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I fought for you ... I fought in vain.
Now scatter, scurry, shriek in pain!
No mercy on this night abides,
On Hallow's End, when the horseman rides!

Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled!
Shelter your weak, your young and your old!
Each of you shall pay the final sum -- CRY for mercy!
The reckoning has come!

Folk Tales are a very common thing among Azeroth. Many of the tales are of noble knights or great mages. Some are of the great legends of the lands and others are of the dark side of the world. This contest is about creating the greatest Folk Tale of your choosing!

All Stories must have a beginning, middle and end.

Stories can be long and winded or short and rhythmic / lyrical.

You must include a detailed paragraph of the folk tale character / legend of your choosing.

All folk tales must be Lore friendly and able to be involved in the world of Warcraft.

All submissions must be in by October 24th at 12 am server to be considered a valid entry. One entry per member of the guild

Winners will be picked as an over all of the contest, with some honorable mentions. All judging will be done through Poll Votes via website. Along with such, you will NOT be able to vote for yourself. You must vote for other people. If you are caught voting for yourself you will be disqualified from ALL forum events of the Hallow Tide this year.

First place
30,000 gold

Second place

15,000 gold

Third place
5,000 gold

Honorable mentions

1,000 - 3,000 gold
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