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Name Legend: (because nicknames can get confusing)

The First Regiment
  • Ame (Amellia)
  • Ara / Arcy (Araceia)
  • Sir Ara (Aralieass)
  • Cash / Cashen / Cashyboy / Bailey (Cashenbailey)
  • Cloverbell (Clõver)
  • Connie (Conorsela)
  • Gingersnaps / Ginger (Dööley)
  • Ell (Elliste)
  • Grills (Grilem)
  • Ek (Guiddeon)
  • Rens / Hugo / Renfield (Hugorenfield)
  • Sir Is / Lord Commander (Ismond)
  • Ist / Bearstins (Istins)
  • Stans / Stansfield / the Big Guy (Keidarl)
  • Rai / Kelly (Kelasande)
  • Kiz / Kizizie / Zizi (Kizie)
  • Lt. Sweete / Mommy Kim (Kymberley)
  • Luther (Luther)
  • Nate / Nate Dawkins (Nathalos)
  • Ed / Eggy (Norcott)
  • Pots (Potter)
  • Fluffers (Riaona)
  • Lt. Greystone (Sanierette)
  • Thad / Thaddy / Thadlock (Thaddeusl)
  • Dame Theo / Lieutenant De Vries (Theodora)
  • Halo / Hail (Theurion)
  • Tillie / Til (Tilliea)
  • Pops / Corporal Gallaghan (Valrick)
  • Vic / Aubs (Vicas)
  • Oinx (Oinkxen Montbacon, Cashenbailey’s Companion)

Not within the First Regiment
  • Fluffball (Alistar, The Hundred Glaives)
  • Mr. Foghas (Foghas, The Dwarven Vanguard)
  • Commander Shadowblade (Katiera, The Hundred Glaives)
  • Duke Garlan (Thazrill, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Sir Caleb (Caleb, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Lady Vera (Veratosii, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Doc Lionheart (Corvos, Light of Gilneas)
  • Sir Galleron (Galleron, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Ken / Kenrik Starling (Kenrik, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Lord Garen Lionblood (Fareday, The Stromic Covenant)
  • Sir Obs / Sir Obra (Obrahiim, Remnant of Lordaeron)
  • Eric (Parthilan)
  • Hildreth (Hildreth)
  • Lt. Durghan (Durghan, The Dwarven Vanguard)
  • Lyall / Alyxandra Lyall (Astraeius, Stormwind City Guard)
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Tol Barad Campaign (2018)

Sunday, March 4, 39 LC: Day 1

So excited to be out at sea! NEVER traveled beyond the kingdom, let alone on a ship! Sergeant Renfield said something about “sea sickness.” Don’t really get how you can be sick of the sea.

Asked the lieutenants (Delamond, Greystone) about Argus. Touchy subject. Won't bring it up again. Renfield doesn't seem fazed though.

Met the new recruit: Urdun. A dwarf. Nicknamed him “Urd.” Also trying to think of a nickname for Gallaghan. He says “Valrik.” I’m leaning towards “Pops” or “Gramps.”

Arcy and Connie were gonna do spell training. But it got late. (Note to self: Connie doesn't like knives?).

Renfield and Arcy want me to try wielding the Light again. They believe in me. I told them it was my first time trying to call the Light, but it wasn’t. Nothing’s happened yet anyway.

First time I’m writing a journal. It’s hard. Mr. Deepforge says I should though.


Monday, March 5, 39 LC: Day 2

Orcs are big and bulky. Their fighting style is rough, like bandits. Except they pack a bigger punch.

Found out my shield can serve as a good float device in the water. Also found out some people can’t swim.

Wasn’t like our patrols. Many of us were injured. Bishop Kim badly hurt, but well-taken care of after. Tillie stitched herself up. Renfield looked really sad.

On a brighter note! Went on a walk with Tillie. Met some nice mage-folk from the Dalaran forces. The Pandaren (Gao) cooked really good noodles. They have a dwarf barber (Durnhoff, who appeared out of nowhere??). They’re funny.


Tuesday, March 6, 39 LC: Day 3

Rounded up pirates today. And demons (one was as tall as a building!). Bishop Kim badly hurt again. Everyone made sure she stayed safe. Then came the big demon. Bishop Kim made it rain Light, and the big demon was charred. Wasn’t edible though. Hehe.

Lots of injured. Stood guard outside the med house. Really tired.

Met one of the Marines (Tairlana). Hard to pronounce her name (pronounced “te-ar-la-na”). Gotta think of a nickname for her. Doesn’t seem to mind me calling her “Tai.” She’s from the Fjord (Northrend). Asked her why she left. Touchy subject. Won’t bring that up again.


Wednesday, March 7, 39 LC: Day 4

NOT our finest hour. Entry one day late (writing this Thursday).

