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The regiment prepares for war. The full body has been levied from the countryside of Westridge, number in total roughly 2,000 men and women. All companies are present and accounted for. His Majesty has decreed that we fist establish a portal on Argus with a small detachment of troops so that the rest of the regiment may teleport directly to the planet's surface and establish a base camp.

The task force has begun its search for a suitable base camp in the land known as Krokuun. Several men have reported feeling ill after only two days of brief exposure to the planet outside the Vindicaar. We will be unable to camp in the tainted crags without significant casualties. We encountered a band of Krokuul draenei loyal to the Army of the Light and assisted them in fending off a demon attack. They spoke of an untainted canyon to the west that is currently patrolled by a Legion fel reaver.

After destroying a fel reaver, we have determined a suitable base camp location in the eastern reaches of Krokuun. A canyon known as the Grove of Naroua was found to offer ample aerial protection in the form of cliff outcroppings. Strangely, the fel taint in the grove is weak enough to allow for a small ecosystem of grasses, fungi, talbuk, and predatory animals that resemble panthers. The panthers will be a nuisance to deal with, but their threat pales in comparison to the rest of the corruption on this world. The same soldiers who reported feeling ill were rejuvenated in this canyon.

Private Jeroten Durolf has made a map of the grove. The panther creatures are in much greater number than we expected, forcing us to move our camp further west. The mages of Sarceline have begun preparations for a portal to Stormwind in the heart of the canyon, drawing upon what remains of Argus's ley-lines. I worry that they may be exposing themselves unwittingly to greater fel corruption.

The reinforcements have arrived. While the mages' portal opening attracted a horde of fel bats and Legion infantry, we were able to fend them off long enough for the gunships to make it through and defend our position. I will admit, the defense of the canyon was chaotic with the inclusion of aerial enemies. We lost at least twenty men from the third company as they were defending the barricades. Some of the supplies were damaged by the artillery fire, but we should still have enough to last us for our planned month of deployment.

1,980 Soldiers Remain.

Today we flexed our might against the Legion. Taking the first company of 400 men, we laid siege to a Legion trading outpost known as Mahazan Hold. A quarter of the men joined in the battle for the courtyard while others secured the perimeter. Of those, fourteen perished in battle, most of them junior members of the Rangers of Westridge.

Battle of Mahazan Report

At camp, the predatory panthers have made living on Argus more hell than it already is. Three different patrols were attacked and of them, four men were dragged off by the beasts. Eight fell in battle against a Legion patrol.

1,954 Soldiers Remain.
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