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Title: Resupply - Raid in Silithus
Author: Clarissa Greystone
Date: March 18th

Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair
Knight-Captain Edrington Grunwald
Knight-Lieutenant Claire Greystone
Sergeant Araceia Lightsmyth
Sergeant Averelie Talbot
Corporal Valrick Gallaghan
Corporal Connor Silverblade
Private Riona Carlyle
Private Erizia Hart
Private Cashen Bailey


Scouts had reported that there were Horde near the sword studying it. The scouts reported of numerous supplies, so I organized a raid. The Horde was made up mostly of Forsaken, but there were other Horde races present wearing Forsaken colors.

We ensured that there were no survivors to carry word back to any further encampments. The supplies we found weren't enough, but should see us to the next resupply at least. Most of the food was rotten or armor too badly damaged. We scavenged all the medical supplies and what armor we could. Sir Edrington and Private Hart are currently wearing scavenged armor to my knowledge. We burned all of the bodies and what we left behind so there was nothing but ash. I ensured that there were no signs of battle. I also ensured nobody could track us back to camp.

Disciplinary Concerns:

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