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Title: Disciplinary Report for Corporal Hugo Renfield

Presiding Disciplinary Officer: Sergeant Major Eddington Grunwald

Date of Submission: 20 October, 37 L.C.

Nature of Infraction: Irresponsible Endangerment of Troops

Summary of Infraction: On 19 October, Corporal Hugo Renfield, of 1st Company, 7th Battalion, led a squad of soldiers on a patrol outside the perimeter of Camp Defiance, base of operations for the Westridge First on the world of Argus. The stated purpose of this mission was to acquire spare goods and supplies, particularly replacement boots for one Private Mustadio Ranthal, 1st Company, 7th Battalion. The patrol extended beyond an acceptable range from camp, responding to a call for help from local Krokuun natives. The patrol was then attacked by the forces of the Legion, but managed to escape with support and the well-timed appereance of local native troops.

These natives have pledged to, in part, assist us with medical aid and supplies as gratitude for our troops rescuing the hostage, a native princess. For this, Renfield's sentence was reduced to latrine digging at camp for the remainder of the night.

Punishment: Hard Labor through Latrine Duty

Edrington W. Grunwald, Sgt. Major
1st Company, 7th Battalion, 1st Westridge Regiment

Presiding Officers,
Lord Marshal, His Grace Duke Maxen Montclair
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