Arcy nearly died. Barfed up stuff that wasn’t blood. Connie’s mute. Tillie’s exhausted (worked overtime healing Arcy and Connie). “Sorry you have to see me weak.” Says the overtime healer. HAH!

Enough excitement for one week. Have a lot of fixing to do on the armor.

Miraculously not dead. Still have untreated wounds. Re-bandaged them myself. Hurts a lot. Just glad everyone else is alive.

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Tuesday, March 6, 39 LC: Tol Barad Campaign (Day 3)

Rounded up pirates today. And demons (one was as tall as a building!). Bishop Kim badly hurt again. Everyone made sure she stayed safe. Then came the big demon. Bishop Kim made it rain Light, and the big demon was charred. Wasn’t edible though. Hehe.

Lots of injured. Stood guard outside the med house. Really tired.

Met one of the Marines (Tairlana). Hard to pronounce her name (pronounced “te-ar-la-na”). Gotta think of a nickname for her. Doesn’t seem to mind me calling her “Tai.” She’s from the Fjord (Northrend). Asked her why she left. Touchy subject. Won’t bring that up again.
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Silithus Campaign (2018)

March 12, 39 LC: Day 1
Took a ship. Got attacked by a kraken. Abandoned ship. Lost supplies. And armor. Oh well. Usually more agile with less armor anyway.


March 13, 39 LC: Day 2
Half of us had no armor. Went to scout the area around Sargeras’ sword (it’s HUGE). Encountered lots of giant bugs (Silithids). Lost my sword. Fluffers exploded it along with the big bug tank.

I don’t like Silithids. Especially the ones that try to pick you up and fly off.


March 14, 39 LC: Day 3
Rens conjured up some armor. Good thing too. Saw goblins for the first time. And bombs. LOTS of bombs. Lucky sword was lucky and disarmed two of them.

Got blown out of the water. A tree caught me by its vines. WAY too close to dying that time.

We got scrap metal! YAY! Worked on devising a makeshift forge while not on duty.


March 15, 39 LC: Day 4
Shady guys in purple robes doing shady ritual stuff (Void magic) and mining the Sword. Void magic makes you babble in gibberish. No real fighting today; just retreating. Hard to do stuff against Void tentacles and a guy who feels no pain. Rens wants to touch the Sword (didn’t happen).

Gotta work on making new armor. Only made scrappy swords so far. And an axe. Also, gotta get more sleep. Also, Mimic jokes from Howler. Hehe.


March 18, 39 LC: Day 7
Supply run (supply raid?)! Sacked a Forsaken camp. Supplies mostly rotting food though, and other stuff good for undead. Found rotting body parts. Probably for corpse maintenance (like undead prosthetic limbs). First time to fight walking corpses.

Sir Ed salvaged Forsaken armor (wore it while still gooey with guts). Arcy found a necklace that belonged to his mom. She might be Forsaken?? Hope not. Also salvaged a chestguard and gauntlets.

Met Private Bailey. Good ole war veteran. Has a strong Gilnean accent.


March 23, 39 LC: Day 11
Just woke up. I was out for HOW many days? What even hit me?? They’re saying I called the Light. Weird.


March 23, 39 LC: Day 11 (cont’d)
I. Hate. Wasps.


March 25, 39 LC: Day 13
Last night, searched for an Azerite deposit to mine. Found a giant Azerite elemental instead. Protected Fluffball by using the Light. I think.

Nah. Can’t deny it now. Same thing happened. Passed out. Woke up past noon (thankfully less than a day this time). I can wield the Light.


March 25, 39 LC: Day 13 (cont’d)
Raided Ahn’Qiraj. Twilights were there doing shady ritual stuff (they had AZERITE-INFUSED ARMOR!!). Tentacle-brain (Lucian Erebus) failed to summon something shady though.

Camped out in Ahn’Qiraj. Sir Roy said not to touch the cultist armor, but permission to drag them back later by their unarmored parts. Need to devise a lease. Maybe I can use my belt.


March 26, 39 LC: Day 14
Defeated Tentacle-brain. Called on the Light again (and didn’t pass out!). Gained the title “Vanquisher of the Void.”

Finally had downtime. Spent it crying on Tillie’s shoulder (happy crying, of course). Arcy seems kind of…off (scared?). Hope he’s okay.

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The Flames of War (Feralas Campaign 2018)

April 5, 39 LC 38 LC (Why didn’t I catch this sooner??): Day 0

Set out for Feralas tonight!

Got new naval uniforms too! Met PFC Alexandros Daemios (Daemios). Gilnean. Had been MIA for a while. Good friends with Mustard. Nicknamed him “Xandy.”

Sea waves pretty rough this time. Mommy Kim nearly fell overboard, but was saved by Cashyboy. Close call. No sign of giant krakens so far.


April 6, 38 LC: Day 1

Assembled at Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas. Biggest assembly since we deployed to Tol Barad last month.

