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Unwilling to waste the opportunity presented to invade a Legion controlled world, King Anduin Wrynn ordered for the forces of the Alliance to converge and attack Argus through portals and draenic technology. After sending an expeditionary scouting force, the regiment now prepares for total war on a foreign planet.

After several crushing defeats on the Broken Isles, Gul’dan was defeated atop the Nighthold by the heroes of the Alliance and Horde led by Archmage Khadgar. Suramar was freed from the tyranny of Lady Elisandre, but demonic forces remained within the city that are fought to this day. Illidain Stormrage, the Betrayer, was released from his soul prison and promptly joined the war against the Burning Legion.

Infuriated by the failures of Gul’dan, Archimonde sent a Burning Legion battle fleet to lay siege to the floating city of Dalaran. While Archmage Khadgar led the defense of the city alongside the Kirin Tor, the heroes of the Alliance and Horde formed the Armies of Legionfall to counterattack the demonic fortress on the Broken Shore and destroy the Tomb of Sargeras..

The Armies of Legionfall made great headway on the Broken Shore, encircling the Tomb of Sargeras. King Anduin Wrynn visited the site of his father’s demise, and took up his father’s sword from the ashes.

Led by Archmage Khadgar, the Prophet Velen, and Illidain the Betrayer, the Armies of Legionfall stormed the Black Citadel and engaged Archimonde. After a climactic battle, Archimonde was defeated atop his Legion warship. Without warning, Illidain the Betrayer utilized the great powers of a Legion artifact to open a portal between Azeroth and the Legion corrupted draenic homeworld of Argus.

The Prophet Velen directed his people to build a great crystalline starship to transport the heroes of Legionfall to Argus. The Legion sent several warships from Argus to attack the holdings of the Alliance and Horde, but they were narrowly repelled. The starship was completed in record time and was named the Vindicaar. The Prophet Velen, Archmage Khadgar, Illidain the Betrayer, and several other heroes boarded the refurbished starship and shot into the heavens, entering Argus’s atmosphere in search of the fabled Army of the Light.The Vindicaar encountered the Genedar, the sister ship wielded by the Army of the Light. Burning Legion forces on the surface of Argus shot down the Genedar, forcing the hand of the Armies of Legionfall.

The Armies of Legionfall engaged the Burning Legion on the ground, fighting their way to the wreckage of the Genedar. Lord Turalyon and Lady Alleria Windrunner were found to be the leaders of the Army of the Light, who guided the Armies of Legionfall to transport the crystalline body of the Naaru, X’era, to the Vindicaar. On the Vindicaar, X’era was reconstituted with her crystalline core. Intending to see the prophecy of the child of light and shadow fulfilled, X’era attempted to purge the demonic taint from Illidain the Betrayer. Illidain refused, destroying X’era and scattering her essence throughout the Vindicaar.

The Armies of Legionfall and the Army of the Light combined forces, launching attacks throughout Argus and disrupting the Legion factories in the Antoran Wastes. After establishing a base camp in the ruins of the old draenic capital of Mac’aree, the Army of the Light discovered that the Dark Lord Sargeras, master of the Burning Legion, had corrupted the Titan known as Aggramar.

The first regiment now joins the fray. Enlisting the aid of the Stormwind Circle of Magi, the regiment will send an advance force to the Vindicaar, where they will be charged with establishing a base camp suitable for reinforcements to arrive.

The Burning Legion
The Burning Legion is a vast, innumerable army of demons and corrupted races who seek to destroy all life, led by the dark titan known as Sargeras. They must be stopped by any means necessary, lest Azeroth succumb to the fate of Argus and hundreds of other corrupted worlds.

The Army of the Light
Once led by the naaru known as X'era, the Army of the Light is a resistance force made up of survivors of planets that the Burning Legion has destroyed and corrupted. Draenei make up the grand majority of this faction, but Lord Turalyon has taken up the mantle of leadership during the campaign on Argus.

The Armies of Legionfall
The heroes of the Grand Alliance and New Horde have formed their own order for the purpose of destroying the Burning Legion. Comprised entirely of Azerothian adventurers, the Armies of Legionfall are led by Archmage Khadgar, the prophet, Velen, and Illidain Stormrage the betrayer.

The Te'Amun
The Te Amun, a draenic force bent on reclaiming Argus for their people, have long stood as allies to Stormwind and the regiment. Their rangari scouts have been dispersed throughout Argus and may be called upon for assistance.

Magus Senate of Dalaran
The Magus Senate of Dalaran have sent agents of the Kirin Tor to aid the Army of the Light throughout Argus. Their magical expertise should not be discounted, and may be sought out in times of great peril.

