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Report by Corporal Hugo Cornelius Renfield

Location: Petrified Forest in Krokuun on the Planet Argus

Corporal Etruscan Whitepaw (Etruscan)

Private Mustadio Ranthal (Mustadio)

Sergeant Major Edrington W. Grunwald (Edrington)

Lord Marshal Maxen Montclair (Maxen)

Private Jeroten Duroff (Jeroten)

Private Aurias Coleridge (Aurias)

Summary: Due to recent events and the loss of Private Ranthal’s boots, Corporal Renfield was assigned to take a team to hunt for materials to craft makeshift boots for the Private. The team headed out to the Petrified Forest in order to scout for wild Cragscalers. However, upon coming to the location, Private Jeroten Duroff noticed that a Broken female was being dragged away by 4 demons. The Regiment attempted to sneak by and observe the situation but failed to move along without being noticed. Thus, they were ambushed by 2 Eredar void priestesses an Ur’Zul, and a wrathguard. The wrathguard and the Ur’Zul were killed before Lord Marshall Montclair and Sergeant Major Grunwald arrived to the scene to aid in the battle. A group of Broken with Cragscaler mounts arrived to finish off the demons and expressed thanks for rescuing the female Broken who happened to be referred to as the princess of the tribe. The chief gifted his own boots, 10 of his men, and an academic that was referred to as their ‘doctor’.

Injuries: Private Ranthal was knocked unconscious.

Notes: Diplomatic relations with the Broken tribe in the Petrified Forest have been established. They gifted us the Chief’s boots for Private Ranthal, 10 riders, and a scholar to teach and aid with the Regiment’s Survival on Argus.

Disciplinary Concerns: For endangering his team, Corporal Renfield was assigned duties to dig up latrine pits on the southern end of the camp.
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