Split into the northern and southern defense forces. Assigned to the southern forces, led by Lord Maxen.

Sneaky Horde tried to outflank us to the east. Lord Maxen redirected the southern defenses to cut them off.


April 7, 38 LC: Day 2

Horde attack from the north and east! Lord Maxen led the northern defenses (everyone in the First assigned together, hurray!). Rode through a hill full of Azerite-infused mountain giant thingies. Maybe we should’ve let them step on the Hordies.

Got pushed back to the stronghold. Hordies pack a punch. Attempted to scrap together a barricade. Didn't hold. Allies to the east overwhelmed too. Hordies withdrew before getting to close to Feathermoon. Sir Ara (Aralieass) pretty convinced we were victorious. Had to convince him to fall back. Told him we were celebrating.


April 8, 38 LC: Day 3

Horde objective was clear: Azerite deposits in the Dire Maul. Attempted to cut them off and drive them out. Split into several war parties.

Was in the party led by Lord Maxen. Rode through the Dire Maul and came across the party led by Major Dahlia Tangiers (Tangiers) from the League of Lordaeron as they were being overwhelmed. Attempted to reinforce them, but failed to gain ground. These Hordies are tough'uns. Retreated, aided by the rescue party.

Able to secure some Azerite, but the Horde came away with more. So exhausted, but still alive. Returning to Stormwind tomorrow.

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April 10, 38 LC

Sir Ara received a request from Countess De Vries. Local pig farmer on Stonefield Farm lost his prized pig “Prissy”—kidnapped by gnolls! Tracked the gnolls to the river. Cashyboy did a hero and saved the pig. Gnolls defeated; Sir Ara became their king. Ordered them to clear Duskwood (nyahahaha!).

Returned the pig to Stonefield. Wasn’t Prissy! Prissy was a gnoll dressed as a pig. Sir Ara got grumpy; told Cash to look after the pig—token of his squireship. Cash named her “Oinkxen Montbacon”. First Regiment has a new recruit! Oink! Oink!

Official report filed in Westbrook Garrison


April 13, 38 LC

Promotion ceremony! Am now a Private First Class ! Yay!

More exciting than that: Tillie got advanced to Corporal! TRIPLE YAY!! So proud. Must cry happy tears.

Others who got promoted: Cashyboy (PFC) and Fluffers (Corporal).

Rens got flogged today. Punishment for using illegal magics. Made me think of something bad. Must tell Tillie about it.


April 15, 38 LC

Had to make a delivery to the boys out in Eastvale. Tillie came along for the ride. Good thing too. Got attacked by… deformed humans? Looked like them. Crumbling skin. Glowing pock marks. Glowing eyes and teeth. CREEPY.

Anyway, we beat em up. One pretty much shattered like a piece of bad rock. Tillie scolded the guards. Ame showed up. Portal’d us back to the city. Yay!


April 17, 38 LC

HUGE gathering of blacksmiths in the Wetlands! They’re AMAZING!! Didn’t catch the name of one blacksmith, but met Mr. Foghas—two-time Alterac dagger-off. Not sure what that means. But his craftsmanship is top-notch. Watched him forge a perfect blade for Commander Shadowblade.

Rode back to Ironforge with Sir Ara. We helped a traveler along the way. Sir Ara told me how he got his moniker “The Butcher”. Tested my resolve to become a knight. Told him I wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. He invited me to attend the Council of Horses at the end of the month.



April 20, 38 LC

Took the lead tonight! Got a request from another pig farmer named Farmer Ernest. Lost ALL his pigs in a storm. Spent half the night rounding them up. When we came back, Farmer Ernest’s prized pig “Snooky” had disappeared! Tracked her to the river. Big, green, hungry orc shaman was ready to eat her. Ist went all Bearstins mode and mauled him to death. Returned Snooky. Farmer Ernest kinda on to Stonefield cheating at the contest…

Kinda disappointed it wasn’t another gnoll-in-pig’s-clothing. Oh well.

Official report filed in Westbrook Garrison

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The Northern Excursion (Arathi Highlands / Plaguelands Campaign 2018)

April 22, 38 LC: Day 1

Set out for the Arathi Highlands tonight! Met up with The Stromic Covenant at the gates of Ironforge. Marched to the Highlands from there.

Lost a soldier to windy mountain roads. Encountered some bandits (idiots) on the road.

The North is beautiful! Lush forests. Rolling hills. Raptors?! Kinda envy the Stroms; they got a nice place.

Got in trouble with Mommy Kim. Didn’t address Rens as “Sergeant” while on duty (one day I will get this protocol right, Light dammit!!). Rens got in trouble too. He’s always in trouble with Mommy Kim though. Ran laps with him. Cashyboy joined us (just for kicks). Rens made Cash run more laps. I joined him (just for kicks). Cash really loves being a DG. Might try out. After I become a knight, of course.

