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Report by Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield
March 6, 38 LC

(Dungeon Master = Captain Castandrah Stonesheild of Kul Tiras Marines


First Company of the First Regiment

Commander Ismond Laldere (Ismond)
Private Tilliea Dryden (Tilliea)
Private First Class Mustadio Ranthal (Mustadio)
Private Riona Carlyle (Rianona)
Sergeant Araceia Lightsmyth (Araceia)
Captain Roy Sebale (Roysebale)
Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone (Sanierette)
Recruit Melvin Griffin (Melvinishtar)
Lieutenant Kimberly Sweete (Kymberley)
Lieutenant Thomas Reignsford (Reignsford)
Lieutenant Aralieass Delamond (Aralieass)
Sergeant Averelie Talbot (Averelie)
Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield (Hugorenfield)

Fifth Fleet, Second Batalion of the Kul Tiras Marine Corps

Captain Castandrah Stoneshield
Chief Petty Officer Osmund Cinderholt
Lance Corporal Robert Bradshaw
Corporal Hodric Forthimen
Midshipman Jonethon Briggs
Private Tairlana Jormvasker
Midshipman Brador Williams
Private Griffith Arideros
Sergeant Rachel E. Jackson
Cadet Fjormi Winter
Midshipman Aren Feoldrus
Commander Godwyn Ladekahn
Petty Officer Dunstable Pryde
Lance Corporal Millie Lance
Brigadier General Aredath Balar
Cadet Bobby Boucher

Forces of the Stromic Covenant

Mathilan Lionblood
Jorgen Lionheart
Gaimus Lightshard
Lord Garen Lionblood
Lady Veratos Tepes
Legionnaire Lamesel

Forces of the Ministry of War of the Magus Senate of Dalaran

Vice Chancellor Vorien Dawnstrider
Battlemage-Captain Oliviaxi Shadesong
Senator Allindina Nimue
Senator Eddsel Farcreek
Ambassador Gao Shang
Grand Engineer Zanila Twinrench

Mission Report

At 2000 hours, the encampment that had previously set up by the Alliance was attacked by a sizeable force of Legion remnants. Ambassador Allidina Nimue and Zanila Twinrench stayed behind to secure the perimeter while the rest of the Alliance confronted the Legion. An informal line formation was used to push back the oncoming demon forces.

The leader of this demonic task force became present on the battlefield and was quickly destroyed as soon as her identity as Deathcaller Tamari.

A team of Alliance men were sent from the camp to retake control of the nearby town of Rustberg. However, it was soon revealed that priate forces had engaged with the Legion remnants in that town.

Rowboats were provided to row the men of the Alliance to the warships that took the men to Rustberg. Once landed, the Alliance forces were assaulted by cannonfire lead by an ogre cannoneer. However, much of the pirate forces were demolished and the cannoneer and his men fell.

The town was then tactically entered, and it was revealed that the pirate Captain known as Sullivan had fallen under the might of the Legion. The Alliance then proceeded to neutralize enemy targets of demons and pirates, until the head of the Legion army attempted to single handedly take on the Alliance forces. The mo’arg leader was known as Forgemaster Salavass. After exchanging fel fire and the raw force of the Alliance, Lieutenant Kimblerley Sweete was able to burn and slay the demon by completely wrapping it in holy flames.

Afterwards, orders were given to capture any pirates that remained to be hung in the gallows. Soldiers that found gold were given permission by General Balar to keep it.

The forces of the Alliance however were forced to remain at the town of Rustberg as there were too many wounded soldiers to transfer by portal. Furthermore, the land route back to the camp was heavily damaged by falling infernals and thus blocked.

Injuries = Standards injuries. None from First Company were gravely wounded. However, Sergeant Lightsmyth took direct cannonfire after taunting the ogre. Furthermore, Lieutenant Sweete seems to be the target of much enemy hostilities.

Disciplinary Concerns = None from First Company.
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