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You are the Holy Light

I’ve known you since I was born. My mother and father always told me that you were good and I believed that, I still believe that. You left with them to Northrend when I was twelve. You returned with them in caskets. I screamed at you, cursed you, told myself that it was your fault that my parents perished at the hands of the Forsaken, at the Wrath Gate. The caretakers at the orphanage had to hold me down, as at times I lashed out so violently that I caused pain to myself. My qualms with you did not end until the first anniversary of their deaths. A disciple of yours, Father Illias, came at request of the caretakers to ask me why I was yelling such cruel words about you. With reddened eyes I told him my plight , and told him that the Light had abandoned them. Your disciple was surprised. He put a hand on my shoulder and told me,” Child..I know your pain is great but you must understand that it was not the Lights fault that your mother and father passed away. They made their choice so that we all could live. They fought in the Lights name to ward off the darkness that would consume us.” I looked at your disciple with eyes of anger,” But why!? Why did the Light not save them!?” I screamed to him. He looked at me and knew I did not understand you,” The Light-“ he began, making sure to choose his words carefully,” is not like how you believe it to be. True, it is indeed benevolent and is deserving of our worship, but it is a not simply a being who steps in when demanded.” He said, looking to me to make sure I was not lost,” It surrounds us and protects us from many things, but it cannot do everything. It’s not like what the practitioners of the magic arts use, arcane energies. It’s no simple tool that can be tamed by simple learning. You have to develop a relationship with it: understand it, befriend it, learn from it. When you wish to use the Light you must ask for it, even then it requires to you have faith that it can help you. Do you understand Melvin?” I thought over his words for a while. Though I did not fully grasp what he meant I started to understand you were not the one to cause my pain. Afterward, I asked your disciple if I could get to know more about you. With a smile your disciple said yes and took me to the Cathedral, where I got to learn about you.

You have known us, humanity, for a long time, and in that time you’ve given us the tools to change the world for the better. With the teachings you gave us we learned to better ourselves morally so that we could better understand you. When it came time for battle you taught us how to heal our own protectors, and give us the the strength to strike back at our attackers. Without you it would seem the very fabric of reality would unravel from the lack of order that you created, suffering without end would occur.You are the force of order in the Universe that calls for order and justice. I wish to ask of you to help me push back the evil in the world, just like my parents did, so that no one has suffer and go through the turmoil that I have.
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