Got a buddy for this campaign! Gingersnaps (Otis Bonehill, one of our recruits) and I will be stuck like glue. He called me a prissy elf. Rens made him apologize, then stuck him with me. Tillie told him something too (dunno what, but he looked annoyed after). Let’s see if Ginger’ll change his mind after all this. Gotta pull my weight double time to make it happen ‘cause he’s not dying on my watch!


April 23, 38 LC: Day 2

Started off the night with a little sparring! (Well. Laps first. Then sparring.) Got paired with Duke Garlan. I didn’t stand a chance. But he told me to take his place in the next round. Went against Baast. Lost again (he’s kinda terrifying in battle).

Rode out to a farm in Estermont. Played capture-the-farm (Red vs. Blue! But mixed teams with red and blue armbands, so some Reds were Blue and some Blues were… Ah, nevermind). On the assault-the-farm team. Got knocked out first. Not my night. No wonder I got picked last.

Met another one of our recruits! Abagail Ormand. Hails from Westfall. Has a history with Baast. Family history. I think.


April 24, 38 LC: Day 3

((A majority of this entry has been unfortunately smudged beyond legibility, but the final parts seem clean enough to read))

…manned the cannons with Sir Caleb and Gingersnaps. Forsaken frigates sunk like rocks!

Last of the forces defeated. Met back up with everyone else on the beach. Cashyboy got turned into a pin cushion. Lieutenant Greystone healed him up. Ginger and me I carried him back to camp. Baast also badly hurt. He got healed up by Tillie and Mommy Kim. And carried off by Tillie (she so stronk).


April 25, 38 LC: Day 4

Many still recovering from last night, so Mommy Kim organized a sportsfest!

First, a tug-o-war!
Team 1: Tillie, Cashy, Kenrik Starling, Lady Vera
Team 2: Doc Lionheart, Sir Galleron, Mustard, Duke Garlan, me

We lost. Tillie so stronk. Yanked us all into the stinky mud in one fell swoop. Also, Duke Garlan never even held the rope. Spoil sport.

Next, dodgeball!
Team 1: Tillie, Lady Vera, Rens, Stans, me
Team 2: Cashyboy, Sir Is, the Doc, Sir Galleron, Ken

We won! I sat out halfway through (Rens got lonely). Mommy Kim gave each of us participation gifts! Which led to a fish-measuring contest between Bailey and the Lord Commander. (Rens was the independent measurer.)


April 26, 38 LC: Day 5

Last day in the North! Lord Lionblood hosted a giant feast in his manor to celebrate our victory over the Forsaken!

There was a dagger-throwing contest. Lord Lionblood is pretty good. But easily distracted.

Tillie treated us to a song! Then there was fireworks! Rens’s fireworks display was AMAZING (and not heretical)!

Lord Maxen assured Lord Lionblood that we will have the Stroms’ backs when the war officially begins. But for now, it’s back to Stormwind!

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April 28, 38 LC

I’m a squire! I’M A SQUIRE!!! Will be under Lord Maxen’s tutelage.

Sir Ismond hosted a joust practice. Went up against Cashyboy. Lost, but he was crowned our first tournament winner! Lances are heavier than I thought. But jousting is fun! Can’t wait to learn it for real!


April 30, 38 LC

Typical day at the garrison. Tillie’s planning her birthday party! The 18th next month—the day after her real birthday! (Note to self: birthday present.) And she and Sir Roy had an arm wrestling match. Pretty epic.

Went to Wanduke (Sir Is’s county) towards the evening. Squashed a gnoll rebellion in one of the mines.

Something strange about that mine—especially the deeper part. Encountered “the Almighty—uh, GNOLLER”, who… was an illusion. Had a mystery on our hands. Tillie lost her x-ray glasses and couldn’t see. Lt. Greystone disappeared for a moment. Cashyboy jumped on me ‘cause he got scared of something in the mine cart (and he called me “Raggy”??). Didn’t believe him and checked the cart. Reflexively yelled “ZOINKS!” (no idea what it means), because “Gnoller” turned out to be HOMELESS MAN JENKINS (GASP)!!! Homeless Man Jenkins tried to get away, but Cashen “Scooby” Bailey caught him. The culprit’s final words as he was taken away:

What a night.

Official report filed in the Westbrook Garrison

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May 9, 38 LC

Had my first training session as a squire with Lord Maxen! Taught me Lordaeronian Form.

Things to remember about Lordaeronian Form:
  • Shoulders squarely facing opponent at all times
  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Strike from high
  • Upset: twist your sword during a sword-lock and attempt to poke foe in the FAISE face

Met the new recruit—Theurion Hail (think I’m gonna call him “Halo”). Natural fighter (family trained by Orcs??). Sparred in Lordaeronian form with me.


May 12, 38 LC

Promotion ceremony! Oh my Light! Tillie got promoted AGAIN!! SQUEE!! So proud. She’s now a Banner Corporal. Ten gold coins says she makes Sergeant Major before the end of the year.

