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November 8, 37 LC

Report by Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield (DM)

Location: Location: Portal North of the Legion Shipyard


Private Nimbus Silverbeard (Nîmbus)

Private Martenos Hightower (Martenos) (had an awakening!)

Sergeant Thomas Reignsford (Reignsford)

Private Mustadio Ranthal (Mustadio)

Corporal Hugo Renfield (Hugorenfield)

Sergeant Major Edrington Grunwald (Edrington)

Private Vannesyra Smith (Vannesyra)

Corporal Nipsey Delany (Nipsey)

Private Amellia Greywood (Amellia)

Private Emily Brentword of Second Company (NPC)

Corporal Teren Hupenhammer of Second Company (NPC)


Scout reports by Captain Caiterina Stonewall have revealed that a Pit Lord and his army were intending to reclaim the shipyard. Fortunately, Second Company under Captain Menelas Gar were nearby and assigned to stop the army. Forces from First Company lead by Sergeant Reignsford were sent to deal with the Pit Lord, and Captain Gar sent two fusilier soldiers to assist. The battle was long and hard to complete. The Pit Lord took several hours to kill, but finally the Pit Lord and his armies were defeated.

Injuries and Deaths

Private Silverbeard almost died during the fight but Private Hightower carried him to safety. Private Brentwood died in the battle

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