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((A crisp letter on parchment is posted within the barracks of the garrison.))

To my brothers and sisters of The First Regiment,

Nothing makes me happier than to be back among the ranks of The First Regiment. I've been gone for what seems like ages, yet only a few months have passed in reality. I do not come back to you as the exact same man that stood beside you in Elwynn Forest, Suramar, Silverpine, Desolace, and Argus--unexpected trials and tribulations have changed me in ways that I could have never anticipated, but I'm fundamentally still the same Alex that you may know.

Our first battle during the regiment's first deployment to Argus was a hard one that was fought in the swamps of that hellscape. After the battle, like always, I bunked down near the edge of the camp in order to quickly check the perimeter for traps or ambush routes if necessary. Private Jackson Martellus bunked down nearby as well. During the night, I spotted Recruit Diego Cortez quickly leaving the cordon for an unknown reason and before I could call out to him, an Inquisitor demon seized him and pulled him through a portal. At that point, I had a choice to make: alert the camp as protocol dictates and be a part of a potential regiment-wide rescue mission, or I could track Recruit Cortez, rescue him myself, and thereby prove my worth as an aspiring Ranger. I foolishly decided on the latter, particularly since I had felt like my progression towards wearing the Ranger green had become stagnant. As I returned to my bunk area to gather my equipment, I was stopped by Private Martellus. I filled him in on the situation and he quietly demanded that he accompany me to prove that he was worthy of joining the Vanguard since he was outright rejected by them despite good conduct, and saw relatively newer regiment members being accepted into and eventually wearing Vanguard armor. I agreed.

Long story short, Private Martellus and I were captured by Inquisitor demons only a few klicks from camp and pulled through portals into a Legion prison that seemed to have been built under Argus. The three of us were separated into solitary pitch-black cells, and the only source of light I saw for months was the occasional pillar of felflame searing into my flesh as I was tortured and interrogated. The torture was...indescribable; the Inquisitors seem to have been created solely for its purpose and displayed varying attitudes of enjoyment and apathy, as if I were an insignificant annoyance to them. Not only did they sear and flay my body, they broke into my mind and mentally tore me apart then put me back together numerous times. Sometimes they interrogated me, and other times they merely tortured me and left. I cannot honestly say whether or not I divulged sensitive information, for I soon no longer knew any other reality than the one I was experiencing in my tiny cell.

I was told that I was merely an unresponsive broken shell when the Lightforged rescued me. I have no memory of that event--my earliest memory after Argus is waking up in a dimly-lit and sterile room on The Vindicaar. I had apparently been held captive in a secret prison complex along with other captured members of allied forces, including captured Lightforged Draenei. As a specialized strike force was fighting through Antorus and distracting the bulk of the Legion forces stationed on Argus, the Lightforged launched a covert rescue mission and broke us out of that prison. I learned that Sargeras himself embedded his blade into our beloved Azeroth, but that he had been taken prisoner as well--perhaps that's a measure of poetic justice from the universe.

I spent the last few months in recovery from my physical and mental wounds, and didn't truly regain my concept of self until towards the end of my recovery. I discovered that the combination of the Inquisitor's fel magic with the healers' holy magic stripped me of the ability to shift into my Worgen form, which I believe is a blessing in the end. I last saw Private Martellus and Recruit Cortez in the Vindicaar's makeshift medical bay in some kind of pods--their mental and physical trauma was so severe that they were placed in comatose states and needed far more extensive healing than I needed. Neither the healers nor I know how long the two of them will be in that state.

Once I recovered my concept of self, and after receiving the healers' blessing to depart, I left the Vindicaar and made my way back to our garrison. I arrived late in the night and briefly spoke to Lord Maxen, but I didn't want to wake anyone else. Instead, I wrote this letter and will post it in the barracks.

I understand that I broke protocol and that my actions endangered the life and wellbeing of Private Martellus as well as anyone else who may have gone looking for us. I also understand and accept the potential punishments of such, especially since it'd be far more preferable than what I endured in that hellish prison.

If you wish to speak to me of my ordeal, please let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Light be with you and Long Live the King.

Pfc. Alexandros Daemios
Alexandros Daemios, Hunter, Recon Corps
Rodrigo de los Santos, Druid, Recon Corps
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