Also promoted? Ame (Corporal), Cashyboy (Corporal), and Stans (Private). Ame doesn’t want me to call her by her nickname anymore. Booooo. Getting left behind has its drawbacks, but oh well. One day!

Also got to talk to Kelasande Raiwood (Private). Rai’s a returning soldier of the First. Brave girl. Big sword. These Westfall folk sure are hardy.


May 14, 38 LC

Was on my way to make a deliver to the orphanage tonight and met a new recruit! Thalnian Ottoto (think I’m gonna call him “Oats”). Didn’t stick around too long though; Shellene’s been waiting for these toys since last week. I’m telling you, life is getting WAY too busy these days. Just the way I like it.


May 15, 38 LC

Typical Tuesday night of training and recruitment. Except that I thought that Oats was Halo (seriously, their given names both begin with “Th” and end with “n”, and I met them within a week of each other). No wonder Oats looked so confused when I was talking to him. Whoops.

Also found out about Rai’s brother. Suffice to say, that brother’s pretty damn lucky to have Kelly as a sister.

When I left, Oats was playing Portal Roulette with a stranger. Hope he gets back okay.


May 17, 38 LC

Made another delivery tonight—to the garrison! But not without trouble! Vicky and Halo happened to be wandering the city tonight. Coerced Asked nicely if they wanted to come with me. They did.

Bandits happened. No surprise there. Then one of those… things again. Like what Tillie and I encountered before. CREEPY. Broke it apart. Halo finished it off. Vicky burned its remains. Just in case.

Gave Tillie her birthday present. She loves it (I think)! Told her about what happened. Something’s really weird. Wonder where they’re coming from.


May 18, 38 LC

Tillie’s birthday party!!!! We had a scavenger hunt! Go around and take pictures of ourselves with stuff! Final results:

First place: Corporal Gallaghan
Second Place: Sir Roy & Halo
Third place: The Lord-Marshal

Got a peak at some of the pics. Should petition for Sir Roy to be the face of the regiment. Can you see it? “Sir Roy ‘the Golden Boy’ Sebale”!

After that, party at the Dryden Estate! Lots of food, booze, and laughs! Lieutenant Greystone played the violin. Don’t remember what it sounded like, but it must’ve been great!

Kelly and I helped Halo find the harbor in Stormwind (he still gets lost pretty easily, since he hasn’t lived here long). Always ends up at the Commander Center (good for future reference). Resorted to escort formation. Made it to the harbor. Told sea stories. Can’t wait to be out at sea again tomorrow!
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Reclamation of Stromgarde (2018)

May 19, 38 LC: Day 0

Deployment! We’re on our way to Stromgarde! Got the Brighthaven Brigade (from Lordaeron) joining us on our cruise. Met Lord Hadrian Mocharius and Lord Owaeron Umbardacil. They seemed to hit it off with Halo—even though Halo asked to jump off the ship, and Sir Roy made him do pushups for the stupid request. And more for chuckling during the reprimand. And more for speaking without permission. And calling a male officer “ma’am.” Lost count of how many he ended up doing. Ah, to be a recruit of the First.


May 20, 38 LC: Day 1

Back in Arathi! Landed, quickly assembled, and marched to Refuge Pointe to rendezvous with the rest of the Grand Alliance. Pitched tents, since there aren’t any structures.

Met quite a few people tonight! Met Taye Leadwind by the camp’s forge. He’s from the Dwarven Vanguard, but he was a First a few years ago! Kinsmen called him back to Ironforge. Lord Garen also greeted me (surprised he remembered me!).

Also met our new recruit Kathlyne Anderson! (Wow, so many new recruits in the past few weeks!) Goes by “Kath”. Will think of a nickname later.

And Bronden and Okri Barinson! Reckon they’re from the Stromic Covenant, given the color of their uniforms. Oks gave us a crash course in Dwarven (he called it something else?). Can’t remember it all. “Umgi” is “human”, “Azumgi” is “man of iron”. The rest is a blur. But it was a nice night by the campfire.


May 21, 38 LC: Day 2

I know it’s a strategic meeting. But for me, it was a bunch of standing around doing nothing.


May 22, 38 LC: Day 3

Time for some action! Split into two main groups: Assault and Evac. Was part of the Evac Team, overseen by Lord Jeremaias Auromere of the Knights of Ashfall, as well as Lord Maxen and Lord Owaeran.

Reached the village, which was swarming with Horde. Tillie came up with a good plan, lead the diversion team to the cottage where purple smoke was.

Main force went for the caged civilians. Couldn’t break the lock off with my hammer, but Kelly chopped it off easily with her big-ass sword.

Freed the civilians in the barn too. Most of us stayed outside to fight off the waves of incoming Hordies. Busted open the back of the barn to make an escape. Got away just before barn was set on fire. Close call.


