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*This journal can be found within the tomes of the Sarceline Mage Circle's library. It contains the logs and recordings of Sergeant Hugo Cornelius Renfield's tales and exploits on Argus.*
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October 18th 37 LC

Argus is a literal hellscape, yet I feel more gleeful here than the entire culmination of the Tournament of Ages. You see, I have been given the great pleasure to pursue my OWN research on the planet. Primarily, my goal is to study how the planet has been surviving as well as provide an ecological survey on this planet. I’ve procured a team of Privates and Apprentices. Of course, as these men are lower ranked I must ensure that no unneeded risks are taken. My first goal is to perhaps study the broken of this planet. What makes these broken more fascinating than those of outland is that they haven’t turned into Eredar. This implies that it may be possible to resist turning into a demon when exposed to fel energies. However, they did turn into broken. Perhaps, this mutation on the Draenei people could be attributed to a loss of power. For example, when the original broken of Outland were converted, they did not have access to the naaru or the light. Furthermore, eredar still retain their form despite being constantly exposed to fel. I hypothesize that the resistance of certain energies can cause Draenei and Eredar to mutate into the Broken form.
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October 19th 37 LC
I’ve made contact with the Broken of the Petrified Forest. A Broken female of Krokuun was being dragged away by a group of demons. Unfortunately, I put the men under me at risk when we attempted to observe; apparently, our skills in stealth were not at par and the demons were able to get the drop on us. Fortunately, Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair and Sergeant Major Edrington W. Grunwald were able to come in at the last moment and help protect us. For when they arrived, a group of Broken under the leadership of a chieftain came to our aid and slay the remaining demonic forces. They gifted us with 10 men, boots for Private Ranthal---we actually went to the forest to hunt animals to make boots for the Private as he had lost his own in the tar---and a scholar to help teach us how to survive. I am quite excited for the opportunity to learn. However, I must rest for the night. As I risked the life of my team, I had been assigned the duty of digging up latrine pits, and I am quite exhausted from that task of manual labor.
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October 20th 37 LC

I had an opportunity to observe the Broken on this planet. The broken doctor that was promised to us came, giving me an opportunity to speak with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t know much of the other broken species, but he did claim that the resistance to the fel energies is responsible for his form. Of course, he couldn’t completely resist the effects of the fel. As Argus has been heavily fel corrupted, the Broken were forced to adapt. Such adaptations include an abandonment of traditional arcane practices and technologies for the favor of a more primitive lifestyle. The Broken rely heavily on the small parts of Argus that are not demonic, namely on beasts such as the Cragscaler. These beasts serve as both nutrition and as mounts on this deadly planet. The witchdoctor described a few methods as to remove the fel corruption from the meat and performed a demonstration of such methods. However, his methods did not remove all the fel corruption; when confronted about this, he revealed that the population of rebels against the demonic forces were much larger. However, not all could survive ingesting the fel. Those who could were turned into the Broken and survived. This information suggests that the Broken form may be a potential defense mechanism by the Draenei that would allow them to adapt to new forms of power when attempting to resist influences. When referring back to Draenei Shamanism, it was Nobundo, a broken, who became the first shaman. However, other non broken were able to practice these arts when under the guidance of Velen. Extreme stress! Perhaps the Broken form is a response to extreme stress in order to allow Draenei to adapt under pressure. However if a Draenei is in a friendly environment, they may be able to adapt to different forms of power without losing their own form!

However later in the day, we began the process of forming a portal to Westridge in order to summon the 2000 men that would aid us in battle. Unfortunately, this surge in mana attracted the demonic Horde to our camp. I conjured a barricade for us. Unfortunately, a swarm fel bats bypassed the barricade and began to harass us by carrying members up and away from each other--an interesting phenomena occurred where the fel bats tended to attack the same group of people multiple times (I may need to run my own independent study on that specific phenomena). Several brutes came through and attacked us with the aid of a fel cannon. Fortunately, we were able to fend them off. But, as soon as we defeated that wave of demons an imp mother in a chariot driven by fel hounds appeared. As we had expended our strength on the last two waves, we were outmatched as the fiend began to hurl shadowbolts and run our Regiment over with her chariot of pain. It took the combined strength of Corporal Nipsey Delany, Recruit Arrash Swordbane, and myself to leave a dent in her form. The beast continued to fight us in a war of attrition. However, we were able to continually advance and eventually put the demon and its beasts on the edge. Unfortunately, the demon summoned the rest of the fel bats to carry the chariot of along with Corporal Delany. I polymorphed myself into a pterrordax to attempt to save him, but I was denied this opportunity, for the rest of the reinforcements came on a fleet of airships that had enough firepower to destroy the remaining swarm.
