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Report by Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield
(Dungeon Master was Mage-Commander Alexander Vanidicus of the Magus Senate of Dalaran)
March 5th, 38 LC
First Company of the First Regiment

Private Riona Carlyle (Riaona)
Commander Ismond Laldere (Ismond)
Private Tilliea Dryden (Tilliea)
Lieutenant Kimberly Sweete (Kymberley)
Sergeant Araceia Lightsmyth (Araceia)
Sergeant Averelie Talbot (Averelie)
Private Eriza Hart (Eriza)
Lieutenant Aralieass Delamond (Aralieass)
Sergeant Hugo Corenlius Renfield (Hugorenfield)
Captain Roy Sebale (Roysebale)
Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair (Maxen)
Lieutenant Clarissa Greystone (Sanierette)
Recruit Urdun (Urdun)
Recruit Bronson Twinbeard(Bronbeard)
Private Throrim Stoneframe (Thorim)
Recruit Qaradoc Taliesin (Qaradoc)
Captain Edrington Grunwald (Edrington)

Fifth Fleet, Second Batalion of the Kul Tiras Marine Corps

Cadet Fjormi Winter
Cadet Bobby Merrit
Cadet Arideros
Cadet Leftwich
Cadet Leftwich
Private Thadeus Rorikson
Seaman Jonethon Briggs
Midshipman Brador Williams
Lance Corporal Millie Lance
Petty Officer Paloma Swift
Corporal Hodric Forthimen
Corporal Titus Harp
Chief Petty Officer Osmund Cinderholt
Commander Godwyn Ladekahn
Captain Castandrah Stoneshield

Forces of the Stromic Covenant

Imperator Mathilan Lionblood
Consul Telirius Lionblood
Consul Gregory Durwald
Lady Veratos Tepes
Lord Garen Lionblood
Dardros Tandril
Darovash Talan
Devno Vadumane

Forces of the Ministry of War of the Magus Senate of Dalaran

Mage-Commander Alexander
Mage-Captain Shadesong
Warmage Illmarinen
Vice-Chancellor Dawnstrider
Senator Farcreek
Senator Shang
Senator Istan
Spellbow Velthoren
Senator Whitebeard
Senator Greywhisper
Senator Clacias

Mission Report
After sailing for over a day, First Company of the First Regiment landed on Tol Barad along with forces from the Ministry of War of the Magus Senate of Dalaran, the 5th fleet, Second Battalion of the Kul Tiras Marine Corps, and the Stromic Covenant. After the beach landing, the men were put into formation as Mage-Commander Vanidicus Alexander of Dalaran. He informed everyone that there were three major threats to reclaiming Tol Barad for Kul Tiras: remnants of the Legion, a band of orcs who remain loyal to Garrosh Hellscream, and an organization known as the Tide who were stealing Kirin Tor property from the prison.

While the men were in formation, delegates from each party decided that targeting the Garrosh loyalists would be optimum as to prevent them from attacking the Alliance in the future.

Before First Company embarked, Lieutenant Kimberley Sweete led First Company in a morale boosting prayer.

The strike force was split in two divisions: a scouting party and a main assault. Members of the Westridge Rangers and the Fusiliers left to participate in the scouting operations, while the rest marched to assault the orc camp.

The men were deployed to the orc location on horseback. However, soon after enemy artillery fired below. The mages in the assault party put up a barrier to prevent the flow of artillery from picking the men apart. To counter this, the orcs deployed ground troops with the intent of cutting down the mages. Fortunately, the assault team was able to defend from their onslaught in an informal Line Formation.

After clearing this wave of orcs, the orc camp was found and assaulted. Resistance was heavy as the orcs had their artillery and magi ready. However, the recon corps soon rejoined the assault forces, driving the orcs to their ships.

It should be noted that the commander of the orcish forces was killed as the men were retreating.

The only way to the Horde ship was with the transmutation spell of slowfall. Fortunately, as much of the orcs were wiped out not many of them could return. To finish of the enemies, the Alliance had their own mages cast that spell on them.

Upon arriving to the ship, the Alliance was pitted against the remaining orc forces and a Blackfuse Siege Golem. The golem was distracted as the remaining orcs were neutralized. Finally, every soldier of the Alliance either tackled, pined, hacked, slashed, or fired upon the hostile golem. Once it was deemed neutralized, it was pushed into the waters below before it exploded.

However, soon after shrapnels and explosions injured the hull of the ship (assumedly from the golem) and its premise was evacuated. The magi opened a portal back to the landing camp and the first mission was deemed a success.

Injuries = Bruises, cuts, burns, and other wounds of the sort. Lieutenant Sweete seems especially injured

Disciplinary Concerns = None from First Company
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