May 23, 38 LC: Day 4

Disaster. And I wasn’t there to see any of it. Light-damn supply duty.

Halo in bad shape. Sir Roy almost lost his leg. Kelly almost got blown to bits.

Tillie died. She’s alive and okay again now, thanks to Sir Roy, but I wasn’t there. Light-dammit. I should’ve been out there too.

On supply duty for the rest of the trip, according to the sched. Gave Kelly my shortsword. Probably better in her hands. Makes me feel better. Kinda like I’ll be with them, even if I’m not.


May 29, 38 LC: Day 10

Lord Maxen asked me to organize a “voluntary” search party to find our missing patrol. Not many willing volunteers. Nice to have Rens and Sir Roy along. Even met a new friend: Sir Obs (or Sir Obra)!

Patrol party massacred by dark magic. Saved Recruit Wickermann. Referred to her as “Wick” a few times… til she told me to stop. Oh well.

Official reported filed in Westbrook Garrison

Getting tired of supply duty. Sigh. Wonder how everyone’s doing? It’s hard to tell, considering how many come back so injured.

Last day in Stromgarde. Time to head home!

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June 14, 38 LC

Lecture night for us Brotherhood squires (plus, plus squires-to-be-one-day and actual knights)! Subject: nobility. SO. MANY. RULES. Also realized I’ve been addressing Lord Maxen the wrong way this entire time. Whoops.

And then relaxation time at Tillie’s place! Kelly feeling kind of worried she won’t meet expectations. Tillie stepped up and said “Not true!” She’s really maturing. Fel, I’m saying that like I’m her mama, but she’s older than me I am, hahaha.


Shadows of Tirisfal (2018)

June 17, 38 LC:

Raided the Scarlet Monastery tonight! Rustled ourselves up some redshirts without too much trouble. Secured the premices perimeter. Tillie took charge—as our newest Sergeant! Kelly made Corporal too! (Note: Need to congratulate them when there’s time)

In charge of guarding the south entrance, ushering in peeps to the cause and turning away peeps to the not-cause.

Couple of farmers we let pass turned out to be Army of the Truthful terrorists. (Note: Don’t like those guys) Turns out Kelly was right about them. Gotta be more careful next time.


June 23, 38 LC:

Assault on Lordaeron the Ruins of Lordaeron! We attempted to scale the ramparts and lay siege to the dark city! Resistance was heavy on the walls, but we busted the doors open and started to wreak our OWN havoc on these undead Hordies!

Of course, they started sending in a buttload of reinforcements, and we fell back before things got too hairy.

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July 5, 38 LC

Lots of deserters still waiting to be processed. Not even enough cells to hold all of them. Injured ones and ones found with Lieutenant Beevor allowed to roam, but confined within the Monastery.

Got a chance to talk to one: Charlotte McKenna (goes by “Charlie”—says its her callsign, whatever that is). Said I look like someone she knows. Found out she’s the half-sister of Uncle Leinus—a Lieutenant in the Argent Crusade who once served under Lady Bladelyre! Met him once when they both visited Stormwind (big guy, loud laugh, insisted right away I call him “Uncle Leinus”, so yeah). And apparently she also served the Crusade too, under a different commander.

She was friendlier and more chatty after that. Gave me a short lesson on Lady Prestor. Doesn’t believe herself a deserter (says she didn’t realize that’s what her crew was doing). Is hoping she’ll be cleared of charges so that she can return to active duty.

Dunno if I totally believe her, but she knows Lady Bladelyre. And she’s Uncle Leinus’s sister, so MAYBE there’s some merit in there.


July 7, 38 LC

Prison break! The Scarlets somehow were released from their cells! According to the report, it sounded like a Scarlet Commander murdered an officer and took the cell keys.

Was late to the party. Heard the commotion from the fountain and went to check. First thing I saw was Charlie—dead, just outside the building. Won’t lie. Took a LOT to keep my head in check for a moment. Almost didn’t feel like myself.

Rushed in and plowed through the Scarlets, knocking one off of Sergeant Thompson. Retreated from the Monastery before things got any hairier.

Official report filed in Westbrook Garrison


July 8, 38 LC

On our way home. Had to put Ame in the brig because she used blood magic. Still trying to process what happened. Good thing we’re at sea—good time to think.

Ame’s right about one thing, at least: there’s nothing quite like the sea.


July 9, 38 LC

We’re home. Ame was discharged tonight. Probably for the best. Didn’t want her to end up like Rens. Lieutenant Greystone and the St. Isaac knights will be questioning some Sarceline mages, and Sir Roy will be handling the Cabals.

War is weird.


July 14, 38 LC


Was so excited for tonight! Sparring and jousting and poetry (minus the latter two this time)!

Had two runner-ups tonight: Dame Theo and Pops.
Our winner: Lieutenant Greystone!