During the battle, I noticed that Nipsey and Arrash were relying on suspicious forms of magic. Nipsey seemed to be channeling power from the planet. However, the leylines on this planet were quite faint and were corrupted with fel energy. Arrash seemed to be struggling with acquiring enough mana for his simple conjurations despite being a master in that field. I discussed with the both of them that I recommend an investment in using nethermancy to draw for mana. This lesson should be quite simple as we are literally under the nether.
Arash then asked if we could speak in private. I accepted this proposal, and he showed me the reason for his weakness. His arm had been corrupted by the demonic energies, and the corruption was spreading. He managed to stymie the corruption with a special bandage. However, there is a significant health risk to this demonic arm, especially because he can’t control its form. I recommended that he go on a light based cleansing treatment, similar to Sergeant Clarissa’s Greystone’s treatment. The sergeant had a fel corrupted eye and prevented further corruption by bathing the eye in light energies everyday. Furthermore, she expressed the ability to control the eye and utilize its functions.
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October 21 37 LC
Well after the most recent attack, an opportunity did present itself to us. Our camp was LITTERED with demonic corpses. However, as the higher ups wanted to trash and dispose of these bodies, I requested a few specimen for research. Afterall, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Unfortunately, the only demonic species whose corpses survived the encounter were the fel bats and the brutes. That was quite disappointing as I would have indeed loved to observe what an imp mother actually is. Are they the females of the imp species?
Nonetheless, research began. My first goal is to analyze the differences of the blood in the two breeds of demon. This will take some time, as the incantations of analysis are quite thorough.
However that same day, the call of war had been declared. 100 good men, including myself were assigned to assault a legion stronghold known as Mahazan Keep. The battle was easily won, fortunately. Despite how hard the Legion attempted to keep its city, they were no match for the leadership of Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair. We avoided their mind games and simple strategies and found ourselves before the Eredar Lord of the keep. He was quite a challenge, however. Fel, that damn demon nearly killed the Marshal. If it hadn’t been for an emergency increase in reinforcements in that fight, many of our best men would have died that day. Nonetheless, the city was overtaken and claimed for the Army of the Light’s justice.
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October 22 37 LC
The data for the experiments had come in. The fel bats that attacked us, contained almost identical morphological features. In fact, the only real difference among them were variations in size, as well as traits that differed between the sexes. This obviously means that the fel bats are from the same area. However, these fel bats did not have the same coloration or pattern design as seen by the fel bats that attacked Azeroth. I decided to run some experiments on the thickness of their skin and found that there was a significant decrease in the thickness of the bat’s hide.
This suggests that there might be different species of fel bat that the Legion uses. Based on the hot environment on Argus, these thin skinned fel bats are more adapted to the intense heat. This also means that the Legion is aware of the differences among the fel bat populations and is able to appropriately distribute different populations of the fel bats to environments that they are more optimally adapted to.
It should be noted that I am unable to confirm whether the different fel bats are different species. To do this, I would need to acquire a fel bat with thin skin and attempt to breed it with a fel bat with thick skin and test to see if the offspring is viable.
It should be noted that this experiment may not be impossible, however. A few magus underneath me discovered a liter of fel bat pups. Of the 12 that were born, 7 survived. It was become my intent that I should save a few of the fel bats to breed and experiment on as they grow up and potentially test to see if they are a part of a different species. The remaining fel bats shall be stored for testing on how to cure their demonic affliction.
Actually now that I write it out, I think all the fel bats shall be apart of my research for the demonic cure. I know that demons have been cured before, but if I am able to mass produce a cure, my name will go down among the legends of Azeroth!
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October 23 37 LC
The fel bats seem to be progressing quite nicely. In fact, they have begun to grow relatively rapidly after their birth. Nonetheless, a concerning issue is that the bats lack proper teeth to eat meat with and are unable to drink the milk we have provided them. I think that they require an amount of fel to sustain them. I ordered the mages to infuse the milk with mana as a quick substitute. The bats were able to drink this solution but haven’t yielded in hunger.
