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The Three Virtues of the Light:

Respect. A word known all to well to me that is heavily tied into loyalty to a person, persons or greater. Growing up into such a harsh land that has subjected not only myself but my own family to hard times has put the impression that respect is earned and not outright given. That being said, be it right or wrong... It is also understandable that not all share similar walks of life. Some chose to become thieves to feed either greed or family while others may chose a more righteous path of service to their King or to the Light. Each persons reasoning is just in their own eyes as they deem the path they chose as best for them. Respect in my eyes is understanding ones walk of life, and understanding the hardships that might be pressed onto them.

Tenacity, to prevail no matter the odds. It is the very dedication that one has towards an endeavor. Be it a life of service or a life of farming, each hold their own degree of tenacity in their own doings. I believe that tenacity is something to be watched after, as fierce dedication to ones task may lead them astray. Too loyal to a cause may strip ones own morals and cause them to act mindless, while
too little may cause rifts between souls. Dedication is needed, but it does not have to be fanatical...

Compassion. A word with great meaning to me and one that shares similar feelings to Tenacity. If one holds too much dedication and passion behind their motives, then they may be blinded to it. Compassion in itself is having a great understanding and feeling towards either an endeavor or a being. Compassion is what can drive the greatest of acts when one truly grasps and understands what they are striving for. In other words, Compassion is the wood to a fire.
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