What’s even more impressive? The LT won four of her six matches with one hand.
Why with one hand? Because Pops bashed her other arm into a broke state… He was banned from using his mace in sparring matches.


July 15, 38 LC

Pops got grilled tonight at the Brotherhood Council—part of being a Vigilant, now that he’s passed his squirehood training.

Sir Markus asked him a simple but hard question that I’m gonna have to think about:

Not really sure how I'm gonna answer by the time I’m asked that question.

Among other things, the fate of Lady Caiterina Stonewall—the First’s Ranger-Lady prior to Sir Tom—was revealed tonight. I’ve heard a lot about her and Sir Markus since enlisting. You’d think they were legends. I can only imagine what that’s like, losing a family member.


July 29, 38 LC

Lost my journal scraps on deployment. Honestly, not worth complaining over.

Finally home from Teldrassil. Which is gone. Influx of refugees in Stormwind. Don’t even know what to think.

We’re gonna need better armor.

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Tournament of Ages (2018)

August 5, 38 LC

We made it! We’re at the TOURNAMENT OF AGES!!!

This place is MORE than amazing! It’s like, QUADRUPLE AMAZING! Contests and booths and food—oh, my! Finally, something to tick off my bucket list.

Cloverbell’s making her rounds as a Peacekeeper. Tillie’s with Mommy Kim trying to cover as much many of the festivities as possible. The First’s got its own booth too! We’re selling plushie lion toys named “Pride the Lion” and keychains and other stuff!

Participating in the Joust tomorrow! More excited to see the former champs (my heroes!!) in action than to actually joust myself, hehe.


August 6, 38 LC

Made it to the Semifinals of the Jousting Tournament!! Lord Maxen said the last soldier of the First to make it this far was Corporal Alison Clement—the FIRST Champion of the Joust! (Too bad she’s not competing this year…) It’s a sign! Just another step towards becoming the best damn knight EVER!!!

Speaking of Champions—oh, my Felling Light! Got to see Champion Rennae Fricke in action up close! (I could’ve faced her in the finals—maybe next year!) And Corporal Clement cheered for me during one of my bouts! I mean, I know she’s part of the Firstsoit’sprobablyobligatorybut—

((writing becomes illegible chicken scratches for next few lines))

Okay, I’ll stop fangirling now. Tomorrow, Racing!


August 7, 38 LC

Well. Won one race, at least. Hehe. Highlight of the Racing Tournament? Singing “Ninety-Nine Kegs of Beer”. We got to seventy kegs. Kinda wish we were actually drinking them.


August 9, 38 LC

You think you slay like Shady Slim?
You ain’t got nothin’ on Tillie and Kim!

Tonight: Sparring! Fell just short of the Semis this time. Good excuse to make new friends, regardless! Met Hildreth with the bigass sword, Lt. Durghan with the bigass hammer, and Alyx Lyall with the bigass shield!

Luther made it to the Semis though! Got knocked out afterwards—literally. But was a good run!


August 10, 38 LC

Our boyz of the First competed in Team Sparring! Stormwind’s pride—Aubs, Luther, and the Lord-Marshal! Aubs punted a gnome. But the gnome, well, he unleashed a bit of his tiny terror in revenge.

Dunno what those Succulent Tart guys were conjuring up during the party, but things got REEEEAL shiny and colorful!

Got a picture with the main man himself—my knight-mentor, the Lord-Marshal, Maxen Montclair! Sure hope he gets some time to have fun at this fest. Between reffing, hammering out crests, organizing, and competing, he must be pretty beat. Or maybe he finds all that fun?


August 11, 38 LC

Final day at the Tourney of Ages! Kinda sad that it’s over already. Peeps packing their booths, getting ready to head back home. Closing remarks at the Coliseum, recognizing the Champs of each of the Tourneys, then a group pic.

Final event: the Wonderlight Ball! Was gonna just wear my armor to the dance, but Lady Bladelyre found me and forced me to wear a dress (blech!). I like dresses. But on other people. Not on me. Can’t move too well in them. Like, what if an enemy pops up, you know?

No date at the ball, but Cloverbell may as well have been, haha! We danced the night away!

The mysterious Masked Mustard also made an appearance (so shiny)!

Hmm. Should probably take note of the friends I met—because I’m going to forget otherwise:
  • Eric - Met before the Races, wore brown-and-white robes kind of like a priest
  • Hildreth - Met during the Spar, battle-hardened, free agent?
  • Lt. Durghan - Met during the Spar, part of the Dwarven Vanguard, cool winged helm with magical visor, jewelcrafter
  • Alyxandra Lyall - Met during the Spar, part of the Guard, big shield, fights to protect, also a squire, must spar with her again someday
  • Ell - Our new recruit! Don’t know a lot about her yet
  • Kizizie - Our new recruit! Hair color changes a lot?