As this dilemma continued, we finally got substantial data on the brutes. These brutes are members of the Mo’arg. The reason confirmation of this was required was because the Mo’arg value intense modifications to their physical form. Every Mo’arg that has been encountered on the battlefield have had some form of modification to their original body. In fact, scholars have confirmed the felguards belong to the Mo’arg race! Other types of demons that belong to the Mo’arg include the gan’arg (the primary engineers of the legion) and the forgemasters.
Based on the analysis of the fel traces in the demon’s blood, it is believed that this Mo’arg had been recently enhanced. I can conclude that the brute must have been enhanced on Argus. Based on data provided to me by the Black Harvest, I hypothesize that the Eredar Destroyers and the Mo’arg brutes have similar enhancements. To confirm this data, I would need to observe the creation of an Eredar destroyer and a Mo’arg brute. Unfortunately, I most likely would not be able to acquire a purebred Mo’arg specimen for experimentation. Thus, the best goal would then be to perform an autopsy on an Eredar Destroyer corpse to analyze for similarities.
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October 24, 37 LC
I told the Master Mage, Lieutenant Roy Sebale, about my intention to use the fel bats. Unfortunately, all plans I had for my experimentation came to an end when he ordered me to kill the fel bats. But if I must commit to the death of my experimental sample, I might as well kill them through experimentation.
Later that day, I lead a small recon group to the areas around the camp. Fortunately for us, we stumbled upon a group of imps riding felhunters. These imps appeared to be spying on us through a green crystal orb. Upon seeing this device, we stealthily blocked their escape and made quick work of the imps. I had assigned someone after the patrol to keep an eye on that location and to acquire the imp and felhunter corpses as well as the orb through which they were spying on.
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October 25, 37 LC
The first fel pup was euthanized by being drowned in conjured chemicals. No extraordinary features of the young fel pup were found. The bones were more fragile, the skull was less thick, and the pup’s muscles were deteriorating due to insufficient nutrition.
Another fel pup will be subjected to an overbearing amount of arcane energy. The goal was to see if we could use the arcane to stop the flow of fel energy as well as to halt and form of growth or development. I will term this exposure to arcane energy the Swordbane Process.. The arcane milk diet would resume, however. If the fel pup dies under these conditions, it would mean that the arcane can reliably halt fel magic.
To make sure this experiment is unbiased, I have saved one other fel pup as the control, he would drink from normal milk. Another fel pup would drink arcane milk. Another fel pup would be exposed to the Swordbane Process and fed with normal milk. The final fel pup will be exposed to the Swordbane Process with Arcane milk.
Later that day, we located an Eredar who had stole various relics from the secret vaults of the Sarceline Mage Circle. Fortunately, my skills in illusionary magic allowed me to sneak up to the Eredar with invisibility; as I snuck by, my gaze fell upon a golden ring that gleamed with holy energies. I thought I might as well equip the item in order to slay the demon. Unfortunately, the ring engulfed my body in a torrent of holy energies and burned me to a crisp. I instinctively threw the relic to Sergeant Aralieass Delamond. He was able to use the ring. In fact, everyone else in the team was able to use relics except for me. I must remind myself to look into that anomaly. Fortunately, we were able to kill the demon and reclaim the lost loot.
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October 26, 37 LC
I have begun the experiment and all the bats seem to be..functional. Of course, the bats with normal milk seem to be struggling with movements. Oh, before I forget. I plan to have all the bats euthanized before Hallow’s End. This way, I believe would be a suitable compromise. In fact, the other two bats that haven’t been used in experimentation have been executed. They were drowned in peroxide and dissected as was the first bat.
Of course, despite my focus on research, danger always seems to find a way into the lives of soldiers. Today, a swarm of demons came to our camp and were successful in destroying our supplies. For about 12 hours, we will not have water, food, ammunition, or medical supplies. But, the most interesting moment of that raid was the action of a few imps. When they were cornered by our forces, they merged together to form...bloody fel, I don’t know. It looked like an imp mother but with more masculine features. I think for now I’ll term it as an Imp Father. The imp had a more stocky built to it than the imp mother, but was much more slender. It retained the facial features of a greater imp. I suppose now that I am writing this all out, the imp father was just a large scale imp. Perhaps, the item that had distracted me for so long is that if you were to scale down an imp, most of them are quite muscular. Similarly, this imp father was indeed very muscular. If you add that muscle mass onto the 6 foot size, well then you have a foe that will strike nightmares into its victims. We were only just able to kill the imp father after sustaining great losses ourselves.
