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A Sacramentary is a book that contains an assortment of prayers that is used in during sermons. Most prayers found in a sacramentary are opening prayers, after communion prayers, and solemn prayers. Some prayers, on special occasions, that become included in a sacramentary are Eucharistic prayers and prefaces for all of the liturgies.

A lectionary contains all the scripture for a liturgy.

A large cup used in sermons or ceremonies that normally contains Holy Water. An induction method to feel closer to one's faith. It’s also a symbol of something meaningful to those whom use it.

A small vessel that holds the liquid that is normally poured into the chalice. Used only in a sermon or liturgy.

A rod with small holes at the end to allow Holy Water to be sprinkled onto those in the ceremony. The aspersory is the portable vessel filled with Holy Water.

The Censor, also known as the Thurible, is used at solemn occasion to incense the church after the offertory, the priest, and congregation. The Boat holds the incense until it is place in the censor by the celebrant.

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