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Hello all! TFR will be doing a screenshot competition! This will give all you screenshot fans a chance to hunt across the World of Warcraft for the spookiest and most terrifying screenshot to scare the socks out of your comrades. Anyplace, instance, buff, spell, creation is acceptable as long as it is in the current game of wow! (no private server screenshots!) Now go get those cameras, turn off the lights around you, and bring someone for you to hold onto because we are amping up the fear! SCREENSHOTS AWAY!

All screen shot submissions MUST be genuine.

The only editing allowed is caption texts on the screenshot itself

You must include a small description decribing the scene itself or why you chose this screen shot

Screenshots CAN be S.E.L.F.I.E.S

All screen shots must be of the Hallow's End theme.

All submissions must be in by October 24th at 12 am server to be considered a valid entry. One entry per member of the guild.

Winners will be picked as an over all of the contest, with some honorable mentions. All judging will be done through Poll Votes via website. Along with such, you will NOT be able to vote for yourself. You must vote for other people. If you are caught voting for yourself you will be disqualified from ALL forum events of the Hallow Tide this year.

First place
10,000 gold and a Spooky Pet

Second place

5,000 gold and a Spooky Pet

Third place
1,000 gold and a spooky pet

Honorable mentions

Spooky Pets

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