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October 24, 38 LLC

Report by Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield


Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield (Hugorenfield)

Private Amellia Greywood (Amellia)

Private Youco Dotiani (Youco)

Private Mustadio Ranthal (Mustadio)


A patrol was conducted in the areas that surrounded our camp in the Northern Swamps of Argus. While on patrol, we encountered 4 imps mounted on felhunters gathering intel on the Regiment. We approached stealthily and ambushed the imp patrol and were thus able to quickly eliminate the targets. Private Youco Dotiani was assigned to prevent the imps from escaping while everyone else aimed to kill the demons. All the imps were eliminated, but 4 felhunters were able to retreat without the intel.


Disciplinary Concerns: None
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