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This Oath of Service is taken by all recruits of the Stormwind Army, kneeling and swearing to it in the presence of a recruiter:

"Upon my honor I do swear undying loyalty to His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, and unwavering obedience to the officers of his great kingdom. Under guidance of the Virtues Three, I swear to defend the kingdom's bloodline, holdings, laws and subjects with my life. I shall uphold this oath until death takes me or I am released from service. May those above judge me, and those below take me, if I fail in my duty. Long live the King. Long live the Kingdom.”

The Counter Oath is one issued by the recruiter, promising what the Royal Army will offer in return for the recruit's service.

"I accept your oath. I vow to always have a place for you amongst our soldiers, to reward honest work, and to ask of you no service that would bring you dishonor. We shall provide you with arms and lodgings fit for your new station. Rise a defender of the realm beneath the banner of the House of Wrynn."


This information may also be found on the General Orders page of the Stormwind Army Field Manual
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