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Camp Construction and Fortification, Argus Campaign

Author: Sgt. Major Edrington W. Grunwald, 1st Company, 7th Battalion

Location: Unknown, relative location is somewhere due north of original landing point.

Summary: As of last evening on the eighteenth day of October in the King's Calendar, the troops of the First Regiment's 7th Battalion, 1st Company, set up a forward operating base due north of the original landing point from the Draenei ship known as The Vindicaar. Time is difficult to ascertain on the planet of Argus, but estimates are determined from the position of astral bodies in relation to the world of Azeroth. As of this morning on the nineteenth of October, construction of fortifications around the camp has begun in earnest.

Preliminary survey work suggests that the interior of the land we've taken up residence in, which shall be referred to as the 'Northern Swamps' from henceforth in this report, is unsuitable for camp construction. It is mired by tar pits, dens full of territorial felines tainted by fel, and other dangers that would pose a serious threat to the continuance of operations on Argus. Still, some way up the main dirt path to the south, a small rocky outcropping was secured by a patrol under the leadership of Sergeant Aralieass Delamond. Once in our possession, watches were organized and work began on turning this area into the groundwork for our new camp.

This camp, known unofficially as Base Camp 'Defiance,' will be reinforced by a series of defenses outlined within. These are, in order of priority:
  1. A series of barricades sealing the dens and tar pits of the interior of the Northern Swamps. These will stall any incursion by local predators and seal off the area to inquisitive soldiers.
  2. Small bridges that, although hold no immediate defensive value, will facilitate movement throughout the camp by going over larger expanses of tar rivers and pits that cut through the area.
  3. A line of trenches lining first the immediate perimeter of the camp, then followed by an external line lining the periphery for added protection and watch outposts.
  4. A palisade wall lining the interior trench line, providing a final bastion of defense in case of an attack. Local trees, along with those brought in via magic portal, will serve to this effect.
  5. A set of tents and pavilions that will help store supplies and house the troops for the duration of our stay at Base Camp Defiance.
  6. Secondary defenses, including obstacles and bastions, that will further fortify the position.

Not included in this list are other key facilities, including a cooking area, a slit trench for the purpose of urination and defecation, and a washing facility for the cleaning of weapons, armor, and clothing. Furthermore, the land itself is currently being consecrated to remove any fel taint that may linger in the area by our own adepts and priests in the holy service. Finally, wards, both magical and religious in nature, should be considered to further bolster our protection against demonic miasma and attack.

Attached here is a rendition of the camp, sketched in combination by Private Jeroten Durolf, Sergeant Averlie Talbot, and myself. As tasked by His Grace, Lord Marshal Montclair, Private Durolf will be providing a larger area map in the coming days.

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