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October 27, 37 LC
It seems that the fel bats were in worse condition than expected. Both trial of fel bats that had been fed with normal milk have died. To perhaps identify any potential reasons for this death, it was revealed that the fel bat pups were too weak and unable to develop a proper or effective immune system. The two bats died from the common cold. I believe one of the mages here might have given the disease to all the trials as the remaining fel bats have expressed similar symptoms.
Unfortunately, I don’t have enough data to compare the trials. This experiment may need to be redone. However, we do not have the resources to do such research on this deployment. Thus, the last two fel bats were euthanized in a chemical bath and dissected. As expected, the bats with arcane milk had much stronger bones and larger muscle mass. However, based on past literature, it was determined that the arcane diet did not allow the bats to reach anywhere close to the expected average. Of course, this may be an anomaly based on the mother’s condition. If I were to redesign the experiment, I would need a larger sample size.
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October 28, 37 LC
It has been ten days since our deployment. Yet, I feel as if we have been here for years. Bloody fel, I suppose a part of me is disappointed that I could not pursue the fel bats. Now compile that sense of disappointment on the barren rock we live on. Every day, it is rations after rations after rations. Back on the other deployments, we had options to hunt and scout for water. But with the loss of our latest rations, we’ve had to make do with the most basic and bland meals. I suppose an element of that blandness is put on those who cook for us. Normally, they aren’t completely limited in what they can do. However, they must conserve resources especially water. Thus, we must eat the bare minimum as to make the items we have last.
I suppose our latest mission also failed to help morale. We were sent to another legion world in order to retrieve a crystal. I am at this moment unaware of the crystal’s purpose, but orders are orders. All I know is that the crystal is a weapon that belonged to the Army of the Light.
When we stepped through the portal, we were greeted by a massive tundra. Fortunately, the mages of Sarceline have been prepared and trained to cast magic in any environment. We immediately casted a spell to grant warmth. As soon as we did this, The Citrine Eagles arrived. This group is effectively the last remaining military of Alterac that is still loyal to King Anduin Wrynn. Fortunately for the Eagles, they were all wearing thick jackets and did not need to rely on magic for warmth.
It had been determined that we would sneak past a group of enemies with a mass invisibility spell. Thus, I ordered the mages underneath me to assist me in such a spell. However, Lady Jolaini Reneigh, The Baroness of Gilston, had issue with my order. She interpreted my order as a command for her person and expressed yelled at me for not consulting her. I will admit that I did indeed see a decrease in morale among the men when the Lady snapped at me.
It should be noted that during the mission it seemed as if it was the Legion that was unprepared for this attack. We encountered an army of demons on the scaffold of a large fel reaver and were forced to fight our way through to the top. Throughout the fight, the demons were huddled by small torches to stay warm. Unfortunately for them, the apparatus they had to hold the flames were quite fragile and we essentially froze all the demons as we made our way to the top.
When we reached the top, we encountered several frozen demons resting on top. The issue was which demon held the crystal. Furthermore, the surface of the fel reavers head was quite slippery, and we could not risk the lives of our men. Someone else had identified which demon held the crystal and a quick thinking druid shifted into bird form with the intent of carrying the demon back to our location. When I suggested we aid him in retrieving the demon with a telekinesis spell, he took offense to that and carried the demon all by himself.
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October 29, 37 LC

The crystal (Army of the Light weapon) from the last mission apparently is capable of freezing large scale weaponry such as fel reavers. The description given was that if this crystal is stabbed into an enemy he or she shall be frozen. But most importantly, I got to ride in an airship! Well, a small 2 man airship, but nonetheless an airship is an airship!
I will admit that it was quite entertaining to see everyone struggle down below with the legion assault as the Lord Marshal and I were quite comfortable up in the sky. But, there was a certain element of dreadful bore due to the lack of risk. Fortunately---or unfortunately in a technical term--we did see some action as a fel reaver attempted to crush the ship. Fortunately, I was able to push the metal monster back with a decay spell towards the machine’s arm.
After the mission was done, I met with Jolaini Reneigh again. She apologized for her outburst, and I will admit I did appreciate the formality. Thus, I offered to let her read and browse this journal. Hopefully, she will find some potential academic use based on the findings I have made here on Argus.
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October 30, 37 LC

My theories regarding the Swordbane Process and the significant loss of resources have motivated me. I shall abandon the study of Argus’s fauna and transfer that task to a shall do less analysis on the fauna and flora of this planet. I just received word that we were able to acquire a few specimen of felhunters, and I am quite excited to begin the dissections. However, I must perform less of these tasks as I’ve had quite the ambitious idea. I’m going to perfect a method of purifying the fel out of resources.