The Citrine Eagle
The Citrine Eagle, an Alteraci paramilitary order, has joined the Army of Light and have made significant headway in both the Antoran Wastes and Krokuun. It would be wise for the regiment to join in their efforts to ensure that the Eagle’s victories are not swept away.

The Dor'Serrar
A covert organization of night elven assassins and soldiers, the Dor'Serrar have commandeered a Legion ship and now use it against its former overlords. They have sent most of their scouts to the ancient Argussian capital of Mac'aree, paving the way for Alliance military action.

The Hundred Glaives
The Hundred Glaives are a detachment of the Sentinel Army deployed to Argus at the behest of Darnassus. Their troops now fight in both Mac'aree and Krokuun. Wielding the Light of Elune, the Hundred Glaives have made significant progress against the Burning Legion.

The First Regiment shall use the Renaissance D20 System for most of the events of this campaign.

A good summary of this system is that for each "round" of combat, players will /roll 20. Based on the attributes, combat stance, and other perks chosen, your character will either take damage or deal damage to an enemy depending on whether you rolled above or below certain values. Players can choose to use any damage they would deal to heal their allies.

Stormwind would send far more soldiers to Argus than we can portray as players in-game. To account for the regiment of troops that accompany us on deployment, we shall keep a counter of exactly how many soldiers we would expect to be present.

The First Regiment, shall begin this campaign with roughly 1,600 Footmen, evenly split among four infantry companies. A more in-depth breakdown of the regiment's forces can be found in the Units Chapter of the Stormwind Army Field Manual.

The Troop Attrition Report forum topic shall hold up to date reports on current troop numbers during the campaign.


Depending on environmental conditions, battles, and other events that would cause some of these soldiers to perish, this number will be reduced in what is known as attrition.

Argus is a harsh environment that crawls with agents of the Burning Legion. The very ground is corrupted with life-stealing fel magic. Few plants remain, and those that do are twisted and withered. No water may be found that is not blackened from the sludge pumped from the Burning Legion's war factories. The predatory creatures that inhabit Argus hunger for untainted meat, and the regiment's troops are exotic meals waiting to be pounced upon.

The regiment can expect to face a minimum of 2% Loss of Troops for every day they stand on Argus's corrupted grounds. These losses may be reduced if the player-characters are able to secure resources, establish a base of operations, or gain hope from victories against the Legion. These losses may worsen should the regiment lose control of its supply lines, stand prolonged without shelter, or lose battles against their foes. It is up to the player-character's decision making to lead these troops and prevent withering attrition that would doom the campaign.

Using Troops in D20 Battle

At any officer's discretion, a dungeon master may use some of these troops to aid the player-characters in battle, with the understanding that the Burning Legion would likely send as many if not more of their own troops to counter them.

Each NPC Troop (Footman) from an Infantry Company shall be given 4 Health.

To roll for allied troop action in battle, the Dungeon Master or whomever entrusted to roll on their behalf would "/roll" Double the Number of Present Assisting Troops. For example, if 50 NPC troops joined the player characters, the person rolling for them would "/roll 100."

• If the person rolls below the number of troops, that many troops will take one damage. Damage may not be "spread out," and wounded soldiers will be wounded again first.

• If the person rolls above the number of troops, the troops will deal that much damage to the enemy.

It is the responsibility of the person rolling for the troops to keep track of troop health, paying close attention and using math to the subsections of how many troops are wounded.

For example, if the person rolling started with 50 troops:

If their first roll is a 30, taking 20 damage that turn...
• 20 troops would have sustained 1 damage.

If their second roll a 15, taking 35 damage that turn...
• The 20 wounded troops would now have taken 2 total damage.
• 15 more troops would now have taken 1 damage.

If their third roll is a 40, taking 10 damage that turn...
• 10 troops would have taken 3 total damage.
• 10 troops would remain at 2 total damage.
• 15 troops would remain at at 1 damage.

If their fourth roll is a 45, taking 5 damage that turn...
• 5 troops would be killed, having taken 4 damage.
• 5 troops would remain at 3 total damage.
• 10 troops would remain at 2 total damage.
• 15 troops would remain at 1 damage.

..And so on!

The troops that may be utilized are limited in number and should be used wisely. As the troop count dwindles down by both attrition and losses in battle, this will become more and more apparent during the campaign.

Knights are a special elite mounted troop type from the Cavalry Squadron that may be called upon on a limited basis. Due to their highly mobile and elite nature, these units are immune to standard attrition. There are 240 Knights that may be called upon before the entire Squadron is wiped out.

Each Knight (Warsteed) starts with 6 Health.
Each Knight (Skychaser )starts with 10 Health.

Due to the limited number and high value of Knights, they may only be called upon by a Knight-Captain or above.

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