Finally, HUGE props to Lord Max for helping coordinate this year’s tourney, and for Tillie and Mommy Kim for giving the crowd GREAT coverage of the entire week! Ooooh, I love them to death. I love ALL my comrades to death. So lucky to have this fam.


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August 19, 38 LC

Pretty low-key night at the garrison. Met two of our new recruits—Ek and Grills. Ek thought Aubs’s name was “Aubsy”. My bad, hehe.

Stans is wearing the new armor! So glad it was approved (HA! Like I’m the one who came up with the design; I can dream, though). He’s wearing it because he grew another frickin three inches. Who needs Tauren when you’ve got the big guy!

Finally got to hear how Sir Roy became “the Squirrel Whisperer”. Honestly didn’t know squirrels were strong enough to drag a full-grown bandit away into the woods. Yeesh! Note to self: NEVER get on the Elwynn squirrels’ bad side.


August 23, 38 LC

Training with Sarge Tillie (Lt. Greystone would be proud)!

Pots had a bad leg and was exempt from the last half of PT. Not before Sir Roy came down on her to finish her laps though. Hope she gets that fixed up soon.


August 26, 38 LC

Trouble in Duskwood—the undead kind. First, a possessed statue. Then, a horde of deadders surrounding us.

Not that they were too much trouble for us, but they were still getting to be a bit too much. Then Sir Roy basically set the entire place on fire and purged them. Talk about a heatwave.

Oh, and we learned a new formation today: Squad Formation! Three to a line!

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September 2, 38 LC

We’re in Kul Tiras. Toured Boralus. Tillie’s got a twin brother. I got into a fight with Kelly because she thought her life was worthless. Yeah, that’s what happened.


September 3, 38 LC

Cleared the docks tonight. House Ashvane’s pretty shady, but we rounded them up. Damned sea roaches tried to get away, sneaking out the back with a raft! Baast sharpshooted them though.


September 5, 38 LC

Reconciled with Kelly tonight. Gave her a pendant I crafted as a reminder that her life means something. She gave me a flower called a sea stalk—her reminder to me that she’s serious about getting better. To be honest, just glad she decided to talk to me again.

Also, got mistaken for a witch. Hope that doesn’t become a thing.


September 8, 38 LC

Rustled up some pirates tonight at the freehold. Wasn’t a huge problem.

Oh. Except for maybe the big-ass Ettin.

Ame’s here in KT! She’s training to be a Tidesage. No more blood magic for her!


September 12, 38 LC

Tavern night! Started out with two truths and a lie.

Met Cloverbell’s cousin Charlene! She’s so sweet! I started calling her “Cousin”. Apparently, she’s going through a rocky road with her man, which was a great time to impart to her some of Lady Bladelyre’s advice! Then she talked about how her family was so focused on their goals that they tended to neglect their other family. I wonder if…

Anyway. This deployment’s leaving me a lot to think about.


September 15, 38 LC

Promotion ceremony! Our little fledgling recruits are full-fledged Privates now! Didn’t catch all of it, but from what I caught:
  • Clover Bell (Private)
  • Grilem Silverlight (Private)
  • Abigail Ormand (Private)
  • Ralinor Baast (Private First Class)

Then the Brotherhood held a meeting. Lt. Greystone is up for knighthood! She got questioned a lot. Little nervous now about my own “going up against the Council”. Tillie’s a squire now too—studying under Dame Theo.


September 18, 38 LC

So, a PFC and three Recruits walk into the sparring grounds. What’s the punchline?

What started out as a friendly debate about nobility and its pros and cons with Thadlock, Eggy and me…

…ultimately ended up with us getting scolded by the Lord-Commander (with Her Excellency, Lt. Sweete present to watch it all go down--and stitch Thaddy up).

NOTE TO SELF: Can’t hold sparring matches unless their’s a ranking army member and proper medical staff present—even if we’re just using wooden swords.

Nate Dawkins and Thad seem to know each other pretty well, since they challenged each other to a sparring match which, well, I already said how that ended.


September 20, 38 LC

Got put on blacksmith and supply duty tonight while the rest of the First moved out. Dunno what the Fel happened, but Baast was nearly blown to bits, and Thadlock and Pots seemed pretty beaten up too.

Kelly gave the latter two Peacebloom for medicinal use. And it can be smoked?? That’s what Thad and Pots ended up doing. Baast was worried about them and asked me to help make sure they stopped before they got into trouble.

Apparently, Tillie gave them the okay to smoke it to some extent though. Glad no one’s in big trouble. Hate to think what would’ve happened to them if any of the officers found out instead. They might’ve ended up scrubbing the barracks the rest of our stay here in KT. Or, you know… worse.


September 27, 38 LC

Introducing the Lord and Lady Montclair! Duke Maxen and (Duchess??) Mommy Kim tied the knot tonight! There was dancing, and jousting, and Tillie gave a really mushy speech.

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