It is well known that fel represents chaos amongst the six schools of magic. However, no mortal can consume or use fel without the risk of corruption. At the same time, there have been various accounts in the past where pure beings of one school of magic were able to convert into other schools. For example, the naaru who are beings of pure light can be converted into powerful entities of the shadow. Furthermore, a demon born in the twisting nether should only stay as beings of fel. However, the Nathrezim known as Lothraxion was converted into a being of the light.
It is my goal to either be able to separate fel from the resources it has corrupted or to convert the fel into a magical energy that is safe for consumption. In the examples I had given, the conversion required a large amount of energy. Fortunately, my intent is to focus on small scale items such as food or water. Furthermore, I intend to draw my energy from elemental Spirit with the use of a mighty Philosopher's Stone.
However, orders came in that the camp will be moving to the Antorus Waste. The First Regiment mobilized with the aid of The Army of the Light but were stopped by an army of demons. I will admit that I noticed a large number of our soldiers die in this battle; they fought nothing like they had back on Mahazan. Fel, if it weren’t for the cannons fire from the Vindicar, I doubt I would be able to write in my journal.
Yet, this fight did open my eyes to the distinction between the First and Second company. My skills and expertise in academics granted me permission to work in the First company. I can only assume the less gifted are sent to the Second as they seemed to die like lambs to the slaughter. In fact, I may sound mad for saying this, but it was as if all their talents were based on luck. I shouldn’t insult them, but I feel bad for their fate. At least 100 men died to bring us to the Antorus Wastes. I just hope I can repay their sacrifice.
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October 31, 37 LC
What if I were to have a substance that would compete with the binding ability of fel? It is known that fel is very reactive and will corrupt anything it touches. But what if there was a substance so volatile that it would attract the fel from a corrupted resource and pull the fel away?

October 31, 37 LC Part 2
Eureka! Crystals! Crystals are the answer. The first event that attracted the Legion to Azeroth was the Well of Eternity. Furthermore, it is well known that the demons of fel are attracted to large amounts of mana. This phenomena can be further highlighted when the Legion was able to infiltrate the society of the Shal’dorei without the knowledge of the grand alliance. This infiltration was only possible due to the presence of the nightwell.
Thus, it should be possible to attract the fel to crystals designed to hold only fel with a large amount of mana. I intent to build a machine where the fel tainted item could be inserted into. When the item is placed, it will be exposed to several crystals designed to store fel energy. However, at the base of the crystals and behind a wall, there shall be a massive arcane field that will force the fel energy out of the item in question. I’ll have to run trials as to calculate how long an item would need to be exposed to my apparatus. Once the fel is clear, one can open the apparatus up and retrieve their item. If the crystals are all filled up then one should be able to easily replace the crystals in question. Hopefully, I might even get a patent for this great invention!
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November 5, 37 LC
Damnit! The damn machine doesn’t work. I tested the arcane field to the fel energies and the fel did not move. I did make a record of any potential temperature increases and the net increase only raised slightly.
The arcane energies most likely stabilized the fel. The reason why there was a slight heat increase could be attributed to the large arcane field that was used.
Perhaps I need to simulate demonic properties in order to make the purification machine work. Rather than use fel, I perhaps could simulate demonic properties?
Bah! Too damn complex! Or..maybe. I could potentially do an experiment to observe the runes that the demonic forces use to absorb or utilize fel? Yes. Yes, that might indeed work.
I could scout for potential Nathrezeim, Eredar, or Doom Guards in the camp in the Antoran Wastes.
What I’ll do instead is abandon the arcane field. I’ll layer the top of my machine with an arcane conducting metal. One side will be the surface where a mage can empower the machine and on the other side of the metal, fel runes designed to suck fel energy will be transcribed on the metal. On top of the runes, there shall be the fel crystals to drain out the fel. Besides that the structure shouldn’t change too much. One should be able to put items in and out of the machine as if it were a two way oven.
I do hope this works.
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November 6, 37 LC
I’ve been granted the permission to spy on the demons draining fel by the means of an arcane construct. This way I do not endanger anyone’s life, and I can get as close as possible without endangering my own. I intend to use a flock of arcane pigeons to spy on the demons on multiple angles in order to get a good sense of how the rune should be made.
