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#13556376 Dec 05, 2017 at 07:25 PM
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Entry One:

As I begin to understand just how this whole 'soldier' thing works, I find myself with a deeper understanding and respect for life. I've served many different purposes, fulfilled many roles in my life.. But I believe this is my true calling.

Today, I began the Trials of the Ranger. Sergeant Reignsford took me under his wing, and to begin, had me hunt an animal to craft a necklace.

I scouted out the area around the Garrison, looking for any applicable game. There were rabbits, rats, Kobolds, and some wolves and bears. I did not feel as if a rabbit, no matter how lucky their feet may be, would provide the feeling of accomplishment that something larger would. I stalked a wolf for a good 20 minutes, ensuring it was away from its' pack.

I climbed into a tree, staying a good 15 meters from the beast. I waited and watched for the perfect moment. It began walking towards the tree I was in to devour the eggs inside of a bird's nest that had previously fallen. As it grew closer, I focused solely on not making any noise. It came closer. Closer... and closer. It was at the base of the tree now. I fired an arrow carefully between the eyes of the beast. It had no time to howl as it dropped to the ground.

I waited another brief minute, ensuring my position was not compromised. After realizing all was clear, I climbed back down the tree and checked my kill. The wolf had perished.

I lugged the corpse back to the side of the Garrison and began to remove its fur. I pulled a large canine tooth from the mouth of the beast and stored it in my satchel.

Upon finishing dressing the beast, I reported to the Galley Cook and donated the corpse and fur to him, as directed. I then returned to outside the garrison where I wrapped the tooth in metal wire in an x formation, leaving a loop at the top. I threaded some twine through that loop... And there it was. My Token of Apprenticeship.

It was finally happening.
#13684331 Mar 07, 2018 at 08:29 AM
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Entry Two:

Huh. I really am not good at this whole 'journal' thing..

Anyways, three months later.. and obviously a whole lot has changed.

About two months ago, I completed the Trials of the Ranger. I was also promoted to Corporal at roughly the same time, but at this point that's all old news.

In the time between this entry and last, the Regiment has been deployed to Argus, again... We've undergone many, many missions, trainings, you name it. Just about everyone has been promoted to a higher rank since then.... Light, I don't really even know if anything is the same.

I made some friends within the Regiment, something I had assumed wasn't going to happen for a long time due to my difference in 'composure' in that I'm not your typical 'army boy' that is fine doing everything by the books, especially the whole 'hazing' part to the lower ranks. I honestly believe that because of that. I've made a trusting connection with a few different people. Yeah, I know, they could stab me in the back, but at least it would be silently! But, that said, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Moving on, then.
Another thing that's happened is, well, finding someone to hold dear. This is absolutely the last thing that I expected to happen during my time in the Army, but... yep. I started courting Connor shortly after the last entry, and now we're engaged. Love can come from the weirdest places. It's been absolutely amazing so far, and I'm very glad that finally, at this strange point in my life, I finally have somebody there for me, and somebody that I can be there for.
Time flies...... and it's really not a bad thing sometimes.

So, the real idea behind a journal is to capture what's happening in my daily or weekly life.
I just got promoted to Sergeant less than a week ago.
We're with the KTMC on deployment to Tol Barad to exterminate some pesky Demons and members of the Horde.

I feel bad about one thing. I spoke down to Lieutenant Sweete, but it was.. really a passive thing. It wasn't really meant to be harsh, and I think she took it okay, but still. Not okay. I just.. saw her get hurt over and over again, and that really didn't sit well with me to begin with. Then, she started healing up other people first while sitting there bleeding profusely, and I had to say something. Losing a fellow soldier is one thing, but I like to think I'm pretty damn good friends with Kim, and that would suck even more.

On a more positive note, I'm starting to see a ton of improvement in some soldiers, namely Eriza and Tilliea. They just got promoted to Private, and I can really see them going further than that if they keep their chins up and keep learning. It's nice to see some people really pushing for what they want, even if I have to step in and tell them what that is and how to get there on occasion. But, naturally, that is my job, both as a Sergeant and a friend. I don't want anyone thinking this isn't the right path for them. Simply put, that is because there is no path here. You choose your destination yourself, you become what you want to be, if you want to be it.

I've begun training in the Circle of Sarceline as a Spellguard. Just another strange thing that I didn't expect until I decided it should happen. Captain Sebale didn't even really think twice about allowing me in, which was strange yet very welcoming.

I've become a Baron of some land near Stone Cairn Lake, which I call Eastspring.

And finally..
I feel 'at home' with the Regiment. It's taken quite a while to adapt to this lifestyle, but as I mentioned in the last entry, I do believe this is the life that's meant for me. Just as long as we aren't on deployment 100 per-cent of the time, I can make everything else work. Love, lordship, what have you.. No matter what it is, everything has a way to tie into this life regardless of how difficult it is.

Don't taunt Ogres with cannons, future me, or whoever may end up reading this.
Bad idea.

Ara, out.
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