her to a friend who could aid me in this dilemna, but we were then deployed to Ferelas. After the engagement with the warlock, my friend was able to send the troll to the shadowlands.

Aralieass: Are you saying that you were possessed by this trolls spirit?

Hugo Renfield: No. She attempted to possess me, but instead bound herself to me. She became....dependent to me. If I had died, her soul would have been....she thought that her soul would have gone to the darkest depths of the shadowlands...essentially to Hell.

Aralieass blinked, for all this sounded like heresy and heretical babble.

Sanierette frowns. She puts both hands on the table and stares at Hugo. She is seething.

Hugo Renfield blinks in fear as he silently utters a prayer underneath his breathe.

Ismond furrowed his brow. He appeared, under close inspection, to be idly chewing on his own tongue.

Aralieass: So you mean to tell me, that a troll attempted to bind it's soul to yours, but failed in doing so? And what was your defense against such an act?

Hugo Renfield: I realized the magic too late.

“Answer my question!” Aralieass roared, his voice echoing like a lion's thume throughout the great hall.

Hugo Renfield: I did not wish to attack the troll because she apparently had the power to manipulate my blood. My fear was that if I decided to quickly end her then she would do the same to me in retaliation. I was essentially somewhat of a hostage.

Aralieass: So help me, Mister Renfield, explain to me and the rest of this council how you prevented the troll from possessing you.

Hugo Renfield: I did not. I had no knowledge of her magic, but she revealed to me her spell after she made her mistake.

Aralieass: And what was her mistake?

Hugo Renfield: Her spellwork itself did not allow for a full possesion. Instead, she was able to cast spells from beyond the grave. I do not know what her mistake was exactly. I am not an expert at troll curses. I did take myself to a medium in Dalaran to have her safely removed.
Aralieass fumed... “So you are telling us, that you were knowingly accosted by an entity, and did not confide this in your superiors? And what type of magic did you use to abate this troll's assault on your person?”

Reignsford pinches the bridge of his nose. This convoluted magic talk was giving him a headache from trying to make sense of it.

Hugo Renfield: I believe the medium used some sort of spirit magic. She was not of Stormwind. I was accosted by an entity and did not tell others for fear for my life. If she had felt that I was trying to take her down, she may have been incentivized to take us both to the Shadowlands....essentially kill me.

Aralieass threw his hands up in the air, nothing made sense to him anymore.

Hugo Renfield: Er..I am unsure of what other information I can provide, sir. This is all I know.

Aralieass: I've no further questions.

Maxen nods at Aralieass. “Lieutenant Sweete, you have the floor.”

Kymberley stared down Hugo, her once kind eyes become very stern and filled with rage. "Sergeant Renfield. You are a coward among you own kind. A soldier that called for a tactical retreat and selfishly stayed to only better himself in the brink of time. A Sergeant makes a call and follows through the order, they do not stayed around and watch their men die and wither about them. You placed yourself at risk for what, one man? Whom, is dead at this point. I pray to the Light he is found his way for this corruption of this fel infested man may have captivated him into the an eternal void. I pray he does not suffer on your account.." she'd note, coming to hold her hands behind her frame, her words unforgiving.

"Do you understand the definition of Heresy, Sergeant Renfield? because from where I stand, you clearly have risen the awareness to what it entails. From this time and many prior too..This is not the only time you've placed your fellow kin in a dangerous situation for your benefit, Sergeant".

Sanierette: Well spoke, Your Excellency.

Kymberley: "You best have an answer, Sergeant.. What IS heresy?"

Hugo Renfield displays his fel corrupted hand to the officers. It's gross green bile spread across his arms as the shards ran across it. "I see no benefit for this curse. My intentions, however, were to escape. But, that option was not given to me. The moment I began the retreat a good man died. I cannot let justice escape. I am a servant of the Church, and it's light. And as the first priest has told, retribution is one of the pillars by which the light stands. I cannot let justice of any kind escape even if it harms me. If I wish to become a Knight and a paragon of Stormwind, I must preserve justice even if it harms me. That is why I am before you all. I am here for Stormwind."

Ismond raised his left hand to his face. Obscured behind his palm, a thumb and middle finger tightly pressed into the bridge of his nose. A deep exhale vacated his chest.

Kymberley: Sergeant, I will not ask you again. Answer the FUCKING question. I do not want to hear your life story on the matter!

Hugo Renfield sighs. "Heresy as stated by the laws of Stormwind is spreading malicous information regarding the church."

Kymberley: Pray tell, what did you do that night that would place you in such a statement? And please, just answer it in short. I don't need a broken record..

Hugo Renfield: I did not spread any information slandering the church to any living soul.

Kymberley smirked a bit. "Come, step forward.. I don't like seeing my soldiers cower like their in trouble.."

Hugo Renfield nods.

Kymberley: Let me sum up what I have heard tonight.. Since, you've run the cycle on your statement a thousand miles over..

