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March 18th

Time to break open the old book and finally start writing in it I suppose. Deployment is busy but not busy enough to occupy every moment of my time. With all the tension though, I need every moment of my time occupied to stop from going mad. That sword that Sargeras plunged into Azeroth is causing the tension, I'm sure of it. The common footman's look of awe at the size of the fallen-Titan's blade belies their terror. Some of the mage's quizzical look as the Arcane energies they're used to seem different. The believers of the Light maintain a hopefully and guiding presence, but I think something lies beneath that.

While I can't claim any attunement to the the Light nor the orderly Arcane magics, the life flow of the land is erratic and wild. It has become difficult to identify and even more difficult to commune with. Meditation is nearly futile outside of the main base camp, but there it is very difficult to do as well. The sooner we're done with this life forsaken wasteland the happier I'll be. It hasn't been long since we've been deployed, but I'm certainly wishing I was back in the forest right now.

-Istins Chandler
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