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Report by Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield and Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair

Location: Mahazan Hold. Southern hemisphere of Argus


Recruit Arash Swordbane (Alarrexion)

Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield (Hugorenfield)

Sergeant Clarissa Greystone (Sanierette)

Sergeant Aralieass Delamond (Aralieass)

Sergeant Thomas Reignsford (Reignsford)

Sergeant Major Edrington Grunwald (Edrington)

Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair (Maxen)

Felynae Duskhart of The Hundred Glaives (Felynae)


A recent scouting report has determined that a castle on the southern end of Argus has been coordinating resource distribution for the Burning Legion. The area is relatively fortified and the Army of the Light does not have the time or resources to allocate enough men to reclaiming the lands. Thus, we humbly request that The First Regiment of the Elywnn Brigade handle this task. The Army of the Light will reward the success of this mission appropriately as well as provide transportation to the location. However, the enemy may be expecting a force to attack them based on the recent events on this planet. May the light guide you to victory, Lord Marshal.
-----High Vindicator Boro


High Vindicator Boro has requested that The First Regiment attempt to claim an Eredar hold known as Mahazan Keep. This city was responsible for various trades within the Legion and was able to transport resources and commerce to the forces of the Burning Legion. The Regiment came with over 100 men and a select group, picked by Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair (player characters). When within close vicinity of the outer wall, the Legion began to bombard the Regiment with arrows, spells, and infernals. The walls were breached by a bomb fired from the airship, allowing the company to kill off the defending Fel Knights, Inquisitors, and Succubi. As the wall’s defenses were traversed, Corporal Renfield noticed a secret tunnel. The Lord Marshal took a few of his chosen men and entered the tunnel. Thus, the team eventually ended in the chambers of the Eredar Lord known as Count Dhanaz Mahazan. Of to the corner, a Draenei POW was found and rescued by Felynae Duskhart. The Eredar Lord then appeared and attacked the Lord Marshal’s team. Fortunately, two squads of Rangers helped come to the rescue and assisted the Lord Marshal. Finally, Sergeant Clarissa Greystone found a weakness in the demon’s movements and was able to strike the demon down. Reports indicate that around this time, the Company was able to secure the city of Mahazan as soon as its ruler fell. The lands are now available for the Army of the Light, or the non-demonic natives of Argus to reclaim.

Injuries: The Lord Marshal was temporarily knocked out during the battle against the Eredar Lord. 14 men died, 8 of which were confirmed members of the Mirewood Rangers.

Disciplinary Concerns: A recruit (NPC) failed to administer proper protocol when applying a health potion to the Lord Marshal. Sergeant Reignsford corrected this misaction.

Note (OOC): Hugo Cornelius Renfield was the DM for the event
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