Kymberley: You've admitted to calling for a tactful retreat, in which you neglected to follow through with., You've admitted to illegally using soul magic to regain your own power back. You've admitted to placing yourself in danger for the sake of protecting a dead man. You've admitted to have a MUTUALLY beneficial interaction WITH not only the DECEASED and SPIRITUAL, but one of the other faction; which by the Light you best pray that does not get out past OUR ears here. ALONG with such, ACCEPTED the blood magic in this interaction and thusly so.. THESE are acts that certainly DO fall under heresy in the Churches eyes.."

Aralieass nodded, taking in a slow shallow breath.

Kymberley: "You may as well LAY with a member of the horde since you ADORE them so much.."

Aralieass quirked a brow at the Bishop, a look of almost shock visible in his visage.

Kymberley: May the Light have mercy on you this eve, Sergeant. For, this will be the last time I let you put my men in danger. Is that clear, Sergeant?

Hugo Renfield: Er...if such acts fall under heresy then I am guilty of that. I apologize if my defintion was incorrect, Lieutenant.

Hugo Renfield: Yes, Lieutenant.

Kymberley sighed a bit, coming to bow her head. "I've nothing further to say.”

Maxen lets out a long, drawn out sigh. “Have you any final words in your defense, Renfield?”

Hugo Renfield: I do. I did use soul magic, and I did rely on a troll's help in the encounter. My intention, however, was not to do either of those actions. I respect and value by superiors and subordinates too much to allow them to die. However, I am not a great soldier. A man died. A man I was responsible for. In my frustration and anger, I engaged the enemy alone in one on two combat...two because he still had his demon. Er...I...I cannot allow the forsaken to get get away with it.

I wished to capture him, but as soon as he metamorphosed so late into the fight, I knew that I had a choice. I could either die or fight on. As he transformed, I took out the holy book that each soldier was provided during deployment. It gave me inspiration to »
Hugo Renfield » pursue the King's justice even if it meant by being. Thus, I did the act. I used soul magic to empower myself. But, the cost was too dear and deadly. My hand was corrupted past the point of redemption. Thus, I submit myself to the Council of Westridge for justice and guidance. That is all.

Maxen: Very well.

Ismond: Your Grace. Shall I escort the accused back to his cell for the length of our deliberation?

Maxen: I have heard enough, respectfully.

Ismond: Understood, your grace.

Maxen looks at Hugo Renfield.

Hugo Renfield nods at Maxen.

Maxen: I shall here reference the Magical Regulation Act, passed within the last year by the Stormwind House of Nobles. Hugo Renfield admitted to using soul magic, in which the animus of another being was utilized to regenerate his own.

Article three, section three states; For the sake of crimes that employ magic against a person’s animus, soul, or life force, a person’s animus, soul, or life force is considered a part of their physical being, and therefore all pertinent regulation is applicable, barring legally permissible circumstances such as war against aggressive parties, world traitors, or other non protected individuals.

Hugo Renfield: Permission to speak.

Maxen: Denied.

Reignsford stares Hugo Renfield down.

Maxen: In the circumstance pertaining, Stormwind was at open war in defense of our allies in Feralas. In regards to blood magic, which has rendered Hugo's arm corrupted.

Article seven, section two, subsection E three states: The following spells and practices shall be considered legal Workings wherein the magic wielded is used directly against enemies of the realm while the kingdom is at war.

Hugo Renfield looks extremely confused. He had always thought that the laws of the First in terms of magic was different than the standard Laws of Stormwind.

Maxen: Hugo claims that he unknowingly took within his hand fel magic in his self defense. The fel magic corrupted his arm.

Article four, section ten states: A citizen shall be guilty of fel corruption should they wield fel magic with intent to corrupt any land, entity, or individual within the Kingdom of Stormwind with fel magic. Hugo has not shown reasonable intent to corrupt his arm. By the circumstances outlined, he has claimed that he acted in interest of depriving the Horde of undead and protecting the lives of his comrades.

With that said.. You have technically violated the laws of the Mage Circle of Sarceline by partaking in soul magic. You could have endangered others and you yourself could have turned to the void. But you did not, and by your actions, you defeated a warlock of the Horde and saved the lives of several men.

As your commanding officer, I sentence you to thirty lashings by the Bishop of Westridge. You are to have the corruption on your arm cleansed, if possible amputated otherwise.

Hugo Renfield 's eyes widen. "A...amputated?"

Aralieass rubbed his hands together at the sound of amputation... He would earn his monicker three times over!

Maxen: The scars you will bear will be punishment enough.

Hugo Renfield's eyes widen in fear as Aralieass looks at him. “Er...yes, your grace.”

Maxen: Such is my verdict. May the Light have mercy on you for your transgressions.

Aralieass peers over toward Maxen and the rest of the tribunal.

Maxen: This tribunal is adjourned.

Ismond: Long live the King.

Aralieass nodded, waiting for his seniors to make the first move of leaving the room.

Sanierette: Long live the King.

Hugo Renfield: Long live the King.

Aralieass: Long live the King, long may he reign.

Reignsford nods solemnly. "Long live the King."

Roy Sebale: Long live the King.

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