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Logistics Report for 22 October 37 L.C.

Author: Sgt. Major Edrington W. Grunwald

Location: Northern Swamps, Argus

Since the opening of the portal to Stormwind City, the regiment's supply situation on Argus has drastically improved. New troops and much needed resources are arriving daily, but we are still coping with the high attrition rates on the demonic world. The last incursion by the Legion into our camp in the Northern Swamps, the only area deemed 'untainted' on this world, saw three-fifths of 1st Company wounded in the engagement. Twenty were killed, including newcomers to the world via the gateway. Disease and mental strain are rampant, for it seems the very earth underneath the camp conspires against us. Although it may seem like an exaggeration, there are very real demonic forces at play on Argus -- they sap and weaken the morale and vitality of the troops.

In order to combat this, the portal's opening has allowed us to more rapidly secure the surrounding area around Camp Defiance. New troops and supplies will allow us to construct sturdier fortifications, which engineers have already begun doing. Furthermore, much needed medical supplies will guard against potential infection and taint. It is encouraged that members of the clergy see to the spiritual health of the regiment's troops, so as to ward off any potential evils that would see our efforts on this world doomed. Finally, in order to provide the troops with adequate rest, the increase to the camp's garrison will allow for more flexible watch schedules.

This said, we can afford to expand the sphere of our deployment by some distance. Standard patrols may venture out further to an approximate five mile radius from Camp Defiance and to an additional ten to fifteen miles for reconnaissance patrols. Furthermore, it is recommended that we now begin harassing Legion troops and begin pushing them on the defensive. Pitched battles should be, on the main, avoided until we've rallied enough forces. Raids and ambushes should be encouraged, so as to cripple enemy troop and supply centers. Finally, any patrol may count on artillery support, although this will be limited to a mile range from the camp itself. Heavy weapon assets should not be risked unless, again, it is a major pitched-battle.

Once again, the aforementioned statement is merely a suggestion to high command. The remainder is an assessment of our current supply and troop situation. Overall, the current state of our operations on the demon world is improving. We should, however, over-extend ourselves and instead probe the enemy before we launch our first major offensive against them. We must ensure that when we do strike the first blow, it will be a decisive one.

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