Earlier that day, the First Company along with the Second and the aerial force of Westridge assaulted a Legion shipyard. As the second company drew the fire of the base, our company (The First) assaulted three anti air cannons for the bombing to commence. The first two targets were easy as there were only a few fel guards.
However the third target was a massive siege weapon. It was as if the legion built a giant fel reaver but gave it humanoid features and a giant cannon! The beast nearly wiped out our forces, but I was able to tap deep within the forces of the nether and summon a massive font of arcane power. Using that energy, I fired a massive beam of decay energy to the fel cannon. Archmage Silverbeard and Lieutenant Sebale were then easily able to seal up the cannon. Truthfully, I did not think that was needed as the machine’s cannons were quite damaged. Perhaps sealing the cannon was the final nail in the coffin because when the war machine attempted to fire, it imploded on itself and was destroyed! As the foolish metal began to kill itself, I began to cackle maniacally. I suppose I may have had a few influences in that regard; I’ll need to get that bit of madness checked out.
But all in all, it was a good day.
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November 7, 37 LC
Success! I attached arcane eyes to the the belly of several arcane pigeons. Rather than conjure a pigeon with all its intricacies, I created essentially a puppet of a pigeon in its rough form. No detail to wings or feathers was made, only the general shape was used in order to conserve mana. I manually had to make sure that the pigeons were able to fly but due to the small size of the creatures this was no difficult task. Each pigeon then had an arcane eye attached to its belly. I then sent flocks of twenty of these arcane constructs to spy on the Legion.
Later that day, I had the opportunity to assist in aerial combat. The Royal College of Engineers provided the Regiment with airships and pilots. It was my duty to assist with eliminating ground troops from the two man airship. This mission was going quite well until we had to engage in a dogfight. Those damn aerial pilots must have some form of madness to them as they were all yelling strange words in an even stranger order. Fel, I probably could have done as much damage as their pathetic ships with my Pterodax polymorph spell. Oh well, at least I didn’t truly risk anything besides being shot out of the air and death on impact. Based on our past events on our planet, getting killed that way would be a mercy.
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November 8, 37 LC
I ordered a team to aid me with building the basic framework of my machine out of the metal. I provided mostly a supervisor role as the basic frame is the same as the original design. As they slaved away, I finally finished the dissection of the felhunter, Ravenous Soulhunter, and the Defiled stalker.
The structural similarities between the common felhunter and the soulhunter were overabundant. There were only a few slight differences in the size and shape in the tendrils that extend from the demons’ back. The soulhunter has a more refined tip of the tendril: it has a sharper tip and less reactive to common magical elements. The felhunter’s tip was much more wider and broad. This design is most likely designed to be able to absorb fel radition that permeates the atmosphere of demonic planets like Argus. Furthermore, based on the quality of the design, the felhunter tendrils would be able to absorb arcane energies as the tendril tips are designed for a more broad range of absorption.
It should be noted that while the term soulhunter is loosely used to refer to individuals or creatures that target a host’s soul. I believe that the felhunter and the soulhunter that was dissected are of the same genus; however, the soulhunter in question should go by a different term as this demon can only absorb souls. To group it up with mortals and demons that aren’t biologically limited to this act will make future taxonomical identifications more difficult in the near future.
The defiled stalkers on Argus do share certain similarities with the felhunters and soulhunters. The base skeletal structure is similar. However, the stalkers are developed for speed and stealth; thus, they have a much broader and lean physical build. The jaw shape also resembles more of a pincer. That must mean that this creature must be predatory in nature and thus relies on hunting flesh rather than absorbing mana. I’ll have to research more in depth on the potential evolutionary tree these organisms share. Ideally, other scholars will be able to find the source of this connection.
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November 9, 37 LC
Yesterday we slew a bloody pit lord! I should mention that there have been technical issues with the machine and that it should be finished in a week. But onto more pressing matters. A pit lord! A BLOODY PIT LORD!
Bloody hell, I’m going to ask for every available favor to carve and dissect these creature. But holy fel! A pit lord. A bloody pit lord!
Right. Initial observations. That beast is big. Bloody fel, it took us over three hours for 11 men to fight that beast. Not to mention the iron tough hide and its damn weapon. I would think that the Legion would waste precious resources on that thing. Of course, that was before I saw it use it. With its massive size and strength, that beast could destroy and hill in westridge with a single strike. But its massive strength isn’t its only means to kill. The pit lord we fought was conveniently a brilliant spellcaster and able to fire a barrage of meteors in our direction.